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My words are mine alone for me to speak, or to write. And for what’s mine, i always fight. I see the truth & say it whenever I can. Whenever the fear in my heart can be pushed away by a sense of what should be and what should not. By a refusal to accept the bullshit that’s usually fed to us on a golden spoon. Because I’ve come to see that that golden spoon, like an Olympic gold medal, is actually 95% silver, which is 95% bollocks, 95% lies, and 95%,  might as well be the whole thing. And the slow sin which we commit by letting the shit slide be as we on our idly lie is unacceptable to me.

I said I wasn’t gonna write about this, but I really can’t look around anymore. We as a nation are gonna be 50. A professor of mine described this county as a man going on 50, a man who had managed to move out of his parents’ house, & away from their rule, & has become “independent”, but still wets his bed.

There is something structurally wrong.

There is something structurally wrong with us commiting  84 billion naira (yes, billion…with a B) to the elections nect january, yet PHCN staff are going on strike & plunging the nation into a deeper state of darkness, because their been owed hundreds of billions in salary arrears. I mean, really? N84B? On a fricking election? What the bloody hell for? As if we don’t already know this election is gonna be rigged. I mean, if Babangida can be allowed to even run for presidency, isn’t that indicative enough of what we should expect?

There’s something structurally wrong with spending 1 billion naira on independence day celebrations. Frankly, we as a nation have totally nothing to celebrate about. Yes, I said it. At 50 years old, we’re still a 3rd world country (please don’t gimme that developing country bullshit) even though we have every single resource necessary to be a super-power nation.

Kai…I said I wasn’t gonna rant  about this nation…but the pen wants what it wants. But I’ll stop here for now. Speaking of the pen…I have a bit to tell you about him…

Okay, bath time!

I’ll be back in blogsville a bit later..

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