He Wanted A Virgin.

10:38 AM, Monday
/*playing in the background: Count On Me – Bruno Mars*\

Hi. I’m Tomi… and this? This is my very tall friend Daniel. Jack Daniel.
I know it’s quite odd to be drinking so early on a Mondayย  morning, but I’ve been like this since Saturday night. After my friend Cameron and his long time girlfriend Iyanu got married.
You see, Cam and I have been friends for 25 years. Before we could even spell our names properly. We did almost everything together from nursery school, primary school, right up till university. We know each other’s deepest secrets. We practically lived together, shared the same interests, drank the same beer, liked the same sort of women…even our handwritings are similar. Yes it’s that crazy.
But even though we were very similar in a lot of ways growing up, we were very different in one aspect: the way we treated women.
I grew up around women. And being the last child and only boy in a family with 6 children, I learned very early on in life that women deserved respect. So I treated them that way. Cam however, grew up in a polygamous home, with many boys, and a father who he adored. Learning from his father’s ways, he found it hard to be faithful and stick to one woman. I never even imagined that he would ever get married.
Until 5 years ago when he introduced me to Iyanu. His new girlfriend. He told me he was very serious about her. And how he wanted to marry her. The one thing he was most proud about, was that she was a virgin. “At 21? Do you know how difficult it is to find a virgin at that age? Tomi I go marry this one o!”
So he kept her well. Took care of her, showed her a lot of love…more than I’ve ever seen him give anyone else. Come to think of it, I’d never seen him show love to any girl, period. She was his precious little egg.
Most shocking of all, he never had sex with her. Even though Iyanu was obviously willing and ready for him to have her. Instead, he had plenty other “take away girls” as he liked to call them.
When I asked why he didn’t simply go in with the woman he claimed to love, and who also loved him, his reasoning was; “I want to be the only man she ever sleeps with Tomi. And the only way to make sure of it is on our wedding night. If I take her before then, she can get with another guy, and I wouldn’t be able to tell. All my father’s wives were virgins when he married them. I must marry a virgin o!”
Obviously, I was confused about this as well, seeing as Cam had disvirgined many a girl in his life. But I kept quiet.
Three years ago, Cam went to the UK to get his Master’s degree. He left Iyanu in my care.ย  Unfortunately, he was a little less discrete in his paroles there, than he’d been in Lagos. The stories that reached our ears of his exploits with women there were many. And even though I tried to protect Iyanu from them, I couldn’t very well block her ears.
One day, she called me in tears. Asked me to come to her place. She was crying horribly. When I got there, I found that it was about Cameron and his women. I didn’t even know what to say at that point. What burned her the most, was that “my body has always been his to do with however.” She cried. “But he’s always refused. Yet, these chewing gum girls get the one thing I’ve always wanted…for free.” I did my best to calm her down. When she finally stopped crying, she went to pour us drinks. Some fantastic Johnny Walker Blue Label. I wonder where she got that… but I deviate.
We talked about everything. About Cam and me growing up, about my work, about hers, sports…everything. I even managed to make her laugh. One drink led to another…one laugh led to another… please note. Iyanu is everything a beautiful woman could be. Cameron and I definitely have the same taste….anyway, one drink led to another, and the next thing I knew, I woke up on a bed with blood stained sheets…Iyanu’s and my body intertwined.
Fuck. I had broken my best friend’s precious egg.
We could never tell him. He could never find out. She took up horse riding. So if he ever found out, she would claim her hymen had broken without her knowing. She was confident that he’d never find out.
He got back to Nigeria last year. The wedding planning began.
While everyone was eager for the day to come, I dreaded it. And come it did. On Saturday, Cam & Iyanu got married at Our Saviours Church. Reception at the Civic Center in VI. It was a really big thing. Of course, as the best man, I had to give a toast. I’ve never felt as hypocritical as I did at that moment when I raised my glass.
And from then, I went straight to my hotel room and hit up a conversation with Jack here (or well, one of his many twins).
I simply sat all night…drinking. waiting.
5:57 AM, Sunday.
He called…I can’t even remember the conversation (I was still drunk). All I remember is that she confessed to losing her virginity to another guy. She just didn’t tell him it was me. He asked me to start preparing papers for an annulment (did I forget to mention that I’m a lawyer? Sorry. It’s the Whiskey)
I told him not to be too hasty… I’d see him on Monday… and fell asleep.
I’ve been drinking since then. Yes, I know it’s Monday morning and I look like shit. I’m sitting in the hotel bar, looking at the bottom of a bottle.
Cam is on his way here…with Iyanu and their parents…
What do I tell him? Not to call off the wedding? That I was the one who robbed him of the privilege he’d waited 5 years for?
Barman! Turn that damn song off! It’s giving me a headache…

