Me, Honestly…


Ever since Panda planted the idea of writing my own version of an ‘honest thing’, I’ve been scared. Scared because I’ve never been good at directly telling my own story or things about me. Well I decided to take the plunge. Here goes…


I was born on the 6th of May, which should make me a Taurus. My parents say they were really excited to have me as they had been trying for a baby for a while.

It rained for three days after I was born. I love rain. A lot. Partly because I can cry freely under the rain without being asked why I’m crying. I cry more than I should.

I am 5 feet and no inches tall, bespectacled and I don’t know how much I currently weigh. I’m almost as dark as amala and I walk with a bounce that got me the nickname ‘smallboy’ in secondary school. People say I have intense eyes, that I can drill a hole in a person’s soul just by staring at said person. I guess I’ll never know how true it is.

I relate things in my present with things that happened in my past randomly. For example, I relate the fact that I act differently with different people with the fact that I have over 25 names. I don’t remember all of them so don’