An Unspecific Love Poem

I’m supposed to have been studying. But instead, I decided I haven’t written poetry in a long time. So I started writing a love poem.
A friend of mine sent me something last week. I was supposed to put it up. But I’m still wrapping my mind around it. You’ll understand when I finally put it up.
This poem is for… well, you know it’s for you sha so…  yeah.

An Unspecific Love Poem

I wanted to write down words about how your smile could realign the stars
And how the light in your eyes shines bright enough to discover life on Mars
…..but that didn’t make any sense.
Then I wanted to tell you how your voice could make the Sirens take a ship and crash it at the reefs of your shore
And how your beauty could make even Helen turn lesbian, pick up a sword and lead the Trojan army into war
… but that seemed a little far fetched.
What I think about you should never be so complex like the theories of relativity
Or trying to understand God and the concept of eternity…
See, I understand that what we have is the way beauty is meant to be.
Uncomplicated, amazing, unspecific…simple.
Simple like, a teat question being so easy, at the end you write a little “qed” kinda simple
Simple like, tracing my finger across your cheek and kissing your dimple kinda simple
Simple like, you telling me how much you love my big head
And yours may not be very big, but it sure is stubborn. You’re like a pretty Aries sometimes. A stubborn little goat…even though you’re a Scorpio
And then I tell you how much I like your long legs.
And your reply is “you’d better like them.”
Well… I do.
I like the way you sing for me, like you were at a concert and I was the thousand person audience.
I like the way you call me and yell “boooskiee!”, like some razz little munchkin.
I like the way you yawn, like a little baby and say “baybee …I’m sleepy.”
I like how you laugh when I get stuck telling a joke, cos i didn’t quite think it through
I like how you know that at the end of the day, for me, there’s only you.
And it’s true…only you.
You…you make me wanna sell all my worldly possessions so I can have enough money to take a pilgrimage back in time and go worship at God’s temple
And tell Him thank you, on the day your mom and dad had sex, and you were conceived.
And I know the thought of your folks having sex creeps you out
But that was what produced this creature …
Sexy, full of intelligence, beauty, difference…
Different. You stick from the crowd like a dandelion in a rosebush.
And if you were that dandelion, I’d pick you from that rosebush and wear you on my jacket lapel
To tell the world I know what real beauty is.
Or maybe I could stand on a street corner, telling every Tom, Dick and Wasiu how amazing you are.
You’re like, the very peak of the bell curve of a graph for what amazing would be
You’re amazing like, an MTN customer never having to complain about network failure.
You’re like, the very idea of a four minute orgasm
With multiple spasms, much more than the mind could try to imagine…
I’ve thought of how best to end this
To tell you how I feel, to drive my point home…
But where my pen ends, my actions continue
So how about we live out this unspecific love poem?

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