I didn’t actually plan for this post to become a short story. Or maybe I’m taking a subconscious cue from @thetoolsman’s style of blogging. Whatever. This post was supposed to be about guys like Cameron. Who screw about, but still expect to marry a virgin. What’re your thoughts on that? And about Tomi…what do you think of his predicament?
Please leave comments below. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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89 responses to “He Wanted A Virgin.

  • olly

    Yh alotta naija guys are like cam,especially the yoruba ones(not exactly surprising) but at the end of the day they still get their way..take this story 4example cam is a total ass!n he’s jst gonna hunt down d next virgin n marry her..iyanu on the other hand is the one who gets humiliated not him..as 4the friend #shrug..this is why I SAY NO TO ALCOHOL :p

  • Kesh

    This is one hell of a story. This is an ideal “fucked up” situation. Nice read. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1girl

    I think Cam is foolish for wanting to leave iyanu just because shez not a virgin.. Atleast she was honest enough to confess to him. I don’t think Cam deserves iyanu .. Afterall its because of his indiscretions that iyanu went to Tomi for comfort. If Cam goes ahead with the divorce, I think Tomi should marry iyanu (since Tomi and Cam have the same taste in women, Tomi should want Iyanu too). I feel so sorry for Iyanu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I don’t understand how guys that sleep with anything that moves will want to marry virgins.. Its just twisted.
    Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • virgin

    Gosh, I can only imagine the scenario… 1st things 1st, iyana was ready 2 give it up not because she loved him but because she was already a hornymuch… Yeah I knw pple wld be like how now but it’s true. That said, Cam is jst an ass ! He didn’t n doesn’t love iyana, he jst loved the idea of following his popc’s steps (I.e marrying virgins) as 4 the friend- tomi … ๐Ÿ˜€ oh boy ya own ur own cos he is actually the victim here , he could decide to man up about it…

  • specialeffectz

    Cam is just a greedy person.

  • Ms Duro

    I agree wit Olly, a lot of yoruba guyz re like dat and dey still get their way, may God forgive them… As for Tomi, I sympathize with him… Sooner or later he’ll ve to say the truth, I wonder what wld happen to his 25yr fndship wit Cam… Alcohol is most def a bastard… As for Iyanu, iono wat to say, but my heart is wit her… Nice write up… Very engaging read…

  • specialeffectz

    Haba! Is this supposed to be me!?

  • Oreoluwa

    I feel sorry for Tomi because of the dilemma he’s in and as for Cam,I’m happy he got served!

  • virgin

    But permit me 2 ask, is it that hard to find a virgin over d age of 20 ??? :s

  • virgin

    @ panda yes he is 2 me o … Out of all d friends she had it was him iyana went to mEet…n I’m sure she didn’t mind giving it up 2 him since cam n tomi where so alike … If she seriously wanted to keep her virginity she cld…

  • Amebo passerby

    This is all foolery!!! Hypocrisy at its highest level. Tomi should annul Cam’s marriage for him and carry off Iyanu. She doesn’t deserve such nonsense. A man with a mindset like Cam’s should be drawn, quartered and hung. It’s sad that there are many men who think like him. I shake my head.

  • Immortal TeddyBear

    Cam’s a retard. And a bloody hypocrite.

    Iyanu’s beta off with Tomi. If Cam won’t hear word and stick wiv her,Tomi shuld annul it and marry her.At least she will be with someone that will cherish her.

