Free Verse

Well, hello guys, this is NerdyChique sneaking behind Panda to give you guys something I jostled up today. Please be kind and leave comments. I’m getting back in the groove gradually. 

Also, I think Panda may have a few surprises up his sleeve in the coming weeks. Be on the look out. 

So, here goes. 

#np- ‘Sunday Morning’ ~Maroon 5


You know how people say someone is easy like Sunday morning? I’ve always wondered, what is easy about Sunday? And what especially makes Sunday mornings easier than any other mornings in the week. Maybe because for me, Sunday mornings have been either of two extremes, but never easy. See its either I’m rushing off to church on a Sunday morning or I’m nursing a headache the size of Nigeria. So Sundays have never been easy. NEVER.

How shall I compare thee to a mere day of the week my darling?

You’re like a Monday morning, the hope and freshness you bring are sometimes annoying.

You’re like my weekly Tuesday hangouts with the crew. Constant. Relaxing.

Or shall I liken thee to a Wednesday afternoon, to which I have become accustomed? I know the exact words to say and the right steps to take at every second and minute.

Our passion is very much like a Thursday night at the bar, quietly screaming ‘its Friday tomorrow, its Friday tomorrow’. The anticipation reminding me of the build-up to meeting up with you, the passion building up in my loins months and months before we’re even sure of when we’ll meet up.

Then I think maybe you’re more like leaving the office on a Friday, exchanging my work shoes for my six inch stilettos. You excite me beyond compare. And like Friday nights in Soho, you dizzy me.

Being with you is like lying in my memory mattress on a Saturday morning, watching TV. Its comfortable, all our parts fit like a perfectly sized glove, remembering what we do to each other. And all of a sudden, its like brunch with the girls- full of laughter, exciting, informative and wild. Sometimes, its like the occasional date night, spontaneous, fun, steamy.

And then your presence is like the famous Sunday morning, healing, calming, rejuvenating. Oh, and you’re much like Church on Sunday. Inspirational, beautiful and exciting.

But having you here with me feels like a much awaited bank holiday. Long expected, everything I expected it would be and even more, and hard to recover from.

Shall I compare thee to a mere day of the week? No. You, my darling are more intense than that. And I love you.


Your Sunday morning. 


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