Fourth Day: Chapter Three (VII)

The Emptiness recognised himself in Nedeseh, but he had travelled beyond where tears replaced words. Nedeseh would soon discover this place. People assume they dispense justice. They always have…but when you know the root cause behind every ‘percieved injustice’, you will discover first hand that nothing is at it first seems, nothing is sudden and justice is fair, not favorable.

Nedeseh could never realise that his children came before their time, for anything that occurs outside its time of purpose is anathema. They were an abberation and the world wasn’t ready to support their state-of-being. No grieving father would want to know this. So he let Nedeseh take both of them to what would be Nedeseh’s private space and personal time outside the stream of time and space.

Nedeseh was too angry to even notice the world around him and the Emptiness made peace with that.

“You! Have ‘you’ ever had to do anything so terrible?! Visited such cruelty on yourself? I…I felt their life as I consumed it. I closed down 2 family lines and I…”

The Emptiness walked up to Nedeseh and slapped him so hard, he reeled back disoriented and they were in the Emptiness’ own pocket of space and time.

“Feel sorry for yourself and you will discover nothing about yourself. You would have chosen weakness. You would have killed yourself and the future awaiting you.

“Tragedy, not power, establishes the line of men who have had to bear this mantle. Tragedies you have nothing in hand to compare with. Tragedies that still live as consequences that cannot be reversed and will be remembered most bitterly by you alone.”

Emptiness walked around Nedeseh with a grief that was resurrected.

“I…I have lost lives closely bonded to me as well. I’ve lost them to violence, war, and the most cruel of them all…time. Don’t imagine this will be the last time this pain will visit you. You are, afterall, an Nda. A human being. It is the necessary burden of every thinking creature. Those who mourn best live the longest.

“Learn to mourn well, Nedeseh.”

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