>Nighttime Reflections

9:33 PM

Thanks to the rain, power got knocked out. So I’m lying on my bed in the dark. Glo started misbehaving with the rain, so I switched to MTN….and the way it’s going, this switch may just become permanent.

Anyways, so since I can’t really do much in the dark, I guess all I can do is reflect over the day sha …

It’s funny how things turn out, and how we learn about our faults.

Today, my new roommate and I had a bit of a fight. I got pissed over something he’d done, & decided to take him on about it. Little did I know that he’d had his own grievances piles up against me. And as I started vexing at him, the dude immediately set shit straight, and let me have it.

As he was vexing, I realized that he was right. I’d been wrong. And what I was vexing about was just ridiculous & bitchy really. So, I tried to settle things… but well, looks like dude’s mind is set. He’s the one now behaving like a babe that’s vexing and not wanting to say anything.

Anyways, what’s the point of this? I guess it’s just kinda hard to look at yourself sometimes, and say; “dude, you dey fuck up.” But I kinda had to do that today.

Obviously, I didn’t say this to my roommate, but I’ll set things straight again. I hope.

This is one reason I hate having roommates. I like the solitude that comes with being alone. And I guess having that in some form or fashion in the last semester kinda spoiled me…

Anyways …that’s basically all that’s running through this Maverick’s mind….

By the way, if you get the chance, check out http://slimsiren.blogspot.com/

This babe just started blogging, but I think I like the way her mind works…give her a follow k?

K then…

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