>The Morning’s Musings


8:46 am.


Good morning….

This one is coming out a lil’ bit late… of course, I was awake by 5:45am, supposedly so I’d go running…but I think all the running about I did yesterday in school, registered in my body as enough running for the day… That’s just the easy way of saying that I didn’t go running this morning and rolled over & went back to bed…

Speaking about yesterday…Good Lord… I went to school for a few reasons. Firstly, efficiency was worrying me. I wanted to go & see if I could start registration ahead of time like I always do. And second, I wanted to take a look at the new set of year 1 girls…I’ll tell the truth, I was very far from impressed. I’m hoping that the hot ones were maybe a bit late, & they’ll be around from today and stuff…else wise, this year isn’t going to be remotely as interesting as I hoped it would be… yes yes…I plan to make sure my final year is not only full of hard work, but with a little bit of….entertainment.

Anyways, those buffoons called officials had me running up and down just so that I’d be able to start out registration. I obviously wasn’t able to finish, I’ll have to go back tomorrow…*sigh*…but at least I got my accommodation clearance done. I got the room-mate I wanted, just not the room I wanted. Let’s just hope it’s a good room. I’m not sure I’m ready to go through the wahala of cell phone reception again…

And then the traffic going back to Lagos…Good Lord! Apparently, there was an accident at Ibafo. A bus and a jeep caught fire, and since those idiot tankers that are parked on the express joined the barbecue…the traffic was maddening!!! When they ask those tanker guys not to park there, they’ll be going on strike & holding Lagos to ransome…buffoons..

But wait a minute…this is supposed to be The Morning’s Musings abi??? Why am I talking about yesterday??? Ah well…it’s my blog. I can write whatever I want. *SticksTongueOut*

Well, I’m off…gotta grap the day by the balls…


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