>The Morning’s Musings: No Halfways Allowed

7:00 AM

*Playing on repeat* Push It To The Limit – Rick Ross

Hey there. So if you’ve been following my blog for a bit, or curiosity made you read every post like some people I know *SideEye*, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t done any Morning Musing for a while. But I guess today my brain kicked in early again.

So for a few years, I’ve watched myself slowly get outta shape. All the training that Capoeira rigorously beat into me slowly bled out. Till the point where I was going from being the CapoeiraPanda, to just being a fat, lazy, Panda.

But in the last few weeks, a little awakening, among other incentives, made me start working out again. But I’m taking it slow. Working on jogging alone. Along with other fat burning workouts.

And since I started, I’ve been observing myself. Days when I go and go, I get better. And when I quit, and lag for a lil bit, I don’t just get worse, it’s even harder to get back to the level I thought I had gotten to.

Even when I’m running. I’ve realized that it’s better, to keep running. Keep pushing that stressful pace, than to slow down to “rest a little”. Because even if, like me, your rest means a slow trot, and not necessarily stopping, gearing back up into running again will be difficult, and really stressful on your body.

Here’s what I’ve learned from that.

I think, the very fact that our bodies complain when we do that, even though we’re making the excuse that it’s actually for the sake of our bodies, shows that we’re not meant to push halfways. The point of working yourself to be better, is to go all the way at it. Make sure that in every thing you do, the effort is 100%.

And I know it gets hard. Nothing in life is ever easy. My latest slogan is “Weakness Compels Strength”. (Adapted from Raizo’s sensei in Ninja Assassin)

For me, it says that it’s ok to be weak. And if you work at it, from that weakness can emerge strength that’d amaze even you. So keep at it. The weakness in you will call strength forth.

But its all or nothing.

Don’t stop till you hit the end. Push till you can’t push anymore. Then push some more. I know that’s what I’m gonna do.

Like the opening song of the Boondocks says: “I’m a remain a soldier till the war is won.”

Have a good day peoples.

P.S. I’m thinking of moving this blog to WordPress. It looks a bit better to work with than Blogger. I’d appreciate opinions. Thanks.

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