Summer P Setting 101 (Part 3)


Good morning everyone. Welcome back to SPS101, taught by the School of Play. As always, I’m Professor Panda. Where’s the class governor?? Ehen… @buzzbebe, oya take attendance. You people should settle down jare.
Alright. Last week, Dr. Mrs. Oluwadrake delivered a good lecture on setting P from the ladies’ end. I’m sure y’all learned something.
So, being as we all know how to set P now, it’s time to examine what we do when the P has been set.
Things can always go wrong. And we at the School of Play are here to teach you what to do to ensure nothing goes out of your control (well…erm… okay.)
Anyways, to talk to you about handling unforeseen circumstances, I’ve called upon a very distinguished P setter. One of our great lecturers, Professor MadHaus (@JCphoenixx).
He’s an old man so…he can’t shout too much. Listen up! And take notes!

Handling Unforeseen Circumstances (by Professor MadHaus)

All ‘P’rotocols observed.

Hello humans! Before I begin, I’d like to perform a head count. The world WAS supposed to end last week right? No? everyones here? Shit…bloody mayans. Now im going to have to beg for my job back.
Im Professor MadHaus, I’m going to take your advanced topic in SPS101. I presume everyone here has successfully understood the previous topics? Okay… lets p-roceed.

So the hard part is over. 69% of her followers were trying to get in her pants, male, female and spambot alike. But you were the chosen one. You’ve made the journey from public timeline to her private, direct messaging timeline, and in the near future, you should have yourself tweeting all over her pubic timeline….
Or not.
You cannot claim to have successfully “Set-p” with an individual until you have actually “set-P” IN the individual (get me?). Therefore, you must guard your P with all diligence.. Write this down, “the goal of p-setting is copulation.” Be it once twice or all summer long.
Theres always a risk of something going wrong at the last minute. A misplaced word, an afterthought, unwanted guests, all designed to pour sand sand in your garri. Like we said, “unforeseen circumstances”. Today we will examine a few of these factors…

1. Parents
Scientific name: “Maale and Popsie”.
Threat level- Dangerous.

You’ve done everything right so far. You’ve said all the right things. You’ve set a date, met up for drinks, pretended to be interested in whatever she/he had to say, now its time to close the deal. You get home, skip past the initial “forming” stage, zoom past the awkward “pretending to watch a movie” phase, and you proceed to jump each other and exchange huge slimy gobs of saliva. Now theres clothes strewn all over the floor, and you’re showing her why your friends call you “the sultan of burantashi”. Suddenly the door opens, and you hear a loud voice go “What is going on here?!?”
There are 3 types of parents.

  • The Open minded one: this parent believes that such experiences are just part of the growth of the child, so he will close the door and go to the living room to wait for you two to come out at your own pace. He will ask you questions about your family and school, or work, and if you answer satisfactorily you’re on point.
  • The “prayer warrior”: he/she will rain holy ghost fire upon your family, drag you off his daughter by your ear or member, and kabash the demons out of the two of you, before sending you home with the sting of “abara” buzzing on your back.
  •  The killer: when confronted with one of these, avoid eye contact, and LOSE THAT ERECTION! (its like a red cloth to a bull. Makes them madder) Scan the room for the nearest window or point of exit, and jump out. However, if your goal in life is to die of strangulation, with a woman beside you, then you can chill…(I’ve always wondered… if you take erectile enhancing products like Viagra and stuff, how long after you’re dead would your boner last? But that’s besides the point.)

Nigerian parents generally fall into the latter two categories, so it’s important that you make sure they’re far far away from your activities and… groove on.