    Guys lik Cam are the bastards dat giv guys lik Panda and I a bad name

    *cocks matilda and goes off to shoot Cam* yes,I’m taking it P ๐Ÿ˜

  • msforbiddenc

    I sympathise with the virgin babe and all,but really she should have known better.Why couldn’t she whine to one of her gfs?she must have watched enough movies to know that she would obviously end up sleeping with the best friend if they got drunk.I can’t help but think a part of her actually wanted to sleep with him,maybe just to get back at cam?But yea tomi should eff his friendship and marry the babe.lol

  • Man in Black

    I wouldn’t mind a Virgin. I am not. If I find one, fine. If I don’t? Fine!
    Contrary to the opinion of many a guy who read this, it has nothing to do with the quality of the sex when the deed is finally done, its more about knowing that there is and will never be any comparison when you and your madam make love. Now if only Will Smith could lend me his deneuralizer, maybe I could forget that night in Kike’s room when she…

  • Luminus

    This is a FUNAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) scenario. I kinda agree with the view point that Tomi’s as much a victim in this as Iyanu is.

    I disagree, however, that she didn’t mind giving it up for Tomi. Shayo na bastard. People do crazy shit “under the influence”. If you’ll be honest, you prolly have that one guy or girl that you wouldn’t mind being with and the only thong stopping you is because they’re with your best friend and you love and or respect your friend too much to mess with that.

    Well, alcohol removes all such inhibitions or th ability for rational thought.

    I also disagree with the “Yoruba Guys are like that” assertion. Why do we have to make everything about ethnicity or religion or sone other bullshit idea of separating people. There are scUmbags that are Igbo, Hausa, Tiv, Yoruba, Calabar, American, Asian, Black, White, Christian, Muslim, Hindu & every other thing in between.

    No one race has the sole bragging rights on best and worst behaviour. Generalization is as low a level of intelligence as assumption. Judge each case on it’s merits.

  • @lekanadio

    Wonderful piece. I think its really absurd for a guy that has been sampling all kind of girls to still insist on having a virgin wife. You can’t simply eat your cake and have it.

  • thetoolsman

    Err.. so obsession with virgins is common to yoruba men? This information is new to me :s

  • Luminus

    FUBAR. This iPhone can get me in trouble with the #Gbagaun Police.

  • loba

    I see absolutely nothing wrong in any guy wanting to marry a virgin, tho cameron is just d worst kind of ass, as she was already offering herself to him and all..its unfortunate that of all guys that wanted to be with a virgin she got stuck with the wrong one..nonetheless tomi should have know better that to get drunk with her what d fuck did he think was going to happen? Give her sweet and pet her?..he always knew the type of person cam was and decided to keep that friendship so it is totally inexcusable that he slept with iyanu.
    I think iyanu just wanted to get inbetween them. Y did she have to confess? What happened to d horse lie they both planned would have worked?
    The truth tho, cameron didn’t deserve a virgin.

  • The PervNerd

    Olly, keep quiet…like girls don’t do worse things…

    Yemi, nice story there…pls don’t make a sequel..

  • jAyajade

    Really feel sorry for Iyanu…*sigh* Cam is just a standard bastard and only God knows what Tomi thought would happen with a girl crying+talking+Johnny walker blue label+having the same taste in women as her fiance….*sigh* he’s no victim just your regular idiot…pretty messed up situation.. Oh well

  • redjiblog

    E can pain… but there must be no confessions! Marry Iyanu na.. shebi she’s ur spec too?

  • kechilauren

    .nice write..nw I get why my tl was filled with virgin tweets this morning.
    Nyway, yes cam is a standard pant! My heart goes out to iyanu.:( cam should even be grateful she loved him enough to marry him after his promiscuity..
    Yes. I wnt tomi to go aahead with d annulment nd marry iyanu.:) afterall from the story he seems like d better man.

  • Temi

    You are all being unfair to Cam!
    Imagine you go away on a 1 year trip, then the woman you are engaged to decides not only to have sex, but also to give evirginit away, within that period. Ofcourse you will Anull the marriage, you will feel she cant be trusted, and rightly so.

