>Memories of Childhood and Teenage Years Lost: The Free Spirit

Grain by grain, my memories trickle like sand onto the page.

I like to believe that I had quite an interesting childhood. I mean, it wasn’t like the kid rockstar life that every little foetus growing in its mother’s womb dreams about having, but it had its perks. I grew up with a mother that loved me as much as life itself, and was never afraid to show it.

Sometimes, when I talk to my mother, she tells me how I put many a gray hair in her head. It always cracks me up… but in her defense, I’m quite sure I was quite the handful.

When I think about it, I could say I was a normal sort of child, if children can ever be called normal. I did the sort of crazy stuff children were prone to do.

I remember when my family still used to live in VI. There were times my folks would go out, and when they were going, they’d tell the house help not to let me leave the house… you know how parents are… it wasn’t like they were trying to lock me up or anything… I think at that point, being the combustible little rat I was, they were just afraid I’d hurt myself if I was left to run around…

Anyways, so they’d leave instructions not to let me out of the house, but I’d always find a way to sneak out and go play Sega games at Charles Grant’s place. I remember the day I found out I could successfully climb down the balcony without hurting myself. It was like I’d found out that I was Spiderman or something. It became something I did all the time…

In retrospect now, I think that, even at such a young age (no, I don’t remember how old I was) I had a spirit that just refused to be caged. Not like I didn’t like chilling at home or anything, it was just the idea that I couldn’t leave the house that stirred up some form of rebellion in me I guess.

One particular day, I was climbing down (or was it back up??) the balcony, when my mom came back, in time to see me fall…

What a scream…

Why am I suddenly remembering all these things??? I don’t know… maybe I just need to put down these events in my head…

Memories of my childhood, and the teenage years lost…

Location : E 1, Loburo,

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