First Date Force

No sex on the first date.
That was her rule, and she planned to stick to it.
Although, as Nkem looked at Gboye, driving her home while taking quick glances at her in a way that suggested a whole lot of ideas he had planned for her, she couldn’t wait for the second date to come.
They’d been hooked up by two of their really good friends Remi and Amina. Amina had been so adamant that Nkem should give the guy a chance. She preached on and on about how they had been friends forever, and how he was a nice guy, he had a nice job, and he was so good looking!
She wasn’t wrong there. Gboye had a beautifully crafted face that he’d gotten from being half Yoruba and half Japanese, and through the perfectly fitted shirt and blazer he wore for their date, she could see hints of a body that’d make Tyson Beckford look like a malnourished little boy.
Their date had gone well. He’d picked her up from work, and they went to this nice (but obviously expensive) little restaurant on Akin Adesola called Bonzai.
He was such a perfect gentleman. Funny, charming, and he picked the perfect meal for the both of them.
And then they went dancing at Tribeca. She was so comfortable around him…
First date sex.
He always got sex on the first date. And from the look on Nkem’s face, he was sure he’d be getting some tonight.
The look on her face when she’d seen him was obvious. He knew he was a hot guy. Girls always gave him that look that said they wanted him. Nkem was no different.
But she was so beautiful though. A full C, slim waist, a bum that reminded him of a succulent apple… and she was funny as well.
He took her to that expensive restaurant he only took special girls. He loved going to Bonzai, cos he had the chance to show his Japanese part. The sushi was expensive… And drank the Saki…
They were laughing at each others jokes, she was taking every opportunity to touch his hands. He knew she liked him.
And when they went dancing, she was so loose. Flirtatious looks, Grinding on him till he thought he would cum in his pants. Well, everyone knew that dancing was an easy aphrodisiac …he was definitely getting some tonight.

They got to her apartment building, he said he’d walk her up…
As they went up the stairs, she checked her purse for her keys, he checked his pocket for his condoms…
She opened the door and turned to him. He smiled the most charming smile ever! “I had a good time tonight Gboye. We should do this again.” She leaned up and kissed him. It was an amazing kiss.
“Goodnight Gboye.”
The calm look on his face was weird. “What do you mean goodnight? Aren’t I coming in?” He asked with that charming smile on his face. “Not tonight Gboye. It’s our first date.” She said with a serious look. “You’re joking right? After tonight? Nothing?” He looked shocked. “Goodnight Gboye.” She turned to go inside.
He pulled her back for another kiss… she enjoyed it but, it was their first date.
She tried to pull away. No way he was letting go. Not now.
She pushed away from him. “Gboye st..”
Then she felt it. Her face went numb from the pain. Her knees almost buckled.
The look of shock on her face as he hit her was almost amusing. Did she really think the night could end like that? He kicked the door open and pushed her inside.
She was in shock. She couldn’t believe he’d hit her.
He threw her on her pretty leather couch and pinned her down.
“Gboye what the fuck are you doing?!?! Stop!!!” She was pushing as hard as she could.
He hit her again. And in one motion, ripped her cute lil dress all the way down, and stuffed her mouth with the cloth.
“You really thought it could end like this? After teasing and flirting and turning me on all night? Stupid bitch.”
She tried everything. She bit him, scratched, slapped…
He hit her again. That took the fight from her. He tore her panties of. Pretty… he smiled to himself as he pulled out his condoms. He threw them away…he wanted to feel her.
The feel of him driving into her woke her up. She tried to scream but couldn’t. Not with the cloth in her mouth.
The sound of her trying to scream through the gag made him even harder. He knew she was enjoying it. Even though she was still faking. He could feel her getting really wet.
She was trying her best to push him off. He was so strong. She tried to shout. Tried to hit him. Her hands were pinned down.
And then it got worse. Her body started to respond. It was an agonizing mix between terror, pain, and an unwelcome pleasure.
The smile on Gboye’s once appealing face was all teeth and savage intent. He rammed into her as hard as he could. He was going to…
She screamed and screamed through the gag. She kept fighting, but her body…
And then, at the same time, they came. One in triumph, the other in sheer pain.
He looked down at her with contempt, slapped her softly, and then got up.
“See you next week?” He said as he zipped up. “I’ll call you.” And he walked out.
Nkem just lay there. She had cum. She felt so ashamed… And then, she threw up… with the gag still in her mouth.

