>Taking a Break from Work


YES! I know I have work to do, and this is quite an odd hour to be talking about music, but I’m too tired to do anything else, so I may as well be a bit constructive…abi???

So I’ve been listening to music. Yep…quite a few Nigerian artistes have caught my eye recently… Kas, Ms. Con.tra.Diction (I hope I spelt that right), Show Dem Camp, Airis….and quite a few other people. But, I’m gonna talk about Airis, Show Dem Camp, & Con.tra.Diction. Cos they’ve really impressed me recently.

Ladies first, so lemme start with Airis.

First off, lemme state that Airis is a very hot, half Nigerian, half Egyptian woman, so my judgment may be thrown off a bit by that fact that she’s so hot, but I doubt it. When I first heard about her, I thought she was gonna be another good looking woman who imagined that her fine face would make everyone partially deaf so we wouldn’t realize that her voice was a waste of time (especially with the way her debut single “Without You” kicked off).

Was I ever wrong.

She has a voice that reminds me of a person that spent a lot of time listening to Sade Adu, Madonna, and other legendary pop divas, but somehow or the other found time to listen to Yoruba songs when she was younger; producing this really sexily blended voice that is obviously international, but still manages to be Nigerian. Kinda like a girl who you can take to a big dinner with international guests and all, and then the next day you take her to see your grandma in your village, and she blends into both situations very well. Kinda like that.

Her debut single, “Without You” is really cool. Her voice comes off really well over the instrumental, accentuated quite well by the tambourines and drums. The tambourines gave the song a little Arabian/Egyptian feel to it, which is just as well since she’s half Egyptian anyways. A part of the chorus is in Yoruba, which just made me fall in love with her singing even more. I also heard another of her songs called “Sick in Love” featuring Ice Prince, and “Fly Away” which I liked as well, but in all honesty, not as much as I like Without You… I hear her album “The AiRis Project” is scheduled for release in November. That isn’t too far off, so I won’t die waiting.

Onto some people that are a little more recent in terms of emergence, let’s talk about Show Dem Camp (SDC).

Now, the first song I heard from these guys, was this crazy song featuring Lynxx called “You Dey Crase”. I heard that, & I thought to myself “we may have something good here”…really cool, mixtape kinda jam. Punchlines flying left & right…& Lynxx killed his verse. I was happy. Then I heard “Farabale”. Lemme be honest, I didn’t really dig the first dude’s rap, but I LOVE THE SONG!!!! I really don’t know how to analyze it…the chorus reflected the way a lot of naija boys feel about chics who are just gold-diggers, and MayD has quite a good voice. I really think these guys are definitely gonna go places.

By the way, the tees they’re wearing in this picture are from my cousin Tenne Fatona’s clothing line DNA Genes, so big ups to him! Whoop whoop!!! (I digressed abi???)

If you haven’t heard “Farabale” by Show Dem Camp feat MayD, here’s a link for it. http://www.4shared.com/audio/nO3AWXyw/Farabale_-_SDC_ft_MayD.html

Let’s go with Con.tra.Diction now…

First off, I’ve met her quite a few times, with those crazy ass socks she always wears, & I have to say, she’s a darling psycho. I heard her song “Superstar”, & my faith in the hope for alternative music in Nigeria was renewed. The instruments were on point, and her voice gives off that rock chic thing that rock lovers (such as me) really like. Throwing in a bit of Yoruba into the song (Oju l’oro wa) was a fantastic way of making sure we didn’t forget that it was a Nigerian tune. All in all, a fabulous song! Con.tra.Diction seems like someone we’re gonna be hearing quite a lot from in the future… In the intro to the song, if you listen to the voice in the background, you can hear her say “this is the diary, of a mad black woman.” I hope that’s gonna be the title of the album…seems quite befitting…

I hear she even has a band!!! That’s just really cool. If I ever decided to sing publicly (yes, your Panda has a good voice) I’d definitely love to jam up with her…

Of course, here’s a link for Con.tra.Diction’s “Superstar” if you don’t already have it… http://www.4shared.com/audio/YNlqY89g/SuperStar_CONtradiction.html

So, these are the artistes I’m loving right now…hope their albums are as banging as the singles they have out… Fingers crossed!

Gotta go now! I’m a bit swamped with work so…. I’ll blog later okay???



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