Introspective Blogging: The Sixth Sense

They say that people lacking one of their five senses, usually find ways to make up for the loss. Sorta like developing a sixth sense. Like a blind person usually has a well advanced sense of hearing and smell. Or a deaf person may have a keen sense of his surrounding all the time.
I think this kinda relates to everyday life. When you lack something critical, your subconscious will somehow or the other, attempt to find ways to make up for the lack.
Sometimes though, you wish you didn’t have that added ability. Cos all it does is give you one extra outlet for worry. Of course, I’m speaking in abstracts. I do that a lot.
We’re missing something very important. And on my end, I’ve subconsciously developed abilities that I never had before. Like a deep feeling that lets me know that there’s something wrong, even when nothing’s said. Even when nothing’s done to show it. Sometimes of course, my extra sensory perception turns up wrong. But that’s a rare occurrence. I don’t even have to see her face, or hear her voice. I just know that there’s something wrong.
Problem is, being the kind of person I am, I don’t wanna bring it up. I hate sounding like I’m complaining or whining. I’m just not that type of guy. So I just wait it out. Wait for her to come back to me.
But the waiting kills me.
Ah well… I have work to do… spent the whole day working on an interview for a job I’m really hoping I get. So I need to study.
Anyhow… so tell me. What about you? Have you developed any new ability in relation to him/her?
Am I overthinking things? Or should I just talk & stop this my Stoic silence thing?
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10 responses to “Introspective Blogging: The Sixth Sense

  • cecenostockings

    I have a very acute sense of smell. It’s how I recognise people since I’m dangerously close to blind. In relation to him/her? I’m not sure I understand.

    • The Capoeira Panda

      Your dangerously close to blind? Sounds a little extreme “In relation to him/her,” I mean something that’s developed because of someone special. You dig?

      • cecenostockings

        Maybe I exaggerated a little 🙂 but, I’m extremely near-sighted. Almost can’t see anything unless it’s right in front of me. Don’t think I’ve developed any special senses because of anyone though.

      • The Capoeira Panda

        Lol. I guessed as much.
        To clarify tho, I’m not necessarily talking about a physical sense. It could be mental or …. whatever.
        And about the sight thing, you do wear glasses/contacts right?

  • cecenostockings

    Too scared to try contacts. I’ve always wanted to though. Don’t do so well with glasses. They keep breaking 😦
    Does being able to sense when someone isn’t being completely honest count?

  • Nerdy

    my best friend says i hear things (that’s her way of explaining my extraordinary hearing 🙂 )
    But apart from that i almost always know when something is wrong with someone I love. For example the day my grand ma died, I was unexplainably ill all day, same happened with my grand dad.

  • musingsofagidimallam

    It’s funny how ideas hit different people at the same time…was thinking of putting up a post on something related to this a couple of days back.
    Well…I’ve got incredibly good sight and hearing…and I’ve also got a sixth sense…can’t really describe it…let’s just call it intuition…For example, I sleep in buses a lot (ehen why r u now looking at me like dat)…and almost always (altho I can’t remember any time it hasn’t happened), just before the bus gets to my stop, I wake up…without anybody’s help. There are other examples…but you get my drift. I guess it’s just about discovering and training it, like you train your other senses. Besides I don’t have a “HER” so I know it isn’t cos of anybody special.

  • loba

    You should talk to her. That said, I used to have a great sense of intuition; I usually know what’s wrong or good for me. Lately though it has gone bonkers and if I think terrible things about something I want so badly it goes well for me and vice-versa( don’t know if u get what I’m saying). But I don’t have that special someone that hones in the intuition skill.

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