>Where’s The Last One Week Go????


Hallo my dear and loyal (and perhaps non-existent) blog followers.

I’ve been playing this game on my Nintendo Wii called No More Heroes. Really crazy game this one is. Unlike most of the earlier games brought out on the Wii which everyone’s been complaining were mostly family and children’s games cos there was no violence, No More Heroes is one of the new mature games for the Wii. A lot violence and blood in the game, the dialogue in the game is also adult based, ‘cos there’s a good bit of swearing in it. The basic concept is like most violence based adventure games. You start out at the bottom of a Top 10 Assassin’s Ranking Ladder, and you have to kill your way to the top. Really interesting game if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I think it’s not half bad at all. Right now, I’m ranked Number 3. But just in case you’re wondering, that’s not all I’ve been doing all week.

Wait a second!!!! Another week has come and gone????….damn.

What happened this week anyhow???

Let’s start with Monday. Somehow or the other I don’t remember what happened. Come to think about it, I really don’t remember much about Monday or Tuesday. All I really remember was that Capoeira training on Tuesday was a lot of fun ‘cos it rained so we just played around quite a lot. School resumed on Wednesday. And for those of you who are uninformed about who I am in particular, I am not a 28 year old dude who graduated from University ages ago and does something which you really aren’t too sure about for a living. I’ve been told that I look a bit older than I actually am. So to set things straight; I’m a dude in my early twenties, in my third year in The Redeemer’s University, trying to get a B.Sc in Marketing. I still live with my father, and when I don’t have any particular hustle on (and by that I mean legitimate money making ventures) I’m quite financially dependent on him. Some might wonder why I’m going through all this explanation.

Well, the thing is, all my life; people have always thought I was older than I actually am. I have no idea why (could it be ‘cos of my size????). Classic example; when I was in JSS 2, I went for a Spirit of David concert in UNILAG with my sisters, and during the concert, some people were actually asking what department and year I was in. It’s been like that all my life. I enjoyed it at first, ‘cos I wanted to feel older than I actually was. But now, it ain’t funny no more. And to be honest, I really don’t want to be feeling like one old man.

But this wasn’t what I was talking about, was it???

I was saying how Uni resumed on Wednesday right?? It did. So I had to go start up registration. Really though, why do universities in Nigeria feel that it is their divine mandate to give their students so much bloody stress???!!! I mean, I went to school like 3 weeks earlier to pay school fees so that I wouldn’t have to go through any long long queues, but wow!!! Even with all that. But sha, I guess it didn’t turn out too bad. Then I was supposed to get my course forms signed. Lo and behold!!! None of the lecturers who should have been course form signing was around!!!! Those peoples are just donkeys’ arses!!! I’ll have to be there on Monday. Just in case you’re also wondering why I don’t just move into school, well it’s because I’m not ready for their stress just yet. I’m not ready for mosquito bites, bad food- which is also rather expensive, people disturbing my life…..basically; I’m not ready to go back to the gruelling life of being a university student.

So I went to see “her” when I got back into Lagos, and then I took her back home and went on my way….

Thursday wasn’t very eventful… went to see her and hang out for a while, then we went to my place, and then I dropped her in Gbagada and went off to UNILAG for Capoeira practice (just in case you feel like being nosy, what happened between going to see her, hanging out at my place, and then dropping her off is none of your biz).

Anyways, yesterday was Friday, and I went to see G.I.Joe at the cinema. Fantastic movie I must say. I think I want to see it again. The story wasn’t particularly as fantastic as I hoped it would be, and they did mess up on some particular facts, like Duke and the Baroness never had any kind of romance. Neither did Ripcord and Scarlett. In fact, it was Snake-Eyes, Duke and Scarlett that had this love triangle thing going on. But it was ok. The action in the movie was off the hook!!!!! The fight scene between Snake-Eyes and Shadow-Storm was something to shout about for sure. All in all, the G.I.Joe movie gets the Capoeira Panda’s Paw Print of Approval. Big ups to La’meena who took me to see it. Had fun with you babes.

So today, I was supposed to go train, hang out with friends, then go for Writer’s Anonymous. But I got to my friends’ place, saw the rain….that was the end of training (laziness is a serious problem) and then I had some yam and egusi soup which my friend’s girlfriend cooked, and I ended up with diarrhoea. Wow man, was running to the toilet like….Lest I forget, madam and I had a bit of a row because of something I forgot to do…If you’re reading this, I’m sorry again…We’re having some issues (as is the norm between us – real relationships always have problems) but we’ll work them out. We love each other too much not to.

What else??? Went for Writer’s Anonymous. It was really cool. We had this really crazy talk on the meaning of art. By the way, check out http://www.papaplatform.com/ if you get the chance.

So…nothing really big happened this week. I want to start writing for a magazine. Anyone think I’m good enough??? Gimme some encouragement if you think I can do it. Problem is though, I don’t know what I wanna be writing about, and what mag I want to write for.

Any suggestions???

Till next time followers;

Domo Arrigato Gozaimasou!!!!


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