Ok, so I decided to write this after yesterday’s scene of The Penis Monologues Remix, where @JibolaL wrote about a familiar rapist. Some people were against it, but some spoke about the babes being too teasing… so I wanna know what you think. Was Nkem too much of a tease? What do you think about Gboye? Leave your comments below please. And of course, you can also subscribe so my posts hit your email as soon as I put em up.

PS, if you don’t know what The Penis Monologues Remix are about, check ’em out on TheToolsman’s blog. I’m on it πŸ™‚ —>
Have a good weekend y’all, and Happy Easter.

About The Capoeira Panda

Panda makes his home in the world of words and metaphors. In the hopes to be more than just a confused blogger, he currently works as the editor for an ecommerce company that was good enough to hire him, and lives with his flat mates & two imaginary dogs who get along just fine. He enjoys reading good books, writing, relaxing with his friends, & poking fun at his mother over the phone. When he's not doing any of these, he sometimes sits back and wonders why anyone expects to learn anything useful about him by reading this bio. View all posts by The Capoeira Panda

88 responses to “First Date Force

  • mexm

    Striking stuff

  • exothermic

    *clapping* no comment… just applause…

  • olawunmi

    Rape. Plain and simple. Tease or not, no is no, and the absence of content = rape. This shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

  • olawunmi

    meant consent*

  • olawunmi

    oh yeah and beautifully written story πŸ™‚

  • Lloyd

    Oh wow.. Nice post Yemi.. Rape is extreme tho. But I wouldn’t blame Gboye.. “Body no be wood”…

    • olawunmi

      you wouldnt blame gboye??? really??? Violating another person’s body, hurting them emotionally/physically just to satisfy konji and your justification is ‘body no be wood’???

    • olawunmi

      You wouldnt blame Gboye??? really??? Violating another person’s body, hurting them emotionally and physically just to satisfy konji and your justification is ‘body no be wood’???

      • kechilauren

        Asin!!olawunmi! Ditto! Noone shd justify rape.its like justifying an armed robber with a phrase like “not all fingers are equal”

    • onyechi olisama

      body no be wood? guy rape a girl. let her sue you, i would like to see you plead to the judge with the excuse say body no be wood!… some things shouldnt be done what the dude did was horrible no try justify am!

  • Hadiza

    This is good, really good. Beautifully written story. There is nothing like too much teasing. As far as she didnt grab his balls and lick them or made an attempt towards oral sex, then there is no excuse. He raped her point blank.

  • donsege

    Nice but sad piece . . . Gboyez fucked tho! hez disgraced himself n his referrer as well. “She wanted it” is no excuse for rape

  • Mo

    Amazing stuff, really!

  • Oreoluwa

    *clapping* Beautiful

  • Dera Meka

    Men are to damn pussy hungry, does it now mean I can’t hang out with my male friends without being raped!!! Their is nothing like teasing to the pint that a woman will be raped PERIOD!

  • nellville

    u definitely are a guy. no girl comes from being raped. never

  • Oreoluwa

    But as far as I’m concerned,Gboye is a rapist!

  • @Jacy_luff

    I luv dis post!! Nice 1!!! Lmao @ “Tyson Beckford lukin lyk a malnourished little boy”. And o yes! This is RAPE!! Jeezzz!! Sum guys cud be animals! Gboye was just too mean..

  • yemmie

    Rape Rape Rape Rape! Dnt see ne1 making tyson look malnourished tho, wen u r nt the hulk. Neway gboye has the M.0 of most pretty boiz, cnt understand wat no means. D fact dt she climaxed doesn’t mke it less appalling. From wt iv heard/read its kinda normal to get turned on(rape fantasies r d rage) an exception cld b where dere’s an actual threat to ur life,if he has a knife or gun n u thnk u r gna die.

  • rockah

    Rape it is! Twas obvious he was gonna get ‘it’ next time bt i guess she sorta took him to d limit with all d flirting nd grinding..

  • meena

    Errr… This is rape! #thatIsAll!
    *no further comments*

    Good story Yemi

  • @Jacy_luff

    And I totally agree with Nellville, a gurl cannot ‘cum’ wen she’s being raped.. It doesn’t happen dat way..

  • Wumie

    Tease or no tease,dat was rape! Nicely written.

  • loba

    I don’t think anyone is arguing it isn’t rape, just that she came.