    • kechilauren

      Sex is sex.with aa virgin or not.(Ok maybe dts nt so true) but he wasn’t a saint either.fine he wud feel betrayed.but he shd forgive. she forgave his sexcapades too.

      Moreso, it was even his sexcapades dt drove her into the arms of another.so sad it happened to be good old bestie.:D

  • amina

    ahn ahn! wsup with this generalization with Yoruba men and virgins!!! :s

    1. anyway, i think Cam is a daft two headed pig!!! so he wants to divorce wife bcos shes not a virgin!!! ko pele o! when he was ‘chuking’ other virgin gehs he didn’t know abi. First to do no dey pain *shrugs*

    2. But Iyanu sef… konji had been catching her since, shey she didn’t see dildo to buy ni,or she has never heard of ‘self love’ she now decided to nak her husbands best friend *hiss* ez lie jare, she has been tripping for Tomi since #okbye

    3. errrr…. say NO to acohol. now poor Jack Daniels gets blamed for everything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  • Olukoya

    Cam seeking for an annulment is logical…notice I didn’t say ‘right’. He wanted her cos she was a virgin. There probably can’t be any meaningful relationship between Tomi&Iyanu as well.

    • amina

      err…. ‘logical’… u don’t think he’s taking it too far by wanting to annul the marriage???? she didn’t end the relationship despite all the times he cheated on her and then suddenly she does the same and hes angry????????

      oh come on!! karma isn’t such a bitch after all ๐Ÿ˜

  • virgin

    I totally agree wiv kechlaureen

  • tosan

    Cam deserved it! En tomi en iyanu shld b 2geda.. Mayb dat waz Gods plan.

  • Oreoluwa

    Cam should divorce Iyanu&allow Tomi marry her because I’m sure he would have continued cheating even if she was a virgin,its that simple

  • donsege

    Na wah for d yoruba bashers o! Yall need @ read luminus’s post ๐Ÿ˜€

    Shayo has always been a standard bastard and of all shayos, . . . Jhonny.. . *smh* tie ba e

    Cam is an ass tho n got wat he deserved

    Iyanu shud look 4 luv elsewhere. . . not wit Cam and DEFINITELY not wit Tomi

    Nice post Panda

  • Eniola Odusami

    This is amazing writing….

  • i.e.

    Nice read.Cam’s a dunce.Tomi is a terrible friend.and Iyanu knew exctly what she was doing when she invited Tomi over.
    I don’t see what the big deal is abt finding a virgin over 20.And as for generalization,a friend of mine got ‘left’ by a guy who’d showed interest in her.Why?Cos she was a virgin.Apparently this happens a lot too.
    So all in all,Tomi forfeits his friendship,annuls the marriage,earns his friend’s eternal hatred,but yay!he gets the girl. *rme*

  • @FunmiFatona

    Baby Bro says i must say sumtin..so here are my 2 cents..lol

    I av a dear friend who’s 25 and a virgin..so they aint that hard to find but the problem is in taking other pple’s virginities, break other ‘chewing gum’ girls’ hearts and expecting to find your precious egg intact. that’s foolish and against the law of karma.

    Tomi should blame it all on the alchohol..lol, take some more and dive off a cliff, cos no matter WHAT, you dnt sleep wt your bestie’s girl or guy.

    Iyanu, well, Iyanu needs some therapy, a trip away from all the madness and good sex with a total stranger when she’s over the Cam heartbreak.

    My humble thoughts…

  • W.