2. Demons
Scientific name: “familiarus cockblockerus”
Threat level: Very Dangerous

I mean… What kind of normal human being will be gainfully employed, or happy with life, and agree to tag along with her friend to see a guy you don’t know from Adam? Unless you’re a paid bodyguard, then it makes sense. But even then you have to stay outside…
These demons are just out to make everything awkward and weird. What do you do with them? Do you leave her in your living room while you teach her friend how to dougie? She’s usually ugly and suspect looking, so you don’t even feel safe leaving her alone in any part of your house. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t be allowed in a 12 mile radius of your abode… But then.. things we do for love.. Or lust.
Dealing with a cockblocking demon is easy.
Repeat after me: “Block the cockblocker.”
Every guy should have that one friend that can charm the socks out of anyone. They make fantastic wingmen as they can keep the plus one occupied while you zero in on the subject of your attraction.. Unleash your friend on the demon. Let him keep her occupied, as long as you know you’re going to settle him later (we call it “taking one for the team”). If you’re very lucky, the two could hit it off so well that you have yourself a nice little party going on in your house….. its summer! Groove on!

But Professor MadHaus, cockblockers are not restricted to the babe’s friends o. Sometimes, it may be someone close to you sef. In fact eh, Dr. Skilla (@SheriphSkills) gave a good case study on this last session. Shall I share it with them? Ok.

Cockblocker Case Study (by Dr. Skilla)
So I’ve been tracking this babe for a while, toasted her like bread. As in ehn, if she was actually toast bread, she for don burn. Don’t get me wrong, this babe was a hard nut to crack. Even my nuts went blue from all the times she turned me down. But! After several dates with no action afterwards, I was about to give up till we went to the movies and saw “No Strings Attached” (if you’ve seen that movie, you’ll know there are enough kpoxing scenes in it….I think that did the trick.) I least expected the trick fate played on me when she insisted she followed me home after the movie as she was horny. But just like that, P was set, and the penalty for dulling is death by beheading so…
Fast forward to my house and the room mate is around…*sigh* Richard my room mate was a born again by the way, so I had to device a plan to send him on arodan (journey of no end) … but I was short of ideas, and it was late. Shet. Discharging was gonna be hard. Konji wasn’t smiling at me, and the money I don invest on this babe don dey enter astronomical proportions….o,k maybe I exaggerated but I spend sha. This opportunity just couldn’t fit pass me by sha.
So what to do?
I faked a phone call, saying his “Spiri-Koko” girlfriend wanted to see him for a prayer session at hers, which he obliged sharply as both of them be prayer warriors. My guy left immediately. I locked the door from inside.
The rest day say, is history. The guy knock tire, I just give sound system bele, come form not hearing. It was a memorable gbensh by the way, I wonder why the babe dey hoard her kini sef.
Death to cock blockers.

Alright Prof. MadHaus, as you were saying jare.

Alright, now that Professor Panda has successfully distracted my class *SideEye*, let’s go to the last factor to consider.

3. Husbands/Boyfriends
Threat level: Potentially Fatal

Its not every chick that flirts and plays with you that is single oh. Never assume. It’ll surprise you the number of chicks in lonely relationships with old men or boyfriends that are just looking for excitement. If for any reason you’re Caught in The act with another man’s woman, well… You had it coming didn’t you?

I’m An old man, I can’t lecture as long as I’d like to anymore. I need to use the toilet, so…

Class Discussion: what other unexpected occurences Could Damage your p-setting, and how do you deal with them?

About The Capoeira Panda

Panda makes his home in the world of words and metaphors. In the hopes to be more than just a confused blogger, he currently works as the editor for an ecommerce company that was good enough to hire him, and lives with his flat mates & two imaginary dogs who get along just fine. He enjoys reading good books, writing, relaxing with his friends, & poking fun at his mother over the phone. When he's not doing any of these, he sometimes sits back and wonders why anyone expects to learn anything useful about him by reading this bio. View all posts by The Capoeira Panda

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    Y’all are providing good pubic service.
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    LOL! *furiously taking notes* But wait sha, I think you skipped a lesson, or maybe it was the day I missed class, but sha, I don’t see the issue of how to differentiate between real P and a tease. A really good tease for that matter. Or maybe I need private lessons 😀

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      Just so you know not everyone needs to be serious ok? We all need some homour in our lives and this is perfect…If everything was too serious people like you will need to commit suicide…maybe that’s what you need to do though cos your world is so fucked up.

      This is a good post. It’s witty, it’s funny and interesting..go do something. Pathetic world you got mehn.

