>V for Virgin!


Over the last couple of days, this topic’s been coming up around me. I have no idea why. It just springs up sha. Like yesterday afternoon, @olu_dehinsilu & I were talking about it…then, later in the night. I was sitting by the window in my room, studying, & i heard some dude from the opposite block yell out “FEMI IS A VIRGIN!!!!”

The way he yelled it out ehn, it kinda sounded like an insult to me. As if that wasn’t enough, I was watching a movie this afternoon, “Black Swan” – with Natalie Portman – (and for any of you who wanna call me gay for watching that movie, I hold @OtasE fully responsible. She’s the one who recommended it to me…)

Anyways, so I’m watching the movie, & at some point, this dude asks Natalie ( I can’t remember what her name in the movie was) “You’re not a virgin are you?”…& the way he asked was so…….mocking…

A few days ago, a friend of mine was telling me how she heard her year one room-mate & her friends saying that they couldn’t wait to start clubbing, & to lose their virginities…what the hell is going on?!?

Even this morning, @sleek004 & @wumie were chatting about the “appropriate time” for a girl to lose her virginity… 16, 21, 19…..??? *smh*

Now, with all these things I’ve been seeing & hearing about virginity, I had to ask, is virginity a bad thing now??

I mean, I may have been hiding under a rock somewhere for a bit, so I didn’t get the memo notifying the world that it’s a bad thing to be a virgin. I remember in secondary school, the dudes  who were getting laid already would look at us (yes, I was a virgin when I got outta secondary school) & call us virgins like we had leprosy or something. Of course, there were some anti-clockwise idiots who’d been celibate from birth that’d be making mouth as well, but those bonkons are rather unimportant. They’re as useless a burglary proof without bars…

/Panda! Was that really necessary??? *smh*\

….moving on….

When did it become wrong for a girl or guy to be 21 & a virgin? When did it become something to be embarrassed about? What gives anyone the right to mock another person cos he/she hasn’t started shagging??

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to argue about the morality of virginity, & how it’s a good thing to keep your “virtue” till marriage. Go meet your pastor if you wanna hear that. Neither am I gonna pretend and use the “sex is over-rated” line. That’s bullshit. Sex gets fantastic with practice, & when you both know what each other wants. So, I generally tell my friends that are still V’s that they can do what they want. But they shouldn’t let anyone pressure them.

I mean, it’s all about choice isn’t it? Some people actually want to stay virgins till they get married. I have a friend, who’s 28, & I shit you not, has more game than any other guy I know. & I mean any guy…like I wouldn’t advise you to leave your girl around him for your own safety…But he’s a V… No joke. He’s deliberately refused to have sex. He says he wants to save it for marriage. He’s lost 2 girlfriends cos he refused to shag em.

So what do you say about that kinda dude?

I, personally don’t see anything wrong with a person who chooses to remain a virgin, & I think anyone who harrasses another person – male or female – for being one should be strung up by the nipples & sold into slavery. 😐

Ok that’s a bit much. But being serious. If you go around abusing people, & mocking them cos they don’t get laid, I somehow doubt you’re getting any yourself. #JustSaying.

So, in the words of the brilliant poet Goerge Watsky (look him up on YouTube), “This is for everyone who couldn’t get it, didn’t want it, or had it, but gave it back!” There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. If that’s what you want, be proud. & if it’s lack of opportunity that’s worrying you, well……your turn sef go come one day…

And if anyone tries to make you feel bad cos you’re a virgin, look em straight in the eye and tell em, “Panda says it’s okay to be a virgin!”


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