    In my very humble opinion, all three people have some blame to carry. Cameron is the obvious one, incredibly greedy and a hypocrite, after disvirgining plenty men’s future wives he wants a virgin, msssccchhhheeeeewww.
    Iyanu, she is both stupid and pitiable. U hear that this guy is busy stickin his cock into anything that has an orifice, and it hurts you enough to need a shoulder to cry on, not only does she sleep with the best friend, but then proceeds to marry a cheating husband. Couldnt she see the greed?? Even if she hadnt slept with Tomi and was a virgin come wedding night, she would have been destined to a miserable life anyways (unless she could look past the cheating sha). We feel sorry for her because she was hurting when the whole ish went down, so not too much blame for the sexing.
    Tomi, well, I dont blame him too much because its obvious that he wouldnt have done what he did had he not been under the influence of alcohol, but he should have been more careful, any intelligent person will know that drinkin with a lady who is hurting, and who you are attracted to can only lead down one road.
    All in all, CaMORON doesnt deserve her.
    p.s. what is this about yoruba men wanting to marry virgin? never heard that one b4…

  • dea

    i feel sorry for Tomi, d truth will still com out…and as for iyanu, she shd jst move on wit her life widout ny of d 2 men involved cos definately, padis go remain padis

  • jinxchrys

    well cam, you can’t eat your cake and have it. the annoying thing is, he was just interested in her hymen. on another note, death to the extinction of virgins!!!!! #okbye

  • zeezamsays

    See Nollywood abeg,yemi u try lol…..I thnk Iyanu is to blame here,seriusli!coz y in d hell wuld u still go ahead and marry a class A jerk such as Cam?nd den she was d 1 hu invited Tomi over,anoda strike against her,na she bring out d shayo,strike number 3….she knew wat was gonna hapn o,so don’t gimme any bullshit about naivety,sha agro na bastard,d tin don scratch her finish….I’m nt sayin Cam’s not a piece of turd coz he is bt na she gree 4 am…..I’m a gurl bt dats jst my opinion,she shuld jst fashi both of em nd find som1 else

    Oh nd wats dis abt yoruba men?IMO I thnk its d Hausa guys dat r dat hypocritical,bt atleast most of em try to keep dier chastity too so I guess thers a lil balance ๐Ÿ™‚ dats my own 2kobo

  • olly

    Hian!panda n odas can like to take things P..I said alotta NAIJA guys are that way but ESP d yoruba ones..does that mean its every yoruba guy??iv jst observed that most of d guys who are very particular bout virgins are usually yoruba.if ur yoruba n ur not part of them cool..there’s no generalization there its an observation..period.
    Back to d story..I dnt think tomi is in any way a victim!d guy don dey checkout d babe 4m day one!as he repeatedly pointed out hw they have d same taste in women bla bla bla..d babe is in a bad state she might not necessarily want him but at that point she’s upset and angry so obv she’d wanna shag his bestfriend..what’s d bestfriends excuse 4drinking to d point of shagging the babe?

  • olly

    Infact ALL of them are guilty!!even iyanu!all dis silly babes that will stay there and let men do whateva dey want with em and now start cryin about wanting sympathy..after all d rubbish she found out about cam she ridiculed herself n shagged d best friend n still married d cam..she’s a Lowkey Ho (-_-)..either shag his bestfriend n fashi cam or keep ur legs closed,manage d agro n go n suffer with cam..okbye

  • zeezamsays

    Yeah wat olly said,I don’t pity d chik 1 bit 3-| if she was able to keep her V dat long,den her loosing it at dat stage was jst deliberate retardedness

  • Black Rose

    Whoohoo! Yay!! Go Yemi!! *jumping and waving* nice read…thumbs up! U seem to be gettn beter by the day…u kno wat they say bout wine…and yes i’m so inspired by @thetoolsman…i’m tempted to do some writing too…

    Now to the issue in the story…I’ve read the repies and i share a bit of everyone’s thots…but if we think bout it, honestly and truly…why the HECK wud any1 wanna marry a virgin? What’s the Hype in it?

    Apart from it being another point to guys to add to their long list of accomplishments… it’s one heck of a messy job…plus, there’s no gaurantee that she’s rily gonna enjoy sex with u…besides, u’ll also be cheatin her of her right to kno what she wants in bed and wat gud sex is (for those of u that suck in bed and think d best way to worm ur way out of gettn better is marryn sum1 who cant tell the difference)#i’mjussayin#

    As for all 3 of em….they’re all victims.
    Cam, a victim of his ego, selfishness, greed and utter lack of respect for women;
    Tomi, the middleman who became a victim of Cam’s lack of discretion and cheating ways, thus, being made the unwitting villian who actually is a hero…
    Iyanu, the one person i really feel sorry for, because she got caught in a sinister web woven by Cam’s and became the sacrificial lamb who wud bear the brunt of the situation i.e. humiliation…

    Therefore, my take on this is; marry who makes you happy not who the world thinks is ideal for you.
    It’s not always about the past…its the present and the future that counts.
    If ladies decided they wanted to marry only male virgins too, how many guys do you think wud be fit to marry?
    My guess is as gud as yours…almost none!
    So why is there pressure on the woman?
    Some wud say its society; but who makes the laws in society?

