>The Morning’s Musings


6:22 am.

Fantastic. I woke up this morning at precisely 6 am, thanks to the alarm on my phone blasting out Sean Paul’s “Breakout”. Believe me, the sound of that Jamaican dude’s voice is enough to wake anyone up. I take in a waking breath, thinking I’m gonna twist and turn (yes, yes, I’m not going running, so sue me), and go back to sleep…GOOD GOD!!! What is that smell??? It’s the smell of concentrated ammonia (otherwise related to urine) thanks to this no water issue…

I don’t really wanna start this blog by complaining but in all honesty and actuality, people… I am fed.

We’ve had a case of water scarcity in this my “great, esteemed, and private” university since last week Thursday. Isn’t it time that the bloody pipelines were fixed??

I will not get upset, I will not get upset, I will not get upset… **taking a deep breath**

Anyways, so it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, all that stuff. Yesterday was my best friend’s (Onochie Ifedebe) birthday. Happy belated to his silly ass… and if you were wondering why, if I said I was gonna make this a series, I didn’t put up an update yesterday, it was ‘cos in all honesty, I didn’t know what to write…yes. I suffer from repeat incidents of writer’s block quite a lot of the time. And if you haven’t read my last update (came up Monday night), it’s called “My Pen Forsakes Me”. It’s generally a lament about the problems of writer’s block. Dedicated to all my friends that are writers themselves (Laide Olabode, Sista Soul, Tosyn B *& the rest of her*, Adebola Rayo…)

So this morning, I remember how fragile life can be. I’ve lost quite a number of really good friends over the last few years, and believe me, it’s quite a painful experience. So, I’m grateful to God for sparing Laide’s life last weekend. Some silly sod almost mowed her down… she’s gonna be alright though… that her big head was just too big to be broken so easily (lol), get totally better soon babes.

Speaking about accidents and death, Dagrin was in a real bad accident last weekend, and as Nigerians are prone to do, the rumors were just flying all over town like witches flying at night. By Saturday evening (thanks to my friends on the BlackBerry Network) I was hearing that the dude was dead, and by Sunday morning, I heard the dude was in a coma. Na wa o… do people really have to spread rumors like this? I mean, has it become like a national pastime or something? I think Ice Prince said on twitter that he wishes death on the people spreading rumors about Dagrin’s death. Even though I feel that was a little bit intense, it’s just that these people self, their own don too much! If you don’t have anything good to say, please keep quiet!!! I’m not particularly a Dagrin fan or anything, but he is a human being, and I think he lives (or used to live) in Magodo, so I wish the brother a speedy recovery…

Sundays @ The Bay comes up this weekend (woop woop!!!!), and if you’ve never been for one of ’em, this month would be a good month to show up. Especially cool is that the venue is changing this month. Usually, it’s done either at Alpha Beach, or at Takwa Bay, but this month, it’s gonna be at…. Where’s it gonna be at again?? Oh yeah. It’s gonna be at some boat club in Apapa. It’s usually quite fun so, if you go for the early service in church on Sundays, and you can make it to our take off point at City Mall by 11am…please show up if you wanna. Just make sure you try to bring something to share with 4 other people (it’s all about S. H. A. R. E you know) and leave your forming attitude in the car (it won’t be needed where we’re going)

Anyways, I have to go iron what I’m gonna wear to school this morning o… the life I’m living…

See y’all later.

B. E. Z.

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