Hi guys,

I’m supposed to be standing in for Panda, but I have done a poor job ( I actually couldn’t figure out how to use the invite Panda sent me, I’m poor with computers like that).
Anyways, I have it all figured out now.
This is a mini-poem I wrote in response to Panda’s last post. I have asked NerdyChique to please tag you all on twitter. I haven’t made it down there.
Please enjoy.

That’s the number of times I thought about ending my life
One is the number of times I actually tried.
Is the number of times you talked me out of it.
So you can’t blame me for falling in love with you.
That’s the number of months I waited.
After I one, two, three, four,
Fell head first, heart following very quickly in love with you.
I tried to tell you three times.
But how could i?
That was never our arrangement.
Our arrangement did not include insurance for a broken heart.
No policies to prevent us developing a friendship,
And me falling.
But you did fall.
Just not in love with me.
This much you told me
When I eventually told of how deeply I’d fallen.
“A man must only give that which he has in his possession. Anything else would simply be a desperate pretense at capability and an insult to the one who would receive it.”
Are the pieces my heart has broken into
And I have become this monster
Who collects hearts as well.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Never should have caught any feelings.
How do I get over the reason I’m alive.
My heart, it’s been punctured with sticks.
I should hate you but I absolutely cannot.
So here’s wishing you have a good life
And all of that.
Still in love with you,
The one that could have been.

P.S: Happy birthday in arrears Panda, we love you!

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