>The Rant of An Angry Nigerian!!!

>I’m sorry, but I think we Nigerians have our priorities all screwed wrongly. I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving to Haiti, but we have our own rather serious problems back home. Thousands of people have lost their homes, their jobs, their family members due to the riots in Jos! Shouldn’t we be looking at sorting out relief for them? It just seems funny to me, that our own people are hungry and homeless and being killed!!! Yet we think we should be focusing on another country that has other nations giving them support. How many countries are even trying to help out the people of Jos in Nigeria?
But yet we Nigerians think it’s a priority to go “Help Out Haiti”?!
Come on.
I think globalization has blinded us to the truth of things: how can a person give what he does not have? Even in the bible, when asked for alms, the disciple of Christ (his name eludes me at the moment) said: “Silver and gold I have not. But from what I have I give unto you.” Even he realized that it was impossible to give what he didn’t have. Let’s look at all the nations giving to Haiti: America, England, France…countries where their GDP’s are not down in the dumps. Countries that can budget $9 billion to their fire departments. Nigeria on the other hand, has none of this. I can bet that even after the earthquake, there’s still electricity in Haiti. Nigeria hasn’t been faced with ONE natural disaster (we thank God for that) yet we don’t have power. We run around shouting lightupnigeria from pillar to post. And as far as being a nation that has no idea as to what priorities are (I even doubt our leaders know how to spell the word) Nigeria just takes the cake.
$1,000,000 donated to Haiti!!!
What the bloody hell??!!
We have people in the Niger Delta that can’t get clean water to drink. Expatriates go to the Niger Delta, and all they have to do is carry a carton of Eva water, and the local beauties would lay themselves a their feet. Just so they can get clean water.
The city of Jos was just ravaged by violence. The Naira value of the damage is yet to be assessed. The value of the hundereds of lives lost, is unimaginable. But yet, our government thought it very expedient to give away a million dollars??!! While the people of this country starve?
Someone was talking about how peopl in Haiti are fighting for food. I’m wondering if that’s such an amazing thing in Nigeria. There are still some parts of this country, believe it or not, where they don’t even know what a hundered naira note is!!!
For the love of God! When do we start getting our priorities straight?!
Giving this money to Haiti, kinda brings to mind how some Nigerians, who won’t have any money at all, will scrounge out the last vestiges of cash they have to their name, throw a wedding where people will come, eat, waste food, get drunk, and go home! The next day, digestion has taken its course, and all the plenty money that’s been spent is in the sockaway (is that the right spelling?) Or in those dumbass buckets or fans that have been pre-branded. After this big spending, the couple will now have to start managing and scroungin around. All for what??!!!! So that some people would have good impressions about them?
I’m just sick and tired.
And then, there’s a group on FaceBook- Operation Positive Nigerian Image- where they’re trying to put together something to raise funds for Haiti (or something of that nature)…but yet, there’s nothing on the group about helping Jos… Isn’t that group supposed to be about helping Nigeria? Well, I’m not so sure I’m surprised. The admin of the group don’t even live in Nigeria…
We need to get our priorities straight o… Before you can help others, you need to have things going on well for yourself. I mean, I understand the concept of givving and getting, but this is just ridiculous.
And I’m in no way against Haiti receiving help, but I honestly believe that with all the problems we have, Nigeria is in no position to be giving $1,000,000 worth of help.
I’m tired of ranting. I’m supposed to be reading for exams. Besides, this wasn’t how I planned that my first blog of the year would turn out….
Take it easy folks.


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