Time for Therapy


I’m officially sick and tired of being unable to write.

That being said, I’ve decided to try out some suggestions on how to move on. One of those suggestions, is the one that I keep giving to MsPanda to help with her own writer’s block, which is to write. No matter what it is, just write.

Now to do this, I’ve decided to wear my Last Carrier’s Badge in all humility, and join the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Therefore, from tomorrow, I’ll be posting everyday for the next 30 days. Hopefully, that’ll stir me up to write once more. I’ll also be writing other things as the feeling hits me. There’s two short stories buried in my soul that I want to write. As well as one story/poem in response to something CeceNoStockings wrote a few months ago.

I’ll also be putting up more posts from Remy’s “Fourth Day” book. It’ll be a bit more regular now.

Anyways, that’s about it.

Also, Decades, of which I am a co-writer started on AfroSaysToMe on Wednesday. If you haven’t checked it out already, please don’t dull.


NerdyChique and I were playing about with some micro poetry the other day. If she’ll let me, I’ll put it up for y’all to read in a few.

Okay? Okay then…

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Panda makes his home in the world of words and metaphors. In the hopes to be more than just a confused blogger, he currently works as the editor for an ecommerce company that was good enough to hire him, and lives with his flat mates & two imaginary dogs who get along just fine. He enjoys reading good books, writing, relaxing with his friends, & poking fun at his mother over the phone. When he's not doing any of these, he sometimes sits back and wonders why anyone expects to learn anything useful about him by reading this bio. View all posts by The Capoeira Panda

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