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    I assume all 2000+ people that read and publicized were “friends or village members”…no?
    Anyways…on with life…

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      You really had to reply didn’t you? Why did anybody pay the insect any mind?
      BTW I thought Panda and Mantis were on the same team in the movie?

      Oh well!

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    You have bin offered water to quench ur thirst. Avail urself of it,den turn off at d nearest exit and #parkwell

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      I find a blog I don’t like? I close the tab.

      If I leave more than 5 comments on the same post. I guess I’m having all the fun I’m pretending not to have, **amn’t I?

      Cheer up.

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    While I believe everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, we do NOT insult each other here. If you have some sort of constructive criticism to offer, do so in the most respectful way possible.

    These posts put a lot of people through drab/depressing days. Do not come here and pur sand in our garri, biko. Evev though some people *side eye @skilobo* maybe enjoying it.

    You may now want to exit gracefully so we can carry on with our respective lives

    Thank you so much for your cooperation.

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    Deinde my ass,

    I didn’t ask for your lousy review. Go review the lice that clog your brain. Now on the issue at hand, you’ve admitted that this blog is dry – good. We’re on the same page. In the meantime, you can soothe capoe’s already bruised ego. Hehehe

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    Thanks for your co-operation

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    Dear PreyingMantis,

    We have reviewed your case and diagnosed your illness(es).

    1.It is obvious that your funny bone is broken and you are in dire need of medical attention.

    2.It appears you are very thirsty and require copious amounts of semen to calm you down.

    3.X-rays have identified a 2ft stick stuck up your rectum. This will require surgery.

    4.It also seems you are suffering the results of Long-term
    Demonic possession. We will refer you to our specialist Dr. T.B. Joshua.

    Kindly refrain from using your brain for the next few days as it is not working well.

    Thank You.

    Your Physician,

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    By the way, the Awizi guy is pathetic. Talk about low self esteem.

    • awizi

      By the way, you have a real problem…nah, it’s not about the blog anymore…you can carry on with your stupidity it’s fine….

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    The Thrist is so powerful dese days….

    Panda maybe we shuld Living water that quenches all thirst,just like Jesus did..
    Seeing as we r xtains n all..

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    Your gf(nikkyluv) couldn’t make it to class today @preyingmantis(insect) , what a P-athetic case for wrong P setters.

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    @Preyingmantis awww you actually took the pains to read my blog? How so very sweet of you. It may be a load of shit now, but at least it keeps me happy. Nobody was born perfect. Thanks again for reading. God bless 🙂

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    Lmao! Blame everything on witches/wizards including your stupidity (@immortal ode, molt & quack doc) . Capoe..see the kinda audience you’ve got? Guys still breast-feeding

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    As per the blog post loooooool hehehe the poor roomie. Question though if the p matures into a long term r/ship does it have a new name?
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    Interesting post though (Y).

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    Dear God… @PreyingMantis @seun I sincerely apologize for the childish post,You were obviously Disgusted by it. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t insult other people because of my “sins” ejo. E ma binu

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    Because there is no just explanantion.. I have to blame someone or something.. Either a spiritual power or your sad nature. I can bet you’re a dead beat up person in reality. You just have to be a dead guy. Certainly!. PreyingMantis.

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    Funny post. Threat levels – I like. And yeah, death to cockblockers! Excellent lecture. The end was a bit disappointing though but hey, its all good.

    As for the mantis, Haters gon’ hate.

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    Dont feed the Trolls

    Dont feed the Trolls *rocks back n forth muttering*

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    Lol! Dude at this rate, I’ll help you get 150 comments. You can thank me later seeing you don’t deserve it.

    @molt: I’m already an insect, I’m thinking you’re a goat cos of how you bleat & bleat..

    @freshprince: Agbero how far?

    Salute morons!

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  • Oreoluwa

    Nice post,even though I didn’t like the end,@least,I’ve learnt.

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    I think the reason why PreyingMantis posted that initial comment is; he doesn’t think the “p-setting” and lectures are “grown-up”or necesssary or funny. They seem almost high-school like..But then again, the writer(s) and the readers are just here for a laugh innit? The problem now is, preyingMantis doesn’t seem to think it’s anything to laugh about or even blog I right Mr Mantis?

