Fourth Day: Chapter Three (VI)

Sorry it’s late y’all. Here is Section VI. If you’re not up to date with Remy’s Fourth Day, catch up by clicking HERE.




Amina knew it would only be a matter of time before Halima’s cohorts would join in the fray, Nedeseh’s presence reminded her that she was not be alone. She reminded Nedeseh that there is so much to learn while you’re not to be reckoned with.
There was a subtle shift of the earth, Halima felt it and look of disbelief was on every face as a crouching child-like creature was attempting to straighten up where the scorpion had been.
The shift became a heavy shudder as rock formations deep beneath the sands joined with it.
Halima’s next words had horror and fascination in them.
It… it is growing!”
The creature literally started to mature before their eyes. It was still in a half-crouch as more rock joined to its mass. There were fractals appearing on its surface, as little wrinkles would on human skin. It’s eyes were opal black and intelligent. It knew what it was and what it was becoming. Everyone else didn’t, except when it had crossed over to becoming less child-like, and more man. Nedeseh saw his father’s face on it. He saw his son. The one who bore the power of earth. The Earth-giant he had seen less than a day before looked like the crude clay-toy of a child.
“This…this is not meant to be.” he said to himself as the creature finally stood up straight as an adult man.
Suddenly the air became very humid. Halima felt oasis after oasis suddenly dry up. Where the rock broke through the sands to join the first creature, water suddenly streamed out with purpose until it gushed out from everywhere and met together between the earth and sky. Another child-like creature was being formed by the water. It started in the fetal position and started to mature as it straightened up and by the time its feet touched the earth it was a full-figured woman.
Amina gasped and said a word that Nedeseh knew meant ‘mother’.
Halima and her court had already started to surrender when huge sand-storms brewed from all around them. Even Amina had to crouch and cover her face. Nedeseh stood out and away from Amina to take her away. She put up her hand to his chest and shook her head.
“This is not a storm. This is your son.”
The storm became a rough approximation of a man. Nedeseh saw his own face this time.
All three knelt down respectfully before their parents. Lightning constantly illuminated the insides of the storm and always ended up as eyes facing the cowering couple.
Amina looked at Halima from a distance and Halima had already been bowing down to her. Amina had already won.
She turned to Nedeseh crying.
“They are not long for this world. I can feel their life-force dwindling in me.”
Their children had neither fear nor worry in their eyes. They already knew. But they were made of something not man…and their perspective on life was that of a child in a womb. They had seen the world outside. They had seen their mother, their other heartbeat, and their connection to this world. They were fulfilled.
Nedeseh knew what he had to do. It was the only thing left for him to do. They were not abominations, but they were not ‘right’ for this world.
He stepped up to the Earth-Child and said, “You have your grandfather’s face.”
He walked up to the Water-child and said, “I know you have your grandmother’s beauty.”
He then braved the Wind-Child and said, “You? You’re the best in me.”
The Emptiness stood next to Nedeseh.
“You don’t have to do this. They will dissipate on their own.”
Nedeseh never took his eyes off his children as he said, “Remember, I made peace with the impossible. I won’t let them suffer.”
A darkness weighed down everything and Nedeseh saw the light of his children’s lives.
As he reached for them, they spoke back to him, “We. Know. You. We. Trust. You. We. Submit…Father.”
Nedeseh hardened himself and as he reached towards their life-light, he suddenly found himself nursing at his mother’s breasts; the gentle smell of milk and the comfort of her warm body. His memories rushed to when he would raise his hands to be carried up by his father. He saw the gentle hands that washed his infant body and looked up to see his aunt and mother chatting gently to him.
“Am I dying?”, he asked himself, but he only managed to coo at them and they cooed back.
The effort he made to sit upright the first time. He felt his abdominal muscles strain and stretch to get his bulky torso up and steady. He felt his flank muscles work at keeping him steady.
The memories came at a steady pace, without pause or skipping a thing. He got to know himself better than he had in the last 6 years.
Soon he caught up with watching his children’s becoming in the desert.
“We. Just. Wanted. To. Know. What. Life. Is. About. Thank. You…Father.”
All 3 suddenly collapsed into a cloud of awareness and power before diminishing into nothing.
Nedeseh was crying. Hard. His sense of loss blind-sided him…like an accident unprepared for.
The Emptiness walked up to him and said,”Power. It has a nature of its own. Consequences follow every act involving power. You were not wise in involving your children’s lives ‘directly’ with ancient forces. Blood or not, they were an abomination. But they did remind me of something, though.”
Nedeseh was breathing hard as he turned to look at the Emptiness.
“Every father is a child. Now, wipe your tears and find the rightful heirs of these powers to give them.”

The darkness began to recede and the Emptiness said to Nedeseh, “You weren’t dying. It was your children attempting to live their natural lives through your eyes. They borrowed from your life to understand theirs. They didn’t fight or resist you. They’ve got good blood. They were not corrupt.”

“Where are they now?” Nedeseh replied in a voice simmering with rage and grief.
“Forgive yourself. They would have been in great pain and confusion and would have destroyed the world irreparably in the process.”
“You can only go to them in your second death. They cannot come to you. They will be fine. They will remember you.”
The Emptiness was almost caught by surprise when Nedeseh literally tore the world around both of them with a great violence,¬†leaving Amina’s newly subjugated kingdom in even greater fear of her.


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