Fourth Day: Chapter Two (III)

Hey everyone, so here’s Section III of Chapter Two. If you’re not up to date with Fourth Day, CLICK HERE to get in on everything.




The leader of  House Tin’has was an arrogant, bold, and clever old one called Baru. Baru had developed an ‘earth-shifting’ style and based his house on it.

He stood looking at the formations of the acolytes and turned to his Lieutenant to say, “Let us begin harvesting the slaves.”

The people from the 12 villages were hiding in the hill sides, monitoring for slavers from behind the trees. They sat pensive and hopeful, and then it happened.

Someone disappeared in mid-scream. A mother screamed and her own scream was cut off. Then a village headsman saw the earth literally rise as a man-sized beast, then swallow a man, only to dive back into the earth, like a fish that just escaped a fisherman’s grip. The headsman did not delay.

“Run to higher ground!!!”

It wasn’t enough. As they fled the beasts would rise higher than a man then fall on the nearest victim and fall into the earth to vanish.

Nedeseh noticed Nda Waniko give a start.

“You might be right, boy. They’ve already started claiming slaves.”

The Long-Shadow king became visibly angry. Visibly so because his green flames went through the spectrum of light. Then the Stranger showed up.

“Calm your nerves, everyone. My King, Ashket sends his warmest regards.”


“No. But the fact that I mention it suggests the ‘high regard’ I have for you. By now you would have noticed their intentions for you.”

The Long-Shadow King laughed so loud, it sounded like the wail of the undead. The Stranger and Nedeseh noticed it wasn’t laughter.

“My King!! What do you see?” the Stranger suddenly asked.

“They have allies. I know my guards haven’t a chance against them. I think I don’t have long enough.”

He turned to his Long-Shadows,”It seems our servitude is nearer its end than ever before! Let us spend our last moments well!! Kill as many as you can!!!”

Nda Waniko was about to follow when he asked the Stranger, “Where is Nedeseh? Where is the boy?!”


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