Fourth Day: Chapter Two (XIII)

Hey y’all. So here’s the final section of Chapter Two of Fourth Day. I like how it ends. Hope y’all do too.

I’ve been reading into Chapter Three… Woohoo… that’s all I have to say… 🙂

Remember, if you’re not familiar with Fourth Day, you can catch up by clicking HERE


Rogobaresth discovered he was getting weaker as he got to the core of the Earth-giant. Baru had been brave. He knew the harder he screamed, the more intense the deaths of his men.

Nedeseh walked around the parts cooling on the almost dead and cut 3 stroke tattoos where he could see flesh.

Baru could tell the lava was almost on him, he kept his cries and breathing to a bare minimum, his muscles flexed as a means of doing the screaming for him. The claws of the dragon held the earth giant in a firm grip as its body coiled round it so its head could find delicacies among the men in its different parts.

Nedeseh then appeared before Baru and cut 3 tattoo strokes deep and quick.

“You have realized that I had passed on the power of the dragon to you. You decided you were its prey so you did not try to sway it from its course of action. I thought I would tell you this before I tell what I just did to you and most of your men here.

“You struck down the long-shadow guard. You will replace them; you, your sons, and your men.”

Baru narrowed his eyes at Nedeseh then laughed,” I know this much. You need the permission of my king.”

“Ashket gave it. In fact, he suggested it.”

Baru felt such a fury at the deceit that he gave a roar intended to match his effort at bringing Rogobaresth under his control.

All it did, all it was ever going to do, was bring a final wash of red and orange fire over him. Nedeseh never left his side. He was focused on the life in Baru and he took it with all his knowledge, experience, and skill with earth. The 4 elements were his again with the knowledge of how an earth-giant is brought into being…so much more.

Rogobaresth had lost his form when Baru died, but he had not lost his consciousness.

Boy. What is your name?


Nedeseh. I will remember that. So, will you try to master me?

“Only fool will try that. I will pass on the powers.”

And keep none for yourself?! Did you not feel the true power of the universe when I raised myself from the bowels of the earth?!! Did you not want to keep it?!!!

Nedeseh smiled and said, “Older and wiser men than me never made peace with the impossible. It is impossible to see such power and let it go. It is impossible to believe you can get it back once you’ve given it out. It is impossible to believe you won’t need it.

“I, Nedeseh, made peace with the impossible and do it at will. For it made peace with me as a child. There lies my peace of mind, hold on myself, my strength, Rogobaresth.”

We will see.” said the great dragon as the volcano died and unmade itself in the wake of his path to where it slept.

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