  • kechilauren

    I can NEVER gv reasons for rape..its wrong shikena.but wht I can’t still get overr is the fact that the stupid GBOYE had the guts to say “see you next week?”And “I’ll Call you”??dude hw can u even stand yourself.:s

    Nice post panda.beautifully written

  • olawunmi

    I am actually quite astonished at the fact that she came, wasnt aware that could happen. Ok this is officially my last comment on this blogpost, make e no be like say I come hijack comments box

  • olly

    There’s no polishin of rape that can make it okay..even when ur body responds..rape is still rape n no she didn’t in any way tease him or ask 4 it

  • ThinkTank

    Excellently well written!
    Hmm. As i said about @JibolaL’s post, Rape is not an option to me though. no matter the tease. Oneyou know you wont get any, that should be the time for sincere prayer or the intense application of vaseline. Not rape.
    But then again, ladies…Why rile a guy up so much only to put him down? I will say to all ladies, fun is good but once you see that look, you know it now, that look of unbridled desire in his eyes, I think its time to have mercy and cool it with the grinding and winding.

    Those are my 2 cents. You can use them to buy pure water if you like.

    3 gbosa for the Panda!

  • Timiq

    Great stuff, yemi…but the level of teasing described definitely wasn’t an excuse for rape

  • SlevinCalevra

    Wow! Grippping stuff. I think anybody who can rape is capable of murder. Its the singular most heinous crime anyone can commit. I’ve heard its even more common than widely reported. Anybody have any stories about a man being raped by a female? I’d love to read about that… Good job Panda!

  • Dantresomi

    Of course she was a tease but that doesn’t mean she was having sex. Of course she flirted but so what? Doesn’t mean she wants to have sex. Just because a girl flirts or is a tease means she wants sex

  • @lagoshunter

    Mhen,I like shagging o but I’m damn too proud to beg or bruise a chick for a fuck. I am unable to relate with these scenerios.
    Thumbs up, loved the twist in the tale……

  • @BelleReveur

    strikingly written piece…the sad thing is that some idiots actually think the woman enjoys the whole thing and is just faking…no amount of teasing or whatever can justify the brutality of invading someone’s body for your own satisfaction…also shows that the ‘perfect gentleman’ might not be what he seems…you never know what’s going on in a fella’s head…smh…

  • layo

    Gboye is just a rapist! Plain and simple.being a tease is very normal with women especially if she likes the guy.Gboye was a little extreme abeg. Hian! Nice post yemi.

  • layo

    P.s he shud be castrated *drops mic*

  • deraflamz

    i agree with Dantresomi; It’s just Rape…the whole teasin and all dint mean sex was callin,even after layin the rule…twas just an addition to make the date a very memorable one

  • Ms Duro

    Engaging read, nice one Panda… (Y)

  • deraflamz

    on the other hand…meeeehn..Gboye was too Haarsh!!!
    It feels alot better and easier when the both are in gud terms for ‘IT’
    ….nice post Panda *thumbs up*

  • Dea

    Rape is Rape…der’s no justification 4 it…n all dt teasing thng has happened evn btwn frnds n der won’t b ny justificatn if one day ur frnd shd hit u n tell u ‘it seemed u wntd it’. N he definitely aint a nice guy, ova confidence n pride self dey worry am! Nice post dough. Brilliant!

  • jadesola

    RAPE IS RAPE!! No excuses BUT I’ll partly blame the chic I’m sorry. Because rape is wrong doesn’t mean ladies too shldnt be careful. You grind a guy until his junior is singing the national anthem, u touch his hands all night making him assume you want him sexually..only some guys fit hold body, just some. My point is we all know rape is bad and if ladies cld doi anythn to prevent it they shld since “rapist” isn’t written on d face of evryguy. Too much of everythng is bad..teasing nd flirting-they send msgs. Its now left for the guy at the other end to inteprete it like an animal or a reasonable fella… So there..My name is Jadesola and I say Rape is wrong and also take a chill pill on the teasing things…

  • jadesola

    And YES!! When Gboye comes next week, there had beTter be PAKUTE(rat trap) waiting for his penis

  • Myt_Sushi

    Yeah, yeah, teasing is no justification for rape…but, well, humans are different. Maybe she smashed his konji meter and he had to…well, do by faya by force and all. But she came….oh, shit. She came. She shudda just acknowledged his konji joor. Not taking sides. Why did he slap her after though? Not cool. Ehen. Are the characters phony? I want the boy if he isn’t. πŸ˜€

  • Myt_Sushi

    Yeah, yeah, teasing is no justification for rape…but, well, humans are different. Maybe she smashed his konji meter and he had to…well, do by faya by force and all. But she came….oh, shit. She came. She shudda just acknowledged his konji joor. Not taking sides. Why did he slap her after though? Not cool. Ehen. Are the characters phony? I want the boy if he isn’t. πŸ˜€ BTW. Lovely story. Luffly.