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    *Picks up mic and says*…..

    “The closest relatives of Preying Mantises are termite and cockroaches” This is a Zoological fact, not my opinion” #Random

    End of Discussion

    *Drops mic and tries to hop away but can’t because I am human……#Sigh

    • lagoshunter

      *Picks up mic and says*…..

      “The closest relatives of Preying Mantises are termites and cockroaches” This is a Zoological fact, not my opinion” #Random

      End of Discussion

      *Drops mic and tries to hop away but can’t because I am human……#Sigh

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    @adedoyinhazel: You’ve got my attention

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    Protect us from d Thirst dear Lord *shakes shekere*

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  • cecenostockings

    @JC it ranges from 154 – 159. Depends on where you go to change it.

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    everyone is entitled to his/her opinion btw; no need insulting one another ……

    but this is funny tho; ladies u better watch out! all those sweet words/gifts are usually for “that thing that thing” LOOL

  • bykerboi

    @prayingmantis: cheap publicity, though I must say it seems to be working for u. From obscurity to d limelight on someone else’s blog. Nice feat.
    If it appears a juvenile read to you, d mature thing to do would be to leave it to those who enjoy it rather than hurl insults. Ironic.
    To everyman his own

    Love d series by d way

  • PreyingMantis

    At ‘Okadaboi’: It’s PreyingMantis moron. Copy & paste

  • thetoolswoman

    Ok, ok! @Preyin Mantis, obviously u’ve got issues wit Panda, obviously God hasn’t been answering ur ‘prayers’ too. My advice, post ur nxt comment wit ur real name n let Panda kno who d hell u r cos comin up here 2 act stupid is soo uncool and iThink iAm sure dat I know dat d preying mantis ain’t a stupid insect!
    U serzly went on Toolsman’s blog 2 do same?? Abeg, abeg leev my fav writers alone! U berra don’t let me c u on 360nobs!
    U shld av died on May 21st!

  • PreyingMantis

    Rotflmao!! This old hag toolswoman is defo on her period. I’ll spare you just this once.

    • Dr. McLovin

      Dear PreyingMantis,

      Please come back to the hospital. You are suffering the results of anorexia induced foolhardiness and dementia.

      Please come back before it is too late. Unquenched thirst kills.

      Dr. McLovin

  • bykerboi

    @prayingmantis if picking your onscreen name “preyingmantis” was an attempt at d correct spelling of the insect’s nomenclature, it sure does leave a lot to be desired.
    Besides u couldn’t say anything constructive other than try to give me “spelling lesson”. Well I didn’t expect any less.

  • wummydero

    Am late doe buh…..erm erm…

  • musingsofagidimallam

    Bwuahahaha…d stupidity of som peeps is jus unbelievable mehn…but hey don’t blame him…d male members of his species are afraid to set P…cos once copulation is finished d female eats d male…guess dat’s y he’s so cranky…talk about Sahara level thirst mehn…na oceanic quantity of sprite d dude need…
    We aint sayin don’t criticise…by all means do…but let’s at least kno ur brain is still within operational limits…*drops mic n picks up his flute of shilled Zobo Imperial*

  • Timiq

    The Prey got one thing right though…If not that the Panda and I live in the same “village”, I wouldnt hav found this blog…
    But that’s where it ends
    Panda: Great Blog *eagerly awaiting next week’s class

  • Seun

    Can’t help but be baffled at the thought pattern of Awizi. Too lame to be here.

    Way too many drinks are being served here.

  • Seun

    And that @Ejiro_sugar copying comments from ere to paste on twitter; what are you trying to fuel?. We need a waitress here to serve drinks. You’ve been selected.

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  • Tohbad

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  • Vice Principal

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    I don’t even know where to come in. Whether I’m suppose to comment on the post or the trending issue at hand.

    @PreyingMantis, you’ve a point about the ‘everybody blogging’, but you picked on the wrong post. This is a nice post & it has humour in it.

