Fourth Day: The Emptiness (IV-V)

Merry Christmas to everyone… and all that paparazzi… I’m loving “The Emptiness” so far, and I’m sure… oh damn. I’m talking too much. Oya, if you don’t know how we got here and you wanna get in on the Fourth Day experience, go catch up Book One by clicking here.

Now let’s get on with it.


He frightens them. Not by any show of his power, but by the huge deference their elders show the ‘idea’ of him.

He has once had dealings with the Behemoths and Leviathans. The elders of both sides will never forget. They will always argue about the circumstances, but never about what it was that he did and how it cemented their fear of him.

It had to do with Atlantis. Specifically it had to do with certain allies of the Atlantean people.

The Atlanteans were known for their scientific and psychic prowess. They communicated with sentient beings from alternate dimensions, other worlds of a kind that live and die within the blink of a man’s eye, the age of the universe, the temperament of stars and the civilizations that depended on them, what language unifies all things sentient and non-sentient…in their arrogance they even believed they would unseat God. They did not consider that perhaps it was not they who invented these things; these rules, these perceived truths. They only met them, recognized them and employed them to their use.

One must remember that at the center of all histories is one truth.

They are at once both contextual and subjective, irrespective of any attempts at objectivity by the historian.


It so happened that they were building the early prototype of what men would later think of as the tower of Babel. It wasn’t a series of gates to the spiritual world or a challenge to God…it was something worse; something that would have damned the entire human race to a pseudo-immortal existence. Some things (which have no name that men can use or understand) had communicated with the Atlantean leadership from another end of the universe. This race had whispered a parasitic idea into their minds. They did not know it had been placed there. When I think about it, how could they? It took root because it requires the victims to be hungry for power. More likely victims than the human race are few, and those had ravaged their homes in terrible bids to enforce their rule on their own kind.

Their race was perishing and based on the psychic links they had made, the human race would have made excellent psycho-biological hosts. This promise of immortality was a trap that led to a servitude that would be invasive, long and cruel. Sadly these allies of the Atlanteans wanted to survive by any means. They did not care.

The Atlanteans had been seduced by the idea of immortality. All things are immortal in a form. If you doubt me, imagine fruit flies that live for a day. Think of creatures like mosquitoes that live for a fortnight. What do mosquitoes think of dogs, cats and other beasts that we outlive? And for all the medicine mankind has achieved to your point in time, no man has outlived a sea turtle. And yet, nothing survives the original source of life. These creatures wanted to cheat death at the expense of human life.

Unfortunately their downfall was as a result of serendipity. Some of them took probing the ‘hidden’ sides of the world, places that exist between what men see and where men fear to explore. They were observing their ‘new world’ and wandered to where the Emptiness chosen as his place of retreat, of rest, of solitude. He was not happy.

To make it worse, they were arrogant towards him. Their words were from a language you can have no idea of. He did not challenge them or let them know he was aware of their presence, but they made rude comments with words that would make any foul mouth feel sullied and very uncomfortable. They assumed he could neither see nor hear them.

He could do both…and he took offense as only an Emptiness can; with no room for redress. So then and there, he chose to make them an example. They were the example that the Behemoths and Leviathans have for as a good reason as any to be humble before his name.

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