  • musingsofagidimallam

    omo mehn…from ur part in the PM rmx I knew u wer a bad guy…dis jus confirms it…*enthusiastic applause*…

  • bayo

    Dude.. Nice post mehn. I’m just tryin to picture the whole situation. Gboye wz one konjified person but shldnt have raped the poor girl, despite the activities that occured that night.

  • Chyk El-Farooq

    A semi-chinco rapist?! Gboye badt gan… x_x … Nice post tho (y)

  • Chyk El-Farooq

    & yea, say no to rape!! 😐

  • kyte

    Ok. Ok. Ok so this is what u have been up 2 panda.. Good stuff man but pleas don’t rape anyone (male/female)

  • onyechi olisama

    man that is rape and no doubt about it…yes her body responded, somethings you cant help but the fact is she didnt want it… here in the western world, if you and a girl previously agreed to have sex….and yall have even gone as far as you thrusting into her, if at any time she says its ok, and you continue… thats rape and you going to jail man! how much more hitting her (offense 1), then raping…. omo im go chop a few years for jail live!

  • onyechi olisama

    i made a mistake somwhere… i wrote ”if at anytime she says its ok”…a ”not” is missing there… but anyways nice piece i enjoyed

  • flip

    Gboye was a prick, he would have had it good on d second date

  • freshprinz

    Great stuff Mr. Panda. I’ve got 2 things to say tho. Firstly, there’s no way in hell dat Tyson Beckford can be compared to a malnourished kid, thats just blasphemy. Secondly, I agree with you on the fact that girls can actually ‘cum’ while being raped. Sometimes the body responds instinctively, regardless of whether or not she wants it or not. All in all i think this was an excellent piece, a simple reminder dat not all dat glitters is gold…the truth is dat we’ve let it slide so many times dat its no longer viewed as a taboo, but just a ‘bad thing’. With all this rough sex and S&M ish these days more ppl are beginning to blur that line between fetishes and rape…

  • freshprinz

    …and errh…pls ignore d errhm….’gbagaun(s)’….lol

  • thetoolsman

    Glad you chose to elaborate on this topic… as much as most people on the thread here seem to have come to a consensus, I know there’s still a lot of educating to be done. S&M should not be mixed up/confused/seen as an excuse for rape.
    Good post as always…

  • @deolaaa

    Nice write-up.
    Gboye is a beast…a very ugly one! Nkem was horny too…she wanted to have sex but it took her major strength to say NO, I’ll wait till the second date. What if she teased him? Had this discussion wv my guy-friend and honestly, I’m tired of the society making it look like once a guy has an erection, it has to enter a hole. I mean, blue balls has never killed anybody!!!! Rape can never be justified…even if u sleep with your wife when she’s not willing (I.e if u employ force)! As for Nkem cumming, well, I think its sort of the body’s adaptation to d negative event…cumming is a sign of relief too, remember???

  • enniesams

    Gd writing as usual…..I would love to see u write a book of short stories. keep it up! x

  • remi olutimayin

    Err…hmmmn. Guess he wasn’t dicking around, was he? How does one do that? I watched irreversible by Monica Bellucci and the rape scene kinda got me…what would the word be…furious and helpless. I think the worst part of the scene was when someone walked on screen then walked back.
    Nice one, Yemi. Very human. Very controvertial. Very powerful.

  • chinnydiva

    May otokoto use his penis and that of anyother guy here who’s screaming konji to do kpomo. Mscheeew! Please there is NO justification for raping a girl plain and simple.

    If your konji meter was red to the point of bursting,you can spare 5k to better the lives of them Shes on adetokunbo ademola,while relieving yourself ofcourse. You cannot tell me,the lady who’s blue-balled you is the only one who’l ‘dance patra to your galala’. Dudes please,you should know that someone who can rape a girl is not a REAL man. Yes, a real man will have a girl on her knees begging for some of that magic stick. If you cannot get a girl to like you enough to wanna share her goodies, plix you can like to become gay.


    P.S. A prostitute’s tale won’t be a bad idea.

  • scruffypoet

    Some big and scary issues here. Panda you are a brave writer for tackling this head on.

  • Bolanle alake-apata

    First of all he RAPED her. Imagine if the character Nkem was your sister or better your mother will you still “NOT” blame the Boye character. She said NO. NO does not mean YES. Its absolutely ridiculous to even think that it was her fault. They are both consenting adults. They both flirted with each other. RAPE is a crime. Only the poorest of minds engage in it. The Boye character is every girls nightmare.