    U and I.


  • olly

    Well technically u can also say God and anatomy designed for women to be virgins more than men cuz well females are born with hymens men aren’t born with anythin that could be a tell tale sign of sexual experience
    Personally I think men who want virgins at all cost are mostly insecure.yh its human nature to be possesive n wanna have something no1else has had but heck u marry a woman u get to have her in a way no1else ever had and that should be enough.when a guy is very particular bout virgins he’s probably really shit in bed and just wants a woman that has nothing to compare him to.

  • PE

    God 4bid such best friends that don’t know better than to comfort their bff’s significant other with alcohol involved.

    Dearest Cam, Karma is that B that doesn’t call b4 she visits. Woe betide all non-celibate, non-virgin men looking to date/marry virgins specifically. Selfish much?

    The babe is daft for marrying the dude anyway. Did she think he would CHANGE because of wedding vows? If he disrespected you and you tolerated it while in a relationship, best prepare to wonder where your husband is. If what he values most is your virgin status – sweetheart, you’ve done yourself a disservice. And contrary to the power of alchohol, one does not slip, fall and land on a d**k so o_O. Cut all ties (yes, both men) and keep it moving. Lesson learned.

    I just smh @ the whole thing.

  • mz. kenzo

    Who says Tomi wants to get married in the first place? Yes, sad situation…but I think Cam should get an annulment- because Iyanu’s virginity is probably what endeared her to him in the first place. Sad sad but Iyanu should move on. She deserves better

  • datguytomi

    1st dat Tomi guy n i hv d same name…oh well….oh yeah, d point, dats some really messed up situation rite there, Tomi wld only suffer emotionally 4 a while n its gone, he wld probably meet another woman, marry her n d rest is history, somethng he wld call a bad past, Cam has a good chance of moving on after a while aswell, all d pain 2me is on foolish Iyanus head….she wld feel d pain 4ever….n dont blame it on the alcohol, thngs like dat happen without drinks mehn…..

  • remi olutimayin

    First of all, brilliant piece, Yemi. Couldn’t be more proud of you. Seriously.
    Secondly, it read with earnest appreciation of the dynamics of human relationships (complete with disregard of logic and consequence)
    Thirdly, I think I have a watershed experience that compares, except it ended a bit worse than this…still, real life is stranger than fiction.
    Here’s my take on the story…
    Cam took her for granted, and she wanted paybackm as I say, if a woman wants to get back at her husband, she will have his best friend’s child (a true life exapmle guides these words).
    It would be foolish to believe Cam would stay with her. It also occurs to me that Tomi had thought about it as well and wouldn’t have needed alcohol.
    I’d annul if my wife confessed as well…it’s a sign of failure already.
    Everyone here did the best they could with what they knew at the time.
    The cultural allusions here left me laughing my ass off. I would love to marry a virgin myself, and I freely declare myself not to be yoruba, even when it cost me the approval of the father of the woman I was ready to marry and shape up for (my name? Take it up with those who gave it to me, but this is not about the entymology of my names, still a true Yoruba person would recognise my surname isn’t truly Yoruba).
    I have learned to be forgiving and accomodating by experience and my mom is my example.
    I would say this much…Tomi, Cameron and Iyanu should keep things as they are. The wound to follow full disclosure is enough grounds for homicide under temporary insanity.
    Who are they? Look in the mirror.
    You may argue all you want, those shoes are waiting for everyone who reads this comment (that is if they haven’t worn them already)
    I have forgiven my friend for betraying me, but I can’t stand next to him now. We were close, but he put pussy before our friendship and it hurts. Even now. Good thing he’s in the U.S. Very good thing.
    All in all, very bare nones approach to the human condition…just one question, why Cameron, Yemi? You could have picked Goodluck, sef!lol!

