>Introspective Blogging: "Matching Your Beliefs"

I’ve come to a weird realization.

Very few people live by what they believe.

Yes, I know that in the grand scheme of things, this statement isn’t particularly new. Human beings have based themselves in double standards since the beginning of time. My memory fails me, but there was a particular character in the bible who slept with a prostitute, but had the guts to order that his daughter-in-law should be stoned, when they found that she was pregnant. Regardless of the fact that her actual husband had been dead for a time. Turned out though, that she’d been the woman he had sex with, but she wore a veil when they had sex, so he didn’t know. And the baby was his.

But I’ve gone away from the point haven’t I? Anyways, I think that, sometimes, it’s not necessarilly that individuals live by double standards, in some special cases, they may actually believe the truth of the theories they preach, but for some reason or the other, have problems converting those beliefs into actual action. More often than not, there’s a dissociation which may be caused by fear. It may be caused by the things we’ve been led to believeour entire lives.

As boys, we’re taught not to show emotion, and that crying is a weakness. We learn, when we become men, that it’s not necessarilly a weakness. But knowing this, and believing this, doesn’t mean we can simply get over the life long wiring that’s been laid into us. Does it?

A babe may realize that she is a jealous type when it comes to relationships. She may also think it’s wrong, and may sometimes speak against it. Does the fact that she still goes “she-hulk” sometimes, make her a bad person?

I think it’s all about working on your flaws. You realize you’re doing something wrong, something that goes against what you believe and preach, then work at it.

Don’t let anyone call you out on bullshit, saying you have a double standard. Understand within yourself that you’re working at it, and sooner than later, you’ll be fine.

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