>Hypocritical Christianity: Guilty???

It’s funny how, people can totally forget about God, and just live life how they want to. But then, when trouble, or a battle shows up, they remember Him.

I’m not excluded from this gang of individuals. For the last two months, I’ve been fighting with God. I’ve been upset with him for taking something so precious away from me. Kinda like the way a kid gets vexed at his mom for taking away his favourite toy, and he screams out how much he hates her (well…na only oyinbo pikin dey get that kind liver) and all that stuff. But when wahala lands, the child runs back to hide behind her skirt.

That’s kinda the way I’ve been. Upset with God, ranting and raving and all that stuff, but now, I started my exams on Tuesday and guess who I ran right back to? Yep, you got it!!

But does this make me hypocritical? I mean, does it mean I don’t have the right to be right there with the people who’ve been more consistent with Him? I mean, I know the Bible says we shouldn’t continue in sin, with the thought that Grace will abound, but that grace is there isn’t it?

I don’t know. I was at this worship thing that we usually do when exams are going on, and I thought to myself, I haven’t been to morning devotion this entire semester, and have only been to church three times this semester. Does it make me a hypocrite? Am I mocking God and the grace He chooses to grant my life?

I don’t know…I hope I find the answer I’m looking for sooner than later… maybe it’s just guilty conscience that’s worrying me…

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