  • Nate Mamman

    Okay, so guys in around looking for somebody that it’ll take 30 minutes, or 1 hour or even 2 months to start the action proper so they can get a trophy or what? Girl is a virgin, big deal. Just means she is inexperienced. The funny thing is the fact that a lot of the virgin seekers are not seeking because of their religious beliefs but because of out-dated and almost superstitious beliefs. It’s almost as if marrying a virgin is a good luck charm or something. The lady is an idiot. I think she deserves what she got. No self-respecting woman should watch her man play around and still happily take him back, unless he has shown he is willing to change. Cam is the worst sort of hypocrite. Guys like him should be taken out and shot. They give all men a bad name, and make our lives miserable because we have to try extra-hard to show that we are not like them. Tomi, on the other hand, has committed probably the worst sin towards friendship. You never sleep with your friend’s girl-friend, sister or mother. And if you find your self in a situation that may turn tricky, you either run away, or call a third party to come over. That way, you prevent anything stupid from happening.

  • Nate Mamman

    Sorry, that should have been ‘guys go around…’

  • notes 'n' tones

    lovely write up… and why VIRGINS pls…..

  • Bolanle

    WOWZA! this situation is too funny..
    Women need to have more respect for themselves. Why did that chic stay with him for so long? Its absolutely ridiculous. Sad thing is too many girls stay in such shit relationships. The dude is obviously twisted. The chic maybe even more so.
    Good story by the way

  • basseyville

    Well I feel sorry for tomi, but as for the jackass cam he deserved what he got

  • Doll

    mennn!!!! yemi u neva seize to amaze me…cam is actually a fool..he cant have it all but his frnd didnt try at all o…there r so many girls out dere…well,neva underestimate d power of shepe in d system…

  • Borg Simmons

    *Well, too bad for Cameron. What goes around comes around.
    **Iyanu…She’s cool for now. And she owes him no apologies (if Cameron decides to flare up). Maybe sue him even.
    **Tomi….as hypocritical as he is now, Guilt haunts him until he spills the truth. Or maybe, he should keep shut…or do something! Jump off an airplane (sky diving)!

  • leesha

    tomi shouldnt call of the wedding. he did it with several other girls while pleading committed to his relationship. she only did it once

  • random

    It’s amazing how everyone is hating on virgins. There’s nothing wrong with them, they are not less desirable because it may take 3 hours to start the action proper.

    They are not less people because they are inexperienced.

    They are different, and whatever their reasons are, let them be.

    No need for all the hate I’m seeing on here.

    It’s the guys that are turning it into some massive deal, not the girls….I don’t know any virgins that are proud of it today…

    Just leave em.

    • The Capoeira Panda

      You know, after seeing this comment, I actually had to go through all the comments again to see where the “virgin hate” was. Nobody’s hating on virgins. This post isn’t even about virgins really. It’s more about guys like Cameron.
      Maybe you need to read through the comments again…

    • Nate Mamman

      Uhmm, @Random, hating? Telling guys that it is no big deal is not hating. It is simply telling them it is no big deal.

  • kokoror

    Nice one Yemi…Ok, I read this story and I laughed ‘cos I’ve seen this happen several times…chic runs to bf’s bestfriend and things happen (coughs)…well, I really think Cam was (and still is) an ass, and what’s the guarantee he won’t keep sleeping around after he takes her virginity (remember his father had 4 virgins, and he might want to be better). Poor Iyanu, give her kudos for waiting so long, but she should have completed the waiting process since she decided to stick with him. Tomi, *sigh* I dunno what to say, I still don’t think shayo is enough excuse sha…he could have allowed her drink, stayed sober to clean her mess up after her ranting session and all this drama wouldn’t have happened

  • samanthasiren

    Wow!!!! Did you ever see the movie, The Best Man?….very similair, story line. I have more to say on this topic, but…between us.

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