Fourth Day: The Emptiness (I-III)

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Anyways, since Book One of Fourth Day is over, Remi gave us a bit of a bonus. Here’s a little story about the Emptiness. Read and Enjoy.

Editor’s Note: Remember that Fourth Day is meant to be a series of graphic novels. So when you read, don’t imagine it as a regular novel, but more like a comic book without illustration. Okay? Okay.

The Emptiness and the Fall of Atlantis


It is amusing how every stage of human history is built on the corpses of its older, more rustic predecessors…and each society conveniently forgets this. The more extraordinary feats of past generations are glossed over in favor of shinier, flashier snippets of history. These great civilisations that were are weighed carelessly against ‘contemporary distractions’ by the under-qualified. Men still guess about Atlantis, lending uneven weight to the legends and facts. They assume that no one knows the truth, and so they construct fantastic yet baseless tales without fear of any challenge because they feel that everyone who was there is now long gone.

A lost story belongs to anyone with a wild enough imagination.

But their story isn’t lost…not in the most important way. Their first mistake is to assume Atlantis was a stand-alone nation that didn’t reach out to other civilizations. You need to understand that It wasn’t.

Once you accept this, you will understand better why they have been forgotten from living human memory. You will understand that the ambiguous fear of the Emptiness is far less than the fear he deserves.


Everyone assumes Atlantis was a great civilization. It was so much greater.

It stood powerful and proud, a bright beacon during the time of things you ‘read’ about, but consign to fantasy. Imagine, if you will, 6,000 years from your time and people think the internet was a fantasy. Sounds ridiculous? It should.

The same thing goes for unicorns, behemoths, leviathans, dragons, sons of angels and other creatures that walked the earth during the height of power of the people of Atlantis. There was a war that they started against the world. They had armies and weapons that are only believable to children because a child doesn’t hold on to his achievements in the fear that the past dwarfs them. To explain their war-machine, you need to forget the ‘toys’ you have. They had a weapon that would cause a drought without even a drop of radiation left in its wake. They intimidated fledgling civilisations this way. Whole rivers suddenly gone in a flash because they used a ‘Len-Midus’. Imagine a weapon as small as a purse in a lady’s handbag. It would be dropped at a key turn in a river bend and activated. The result would be an explosive agitation in two directions: up and down. Up would result in rarely seen terrible storm clouds because the river would be evaporating at a furious rate. Can you imagine how much water is held in a storm? Water, finally free to make men even smaller in its eyes. You need to remember that the world had never seen rain before this time. The clouds will grow before the eyes of men and terrify them as they would bulk up then take to the winds and migrate to the ends of the world.

The other effect would be a ‘softening’ of the river bed, turning it into a sieve. The holes would be large enough to redirect fish to the sub-terranean rivers, and then to the land of Atlantis. This led to forced migration and the weakening of the strength of human settlements.

Men and beasts can live a long while without food, but the same cannot be said of water. With no fish to eat or water to drink, wild beasts would sense where the nearest reserve of surface water was and would migrate in droves for survival.

The Len-Midus was always a warning shot; a disincentive to challenge the policies and commands of Atlantis. Even more terrible things sat in their armory, awaiting a heartless enough command to be issued.

No one could stand before Atlantis.

Atlantis lost … to a force of nature.


In those days, there were creatures that were sentient, savant and great in the use of their power and skill. Of these the most powerful of this kind were Behemoths and Leviathans. Behemoths had always been the more kind, benevolent and truly noble creatures of their kind. They had a kindness that could never be found in Leviathans, no matter how deep you reached into them. Armed with humility, Behemoths were ever aware that they were not alone and that their power, even though from of old, is a responsibility. The Leviathans had always hated them.

What kept the Behemoths strong was the fact that  the feeling was mutual… to the bone.

However, they possessed a similar dislike of the Emptiness, as the bearer has consistently cowed the pinnacle of every power. The bearer typically has no interest in anyone or anything. That makes it safe for all concerned…at least until something catches his attention.

Then he is at his most dangerous.

Strangely enough, no Behemoth had ever perished at his hands. The same cannot be said of the Leviathans. This is mostly attributed to Behemoths’ communal sense of humility. They only involve themselves in situations that they believe justice will eventually grant them victory.

But all too often, when the Emptiness is involved, the Behemoths are certain of 2 things:

1) That he has yet to be directly involved in injustice

2) Nothing they can do can ever discourage death from being death. They have the same regard for the Emptiness.

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