>The Morning’s Musings.

6:25 AM


Nothing is ever easy, sometimes you never realize how hard a thing could actually be, until you try to do it. I’ve recently attempted to pick up the base guitar…I always looked at my room mate playing, and I’d think to myself, “this looks so easy…”

Now I realize, after being stuck practicing “do,re,mi” for three days, that o boy…this thing no be yam o……

But I guess that’s the way things are….I’m trying to find ways to keep my cute posterior busy during my upcoming break…guitar lessons hopefully, capoeira classes,

*At this point I have to stop…one of my room mates went running this morning, & since he got back in he’s refused to go have a bath!!! God bless me, what a stench!!!!

*moving on**

working on my final year project…anything to keep my mind occupied… and, if you’re a true follower of my blog, you may wanna ask “what about ‘her’???” ….well, I guess it’s time I say it…

We broke up. And no, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

WAIT!!!!! This isn’t what the Morning’s Musing is supposed to be about!!!

O….I don’t even remember what my original reason for this morning’s blog was about…..

Well, my exams start up next week Tuesday….pray for your Panda people…

Now, I’m going back to sleep…

10:31 AM.

So as I’m typing this, im thinking about how maybe I should actually have gone to church today. I mean, how long can any right minded individual go being angry with God? Ok, maybe angry is a rather strong way to put it, but im upset sha. And how long can I go on like this?

You may be wondering whats going on, and why im upset with God… you won’t really be able to understand. And somehow or the other, it’s not a story I’m in the mood to tell today.

So I’m just in my room, in GeekMode so early in the morning… but the book ain’t really entering like that… and my chest hurts…

Whatever…I’ll be aight…

1:14 PM

I’m in this bus headed home, listening to Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy album. Quite interesting. My earphones are bad….but it’s aight. I’m trying to forget how much I hate being cooped up in these things… but anyways….homeward bound I am…

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