  • jeje

    Gboye Gboye, sharp guy who’s unfortunately only as smart as his penis would allow. My guess is, Nkem wasn’t his first victim, he’d done it before and he wsnt used to girls turning him down after a date (first or not). Is he the first guys to be teased and grinded? Afterall, isn’t that the sort of dance guys like? Were they feel like McDon’s behind d babe as she grinds. Oloshi! E hook am abi? To me, he’s even more stupid and dim cos he was going to see her again, and she def would have given him some passionate, sensual, mind blowing, good good loving…… But his erection didn’t allow his -1 IQ to even utilize the 1. There’s no justification joor.

  • @ChiRobirobi

    Chinydiva,Thank u.
    The chic was as turned on as the wanker Gboye was,but she contained her desire because she wanted to wait till she felt it was the right time. Not because she was just a cruel tease,t’was just cos she had na no sex on the first date policy.And Gboye joined in the teasing,he kept his penis within teasing distance,so he wasn’t a helpless victim.

    The next date could have been the next night,it could have been the next noon. But you know most men like to feel that they can control every sexual situation,when they want to shag,they shag!

    The bit about S&M,don’t get it twisted. S&M still needs the consent of your partner,both of you(or three or four of you) have to agree to cross certain lines together and you most times have a safe word to stop you if the other person gets too scared.
    No means bloody NO!! And fucking stop means,Motherfucker,STOP!!!

    The Gboyes of this world are very many,Ιͺ hope none you are unfortunate enough to be fooled by them because they could be anybody,even your best pal or childhood friends. Rape is wrong,let’s never justify it. If u get too turned on,effing Wank,Wanker!

    Nice piece Bruv’,didn’t know you were a writer.

  • samanthasiren

    Wow dude. I’m literally blown awawy. I mean, I’ve seen many writings on this rape subject, but this is just so…..real. Ps- Do you really think a girl can “cum” from unwelcomed pleasure? And if Gboye was as attractive as he’d being described, I don’t understand why he couldn’t just wait. Great job.

  • kaytula

    This reminds me of a scene in ‘for coloured girls’ (lovely movie btw)..people like Gboye end up being stabbed..thumbs up hun

  • yinka

    even if nkem did a sexy strip tease for him, gave him head and then proceeded to lubricate herself before changing her mind and saying no, the idiot should av respected her wishes and left her alone. that was rape. plain and simple. the fact that her body responded does not change that.
    if he’s looking for babes that will sleep with him after he spends money on them he should try sanusi fafunwa and environs… at least those ones will cut out the japanese dinner and save him some change.

  • criistalpure

    Guys please there is no justification for rape. If you possess a woman’s body against her will, it is rape! Tease or no tease!

  • msforbiddenc

    Gboye was hurt cos no one had ever turned him down before nkem did..I guess he couldn’t handle rejection.silly mofo.Girls also need to be careful with the whole teasing thing tho,don’t add liquor to the fire.cos mehn if you get raped u can’t rewind or get unraped..damage is already done

  • zeezamsays

    He didn’t evn use CD!d oloshi jst entered her lyk dat,wat if she’d gotten preggers or if he’d contracted an STD? Wat then? D useless piece of ostrich shit needs to be castrated…nd with slap ontop?choi *biting finger* that’s y I think its inadvisable 4 chicks to live alone,get a roomie abeg,thers safety in numbers

  • comfychic

    That was RAPE!!! Tease or not, he was going to get it anyway so why not wait. Love the post tho.

  • kitkat

    wow! i’m shocked, definitely didnt see that one coming. he’s a savage beast. I’m pissed on Nkem’s behalf lol.

  • loffy

    Nice post…all i can say is Gboye has got zero self control, n if a man can’t control himself, his life’s gon be a total wreck, no 2 ways abt it
    Kip it coming….

  • shadybaby01

    speechless…completely speechless…ur writing skills are imaculate..

  • SoniaofHBF

    Loved this story… loved it… that’s all

  • lady setting P

    Gboye’s a spoilt brat used to having his way cos he knws he’s a fly piece of shit !!! If I was nkem I’ll invite him 4 breakfast “madea’s kinda breakfast” n slice his stoopid brain (balls) wiv a very blunt knife after havn my drugged soup *drops mic*

  • Mike

    Attempted Rape 15years
    Rape itself 25 years in jail
    That is all

  • missforbes

    Gboye is just a Rapist. For Goodness sake if he was smart dre are oda ways u can persuade a girl nd take her 2 ur Bed. It wud ave been honorable if he had left dat nyt nd maybe even com back d follown morning 2 BEG 4 Sex.

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