>A Leave Kanye (and some others) Alone Rant!!!


NA WA OH!!!!!

I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff, and reading a lot of stuff about Kanye West and his drunken mess up at the MTV VMA Award show last night. Apparently, the brother showed up to the awards, drunk out of his mind on some Hennessey, and in the middle of the show, stopped this country singer (Taylor what’s her face???) while she was supposed to be giving an acceptance speech after receiving an award, to say that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was the best video of the year (lo and behold, Single Ladies did win best video). Anyways, everyone is lamenting at how his behaviour was disgraceful (which it was) and how he should be ashamed of himself (which he should be) and such other things along that line. Kanye on the other hand, made a press statement this morning expressing deep regret for his actions, and apologizing sincerely for misbehaving the way he did.

Is that not enough for you people????

I don’t understand what everyone is getting their panties all in a bunch for. Will you people leave Kanye alone??? I’m not saying what he did was right, or that showing up to the awards drunk was an excuse. But come on!!!!You guys are acting like it’s the first time a big celebrity has screwed up. What gives you the right to judge him??? Like none of you has messed up at some point in your lives…

Now, I’m hearing that some people are saying that fans should boycott anything that has to d with Kanye West. That seems totally ridiculous to me. Honestly speaking. And some other fanatics are complaining because some people on facebook use his picture as their profile picture. I mean, some babe was actually chastising my man Godwin Tom for using Kanye’s pic as his profile picture. What is wrong with you people??? Will you people be satisfied if…I don’t know, maybe if he was sent to jail???? At some gig like this at Fantasy Land in Ikoyi some years back, when Olisa (of Cool F.M) came on stage drunk and was insulting people, did you Lagosians make as big a fuss then as you are now with Kanye??? Decades ago, when Mary J. Blige and KC (from KC & Jojo) were in a relationship, and KC used to beat the hell out of her, did Americans complain then???

I think you guys need to relax. I remember when Chris Brown and Rihanna had their big issue. And everyone was going on and on about how people should boycott Chris, and this and that, and it looked like the kid’s career was coming to an early end. The question that I asked when I heard that he had hit her was; What happened???? Don’t get me wrong. I would NEVER support a man hitting a woman (my mama raised me really well). But in the spirit of being objective, what would make a 19 year old boy, known halfway across the world, hit a woman who is even more famous than he is, hard enough to leave a horrid bruise on her face, on the day she was supposed to perform at the Grammies (it was the Grammies right???)??? A woman whom he supposedly loves. Why would he do something so stupid??? Does Chris Brown seem like the stupid type??? I really don’t think so. So, what did this babe say to him, to push him over the top??? It’s well known that women can say some really hurtful stuff when they’re angry, and you can only push a man so far before he snaps. So what really happened??? Unless someone with first hand info can tell us what happened (such as Chris or Rihanna) it was my opinion; that people needed to shut the hell up. And forgive the boy, instead of giving him such a hard time.

Back to Mr. West.

I’m not saying what he did was right. In fact, if I were his mama, I’d slap him across the head. But that would be it. All this behaving like nobody can screw up is just messed up.

Come on….everyone screws up. Let it go. Like a friend of mine always says; “Shit happens. That’s why there’s toilet paper”.


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