>Memories of Childhood and Teenage Years Lost.

Like sand, my memories trickle grain by grain onto this page.

I’ve aged in the last decade. My teenage years stolen away by self assesment, and a realization that established my difference from the common man.

And I say it without an ounce of pride. Teenhood was lost upon one such as I. My time spent more with those well beyond my years than amongst my peers, I quickly realized the superfluity in which those in my age bracket tended to bask in was just that. Superfluous I’m the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately, that didn’t really mean that I knew what the grand scheme was. This premature maturity ended up making me something of a misfit. For I couldn’t blend in with so many of those that were older, maybe because at the most inconvenient times, the truth of my age would come to light. When statements like, “my dad’s home”, or some such thing as only one within the ages of thirteen and nineteen could ever be worried about. But on the other hand, the majority of those who were my age were generally not at a point where I felt I could relate with them just yet.

Sometimes it felt quite ridiculous to me. Imagime a kid in JSS 2 being asked what year in university he was in??? I think that in the last fifteen years of my life, that just has to be one of the most ridiculous things that’s ever happened to me.

I look back, and I try to believe that I avoided some of the mistakes I saw my mentors make. I learnt from people like Le Beau, who taught me that questioning yourself in order to become a stronger person was a necessity in life. Else, stagnation, and maybe even decay would eventually set in.

I learnt from Alucard, how to enjoy myself. With him I actually found some joy in being a teenager, for there’s a young lad in that man that just will not die. And that, I tell you, is something I’m quite glad for.

I learnt from Balogun, my Master Yoda, about how to tap into myself. I don’t know how else to put the things that he taught me. I mean, he was like, and still is, that elder brother that God decided I didn’t really need to have. And you learn a lot from an elder bro. Let’s face it. I may have been mentally beyond my years,  but that didn’t mean I got spared from the stress of going through puberty. *smiling * This big brother of mine was always there to help out. He always had my back at all times. He passed on all the knowledge a lil bro needed to be given.

Later on in teenage hood, I started to hang out with Obanya. The things I learnt from that friend, were crazy. I learnt that fear, even though a requisite in order to maintain humanity, was something that could ne overcome. And I think that’s one of the best things I’ve ever come to see.

The memories are actually quite a lot… I think I’ll make this a bit of a series… so stay with me, and read these tales of mine… Tales of childhood and teenage years lost.

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