Fourth Day: Chapter Two (X-XII)

*Dodges slippers and rotten tomatoes*

Yes, I know that I’ve slacked a lot with Fourth Day. I sincerely apologize. It was caused by a mix of internet connectivity issues and a touch of my usual laziness. Which is why I’m repenting of my sins once more and humbly promise to try to do better.  I’m giving y’all a bit right now, and then I’ll put up some more tomorrow. Which is when it’s meant to actually be up. Remember, if you’re not familiar with Fourth Day, you can simply catch up by clicking this link.

Now, let’s go on.


“I was promised an impossible death.” Baru said, with resignation in his voice.

Tears were already gathering in his eyes from looking at Nedeseh.

Nedeseh’s appearance began; a transition back to his original form.

“Rogobaresth!” He said,” He must have been promised you. Make good of it.”


Rogobaresth is an entity known my many names and many forms. His most popular form is that of the Leviathan because that is what most men could relate with. Many have assumed he was the last dragon. Only few are privy to the truth of him. He is a form of judgment, a form that even karma pales to in comparison. He does not care for the individual acts of men, or of groups of men to other groups, he does not look at a generation as good then another as evil. Every generation of ‘life’ has evil that the earth trembles under. That trembling is Rogobaresth and he is the earth waiting to consume the world upon its back. When he consumes, none can record what he did or how he did it for any man who looks upon his power is in danger of staying mad…but they all run mad. They all run mad.


Baru suddenly found himself alone again. The earth giant stooped over to see if it could find a corpse among the charred point of impact from its blow. If found nothing.

Baru then felt a burning sensation that housed itself in his breath, his life. He tried to speak, but he cried out with a violence that dwarfed the earth-giant’s blow. His cry called to the true earth beneath the earth. Men call it Lava, and believe that volcanoes are the only things that Lava forms as outlets. They are spared of the truth. Rogobaresth is the culmination of Fire and Earth and Water and Air. Fire is how he burns, Earth is where he gets his form, Water is how he moves and Air is how he keeps on burning.

A black dragon, with scales of burnt earth that revealed lava through cracks, eyes that were iron and fixed on the source of the cry that called him, it literally swam as if in water, out of the earth, towered the Earth Giant, only to curve back and dive to Baru’s unfortunate army.

As it touched the head of the earth-giant, the dragon became lava and washed the earth-giant. Baru screamed even harder, and the flood of fire intensified. The sky took on a red hue with a tint of fire orange and those being shielded by the Emptiness acknowledged that what he did was right. They could not imagine what was happening and the did not want to for a sense of dread that hides in the primal nature of man came to the surface with such suddenness, grown adults cleared their bowels and bladders without seeing what was happening.

Only the Long-Shadow king and the Emptiness could see…and discuss.

“So the boy found Rogobaresth?”

“Yes. When I told him to take the powers of the elementals, I knew it would only be time before he would come to a conscious state and speak to the key of the day.”

“That boy became a key? For how much longer? I am yet to hear of or meet a key powerful enough to survive Rogobaresth for a week. And they were before and during my time.”

“Really?”, said the Emptiness, “Well, you will hear of one today.”

The Long-Shadow king stood in silence for a few seconds as the earth giant’s true situation was being revealed. It was being eaten. The power that kept it together was being eaten, not as a beast would consume prey, but as a man would take his time over a meal…with contemplation.

“He did not need to strike at me, Emptiness. Where do we replenish my host of guards?”

The Emptiness smiled and said,” Well, I spoke with their king and he gave permission…”


So, with this tidbit, am I forgiven? Thank you. I’ll also be putting up the next part of “Four Seasons” in a few minutes. I’ve got a bit of work to do… gotta earn my keep.

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