Fourth Day: Chapter Four (III)

So here’s the concluding section of Chapter IV. This bit winds down after now… but… you’ll find out tomorrow sha. Remember, if you don’t know what Fourth Day is about, relieve yourself from that burden by clicking here.



Nedeseh never fell out with the impossible. The last things he did before he ‘became’ something a little more than man left everyone aware of him in no doubt that he would have made a powerful Emptiness.

He passed on Fire to the seed of the union between a Nupe princess and her Yoruba king and husband. The boy became a mighty warrior whose temper many liked to a terrible lightning storm. What his people didn’t reckon was that there was ‘true’ fire in him. When he passed on, Nedeseh returned to claim the fire from his fading life-light. The child was given many names in his ‘Oriki’, but the world knew him as Shango.

Nedeseh also declined becoming the Emptiness.

“This is how I mourn.”, he told the Emptiness and the Council of the half-moon.

By this time he had grown…older.

“And I have learned to mourn well.” he concluded before he disappeared. They searched for him, but he had gotten too skilled to be found anywhere in space…or time.

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