  • Nennynina

    Nice post guys. It was funny. I don’t like the ending oh. 😥 😥 I want more. 😥 😥 . Bros preyingmantis, how far na? Here, have some chilled alomo. U need it.

  • gchild01

    *PicsupMegafone* “Silence evryone!!! I’m trying 2 study here” *dropsMegafone* & *picksupKasaprenkofrmUnderlocker*

  • fido

    I only read toolsman’s blog so I am not much of a fan of it but I had a good laugh reading this.. Will have to peg urs too! Keep it up

  • bigsheg

    WOW!!!!!!!!! #Darisall

  • gchild01

    But really, this is by far the funniest piece i eva read, comments inclusive.Ʊ guys just made my evening,i don’t nid À beer,I’m fine now!tank Ʊ everyone!!!*leavesClass*

  • zoe

    =)) bookmarked!!!!!

  • peacemaker

    *sprinkles holy water, wyl doin d cross sign* it is well wit all of u in Jesus name… 😀

  • Griffin

    Its been quite entertaining reading this post. Unfortunate that all the laughter is to some extent fuelled by the comment section fight. The end was underwhelming and I sure hope its becuase there’s a ‘part4’. In my opinion, its not a bad read. PrayingMantis is probably sitting in front of his screen laughing his head off cause he’s managed to rile up a few people (that to is entertainment). *looking at all sides* I wouldn’t take all the cussing seriously. Let’s keep it strictly on the post guys. Nothing more. Deuces!

  • masonicnerd

    *pushes everyone into pool*

  • Frankie

    @Dr McLovin U r brilliant.. #iRepSouth..
    @Lagoshunter LMAO….. U r hilarious..
    @Panda Sweetie, is dere a way to detect “kill joys” or mre like “blog insects”?? Pips jst like to spoil mood sha..*hiss*
    @Jc Totally rockn write up bt d endz dull.. Hope derez prt 4.. 😀
    Btw, dis is general, ur eida leavin a sensible comment, positive comment, or wateva.. Jst dnt cme here nd leave comments dat portray d level of ur idiocy.. Its not needed…

  • kitkat

    cockblockers? Dead!!
    Nicee post. I enjoyed every bit 🙂

  • terdoh

    YO! It’s about time I commented!! Hehe. *stops applause with a wave of the hand*

    *sigh* Yes, I have evaluated the misyarns that have happened to flow from the different quarters. I see. Ahem. Yes. So stupidity has been displayed in the comments in different forms;
    1. Dumb
    2. Very Dumb
    3. Blonde
    4. WTF?
    5. Preying Mantis

    It so happens that there has been a misplacement of priority. I think the IQ of individuals should be tested and only people who qualify as “Homo Sapiens” *adjusts glasses* should comment. No humans with an IQ comparable to winter temperature (below zero) should be allowed here.

    And definitely no insects!

    That aside, I think the post is a lovely post! Great word p-lay, and I think the ending just paves way for a sequel. I think. Good job y’all. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you guys!

    (Sorry for feeding the troll y’all. oh! And Dr. McLovin, God bless you men)

    Thank you and #ThatIsAll. 🙂

    *puts mic in pocket and joins skilobo for sip shekpe*

  • D Fiddler

    Very entertaining read. JC, u’v amazed me yet again wit ur sense of humor.
    As for Dr. McLovin, it’s obvious u belong 2 d group of ppl dat thrive excellently under pressure…Hilarious diagnosis & on-P-oint prescription, if only insects could ingest medication dat easily.
    Oh well, I def had fun reading thru dis post…expect a follow up….& would strongly advise against erroneous & involuntary stumblin in2 posts designed 2 stimul8 laughter while in search of deep, dark & boring reflections of twisted minds…in d future.
    *opens mic & removes battery*

  • lasgidiboi

    Rolling beneath Earth’s surface…laffing its core out 😐

  • DrUncle

    so wen part 4 dey commot?

  • terdoh

    Yeah! Encore…Encore…Part Four…

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  • H.A.W

    LMAO… this is something else.. these comments.. lol…

  • Sir Farouk

    Lol! This series is hilarious, read all three at once. good job guys!

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