>In A State Of Boredom….



I’m bloody exhausted!!!! Capoeira is a really difficult martial art you know…..

Anyhow, the last few weeks have been rather interesting. So much has been going on in the world at large. Nigerians have been making so much noise over the Sony Playstation 3 advert, and the District 9 movie. What do I think of all this?? Well, I do think that the Sony ad was directly insulting, and that they should not have done what they did. I’m glad Dora Akunyili was able to sort that out.

As for District 9, here’s the basic rundown. Apparently, after the aliens landed on Earth, the people discovered that they were in love with cat food. And so, the Nigerians started selling cat food to them in exchange for alien weaponry. Also, they were running an inter-specie prostitution ring, in order to figure out how to use the alien weaponry because they needed to figure out how to use the alien weapons which would only respond to alien DNA. Well, I do think it was insulting? No, not really. Do I think the general Nigerian populace is making a big fuss out of nothing? Yes, I do. I think that any Nigerian that says they take offence at all that was said, is a total hypocrite. I mean, we all know that Nigerians could sell refrigerators in the Arctic!!!  Why is it so inconceivable that Nigerians could have been selling cat food to the aliens???!!! And then, Nigeria is known for its international prostitution rings, selling girls and children into sexual slavery, and whatnot. I think that our cry of outrage is comparable to Black Americans, who call themselves “niggas”, but are offended when white people call them that. Or like when we ALL danced to Olu Maintain’s Yahooze, which celebrates yahoo yahoo, but when there was this big show which showed Nigeria in a horrible light in relation to scamming, we all screamed out blue murder. It’s all so hypocritical. South Africans aren’t making noise about the movie, and how MNU was supposed to be a South African company, and all of that trash (for those who don’t know, District 9 was made by Peter Jackson, a big time American producer. He’s the dude who did The Lord of the Rings). I mean, the people who they called the “Nigerians” didn’t even speak any language remotely from Nigeria. They didn’t even behave in anyway Nigerian, but that’s beside the point. And as for all the talk that Nigerians are not the only ones who engage in shady activities, who really cares??? At the end of the day Jackson could have picked anybody. Like I said, I feel that the only reason we’re making all the noise in the world is because some foreigners said something bad about us, which is hypocritical because we say the same bull about ourselves all the time. We even have songs that celebrate it all (sing along: maga….don pay…)The only thing that I thought was a direct slur at Nigerians was the fact that the leader of the group was called “Obasanjo”. Not that I don’t think that baba is a shady individual to put it lightly, but Jackson should have respected the fact that Obasanjo is an ex Nigerian president. But that’s my own opinion sha.

Moving on, things have been somewhat interesting, El Roi Desserts had a cake sampling session on Sunday the 27th, I didn’t know so many people like AWOOF!!!! Kofo was there!!!! So was Laide!!!!! Kai!!!! But on the real though, it was really good. Everyone loved the Irish Cream Chocolate Cake (Bloody alcoholics!)!!!! And the Red Velvet cake was something new, I don’t think anyone there had ever heard of it, but it was really good. Everyone was asking when the next one would be. I’ve heard from a very reliable source, that another one should be coming up either at the end of November, or very early in December. I’ll let you guys know how that goes sha.

I was reading online, that Hugh Jackman stopped in the middle of his Broadway performance last night, because a phone in the audience rang. Now I have to wonder, what the hell is wrong with celebrities this month???!!! First Kanye West, now Hugh Jackman?? I mean, even Nigeria couldn’t be left out, hence P-Square’s walk out at the Arthur Guinness Show last week!!!! Na wa o!!!! I think me self, I should stage my own big publicity stunt. Maybe, I’ll go to White House in Sabo to eat, and refuse to pay!!!! That should get my adoring fans talking……

Did you guys hear about the baby born in Indonesia that weighed in at 9.2kg???!!!! Good God!!! That kid is massive! He had to be delivered by C-Section. My dad asked “how did the woman even carry a child that heavy???!!! We had a good laugh about it. Well, apparently, the mother was eating foods with too much glucose in them, thus supplying the baby with too much glucose. Resulting in his monster size!!! His name is Risudeen The Great!!! Definitely a “great” child!!!! Lol! His doctor said he’s just a greedy little guy, always eating and all. The newspaper in which I read it wasn’t even nice about it. They took a picture of a regular baby, and put it next to a picture of Risudeen. The baby boy (Risudeen) looked like a MAMMOTH!!!!

Anyways, I don’t really have so much to talk about right now…I guess I got itchy fingers, so I decided to do a bit of blogging.

 Well, I’m off to bed (it’s a lie o! I want to do “I love you, talk your own” with madam for a bit…lol)



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