Four Seasons (Part Two)

So… I think I’ll put another one up now. I’m moving about a lot so I can’t write right now but… soon enough…

My Second Season was in October of the same year. We met in August and the first three dates were great (I’d never had a hitch free date with an ex before), I was excited about meeting this great guy who got jealous each time he saw a guy give me the eye and he’d kiss me as a way of saying….. ”hands of dude! She’s my chick”. It was sexy and sweet and at first I wasn’t really thinking about getting into a serious relationship (Hell! I just celebrated my emancipation from the bondage I called a relationship)…. but it all happened so quickly and we became a couple. As the days past and weeks went by, things started changing, he started acting up. He was fast falling in love and losing his freedom as a single, unattached guy, which put him on edge cos falling in love wasn’t in the sketch for him. He craved space and he wasn’t sure if he wanted me to stay or go. According to him, he needed some time to sort out issues he had with his family. His “un-official” ex (they didn’t break up, she kinda relocated, and they became ex’s by default) had been calling him, she wanted him back, she wanted in again and I didn’t know how I was going to handle and compete with that….i wasn’t going to get entangled in any love triangle of any sort. He wanted me to lay low while he sorted out these numerous issues, sort of like… be in limbo or oblivion… I just couldn’t do that, waiting for a man to decide if he wanted me or not. I remember vividly the scenario that night, I opted to leave, to make it easier for both of us and he asked if during the period, he could still call or visit perhaps when he needed me. “No!” was my answer. So  I told him not to let me go cos I knew the moment I walked out the door, I was never going to come back. We held each other, we cried but I knew it was over for me. That night, we made love like never before and it was awesome! We sort of, bonded for the first time, our hearts, our bodies, our souls… it was a movie.
On my way home, a part of me knew it was over; the other part wished it lasted longer. Anyways, I didn’t cry, I couldn’t cry. He called three days after to say he wanted me back…  It was too late, I was already far too gone.

And so went Season Two.


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