Things These Girls Do…


So… as everybody knows, I never complain about things until they start to vex me too much. Oya I’m vexed.

I was reading @thetoolsman’s blog post about women who show too much boob to attract guys (which I totally encourage *singing in 50pence’s voice* look luv I’ll give you 5h it you let me see your jugs), & about women who show ass crack (which absolutely disgusts me *ugh* I have class you know)

Anyways, so I wondered to myself, what other stupid things do women do these days that they think is sexy but is just retarded.

I thought it would take a while to find, but as I looked at the avatar of a new follower, I saw it.

This babe took a pic in the bathroom of some club looking like Amy  Winehouse surrounded by 4 empty bottles of Premium Whytes & Mackey. And the girl was pouting!

Yes. She was doing like somebody was forcing her to kiss transformer.

And I just have to wonder to myself. When did this pouting thing become legalized by the tri-state consortium of Heffers, Skanks & Blackberry Babes as their global “peace” sign. Cos it looks like somebody’s splitting their lips apart with two fingers…

Okay wait, that came out wrong.

No …wait…so did that….shet.

O…! Grow up joh!


I really don’t get it o. I don’t even know who the babe that started this pouting picture is. I’m sure it’s Nikki Minaj. She should be tried for war crimes against mankind.

Because I think I speak for myself and the rest of the men that I know, then I believe I can tell you that it is very disgusting!

It’s as irritating as babes that expose ass crack all over the place.

But I may be wrong. Some guys may think that a girl looking like Angelina Jolie on crystal meth is sexy. Good for them. But this is my opinion sha.

(Ladies please don’t kill me for this though. Remember you love me ❤ )

& as if it wasn’t bad enough that she looked like she’d been frenching SpongeBob SquarePants, she was taking it in a club bathroom.

I don’t get, is a picture of themselves in a club bathroom, among womenfolk, now the equivalent a picture of boys popping bottles in the club?

Why do they do this? Is it that they can’t afford photography studios, so they create the studio effect with the bathroom walls?

I’m getting a lil sick of it o.

Abi, am I the only one? You tell me.

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2 responses to “Things These Girls Do…

  • Deolu

    >We'll just call them "Bathroom-Models", As for the pouting…o ti su mi, walahi.Nice one Brov., Keep it coming. First time here and i'm loving it. Pay me and i will do publicity.

  • ugoboss

    only GOD knows where d pouting thing came from and taking pics in d bathroom is common amongst girls and its a major turn off…esp wen i remember the kinda stuff dat goes on in d toilets

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