Fourth Day: Chapter Three (I-III)

So, we start up Chapter Three of Fourth Day. Remember that you can catch up with all the entries in Fourth Day by clicking HERE.




In the Sahara desert, a Bedouin girl – a sand-sprite – was being punished for speaking of a lie of meeting a boy of the Sudan and playing with him rather than capturing him so he could be sold as a slave.

She tried to explain to her mother that the boy was unlike anything she had seen, or even been told of. But they didn’t understand. They were never able to. And two years after, she was used to being put down as lazy, stupid, slow…but for peace of mind, she would replay how they chased each other in a dance that men pretend at in dreams.

She was not confident at sparring and she was often pushed in to the circle to get beaten down as the others would look and laugh.

Today she pretended to be on some mundane task while she day-dreamed of the boy. And he was suddenly before her. She did not jump. She reached out to touch him. He did not flinch. He reached back to her.

“This…this moment is worth all the abuse and insults I have received from speaking of you.”, she said with tears surfacing unbidden.

“Then you must not speak of me. I…have thought often of you as well. I have something for you. I knew I could trust you when you did not harm me that night. I cannot think of anyone else. It is the…”

“I will keep it safe.”

They didn’t know when they kissed.


They heard when someone called out, “Amina!!”, Nedeseh rolled the both of them into a shadow and they rolled out from behind a rock on a mediterranean beach.

They spoke of things that are silly, but love adds a certain gravity, makes what is unsaid, understood.

They spent the night talking and talking and talking and when it was almost dawn, Nedeseh was about to give her the power of Earth, when she said something that revealed she had aged under abuse as he had under power.

“I want you to ‘root’ it in me.” she said to him.

He was about to ask for her certainty and she kissed him fiercely as she raised her skirts while putting her arms round his lower back.

He let his clothes fall through him as he pushed himself into her firmly. They swam into each other as true lovers do, nothing understated, no reserve, no doubt, and no fear.

They travelled through each other’s memories and powers, then travelled up the falling rain into the thundering sky. When they reached the azimuth, Nedeseh couldn’t stop giving and Amina could not stop taking.

When the Earth power went into her, it rooted itself as a child in her womb. It caused a rumble that was gentle her but it quaked the earth beneath the sea.

Nedeseh could not hold back. Water then followed, as it rooted itself, the clouds grew stonger, thicker, and the sea rose to meet them as a hurricane being born.

He let Wind go into her and gently let them both down to the beach.

Rogobaresth stirred and asked, “Another key is being formed?”

Nedeseh shook his head and said,”Fire will not be her curse.”

“Ah! Well, I’m patient.”, was the reply that rumbled from the depths of the earth.

He lay his head between her young breasts and said,”I agree that you will be queen. I cannot rule beside you, Amina. I have a responsibility that even love cannot bridge…as we would like.”
Amina replied in a tired whisper,”I know. I understand. Our sons will not have to suffer knowing what you must become.”
She had seen what he was going to become, even when he could not. This has always been the way with women and the men they are meant to be with…even when they can’t be with them.
The Emptiness watched from a distance.
“Well. This is different. The impossible really has made peace with him.”

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5 responses to “Fourth Day: Chapter Three (I-III)

  • ibetapassmynebo

    “Root” it inside me. . .
    Owu ya nu!

  • Nimi

    Wow!!! This is some crazy ish. I wish I read this when u were done with the whole thing. Well done Remy & Panda, try not to keep us in so much suspense. U can like to post everyday…

  • Tori

    Very good writing. I have to go n read d others to grab d context, but from what I’ve read, it’s an intriguing story.

  • auria78

    @ Nimi, my name is actually Remi. Remi Olutimayin.The book will be posted in full before new year’s day, so keep posted.

    @ibetapassmynebo If you and your mate are set to have children, by instinct you know you have to root it inside.

    @Tori thank you for the compliment. Believe me when I say there is so much more to look forward to. I prepared this story the way a chef prepares a 5-star meal…carefully. Intelligence will not be insulted. Mind’s will e entertained.

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