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Four months ago, a new show started in the US called Game of Thrones. It was a TV series based on the first book from a series of epic fantasy novels called A Song of Ice and Fire by an amazing writer called George Martin. Now, as I started watching the show, it was really interesting. In fact, I prefer to say it was really amazing. The anticipation and shit… it was really good. I was also interested in how much the TV show followed along with the book. And according to people who had read the books, Brian Kirk had done a pretty neat job. Albeit, he skipped out on some minor details and things, he basically managed to keep the storyline in check and didn’t mess things up. Hearing this, I was only able to think of one thing:


Yes. Fuck Ted Raimi, the retarded sack of half eaten kolanut who created the TV travesty that the world came to know as The Legend of the Seeker.

You may have heard of it. It went on for two seasons. Two seasons in which that failure called Raimi managed to destroy one of the best fantasy stories I have ever read.

And that is the point, The Sword of Truth series, Books 1 & 2 from which Legend of the Seeker *spits* was adapted, is probably my favorite book set ever. And I know that I’m meant to write on one book that I love, but it’s my blog so take it like that.

Truthfully, I don’t know what precisely I’m meant to write, or what lessons I learned from the books that I should write here, but that’s a book (or books in this case) that I love. Yes I’m being lazy. Bite me.

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6 responses to “From Book to…

  • dtwistednerd

    still haven’t started Game of Thrones…that’ll be later in October when i graduate:).Seeker wasn’t so bad tho i haven’t read the books tho.u know..the first thing on the producers’ minds is ratings.that comes before ‘being true to the original books’.most adaptations are like that i guess.

    • The Capoeira Panda

      Bollocks my darling. Wizard’s First Rule (The book the first season was meant to be based on) as well as the remaining 9 books, were perfectly capable of being converted to shows. The plot was fantastic, and everything was well crafted. The show was utter crap, and was shut down before the end of season two. Just goes to show.

  • dipti

    *bites you (hard)*
    Errrr, I’d have to say Harry Potter! (Hope we’re allowed to pick movie adaptations too 😀 )

  • Moh

    God bless you panda,that bastard should be analy raped by cerberus for what he did to “the sword of truth books”.
    I hope they’v shut him down tho n I mean permanently.

  • monteaguh

    The Sword of Truth Chronicles is an excellent read any day, I devoured all twelve books during my NYSC and was greatly disappointed by how the legend of the seeker series made it a puppet’s show. Good to see someone who has read it too and has the same views I had, I’ve begged my friends continually to read it and they declined. As for A Game of Thrones, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the way certain phrases were used exactly as they appeared in book 1. Can’t wait to see what is made out of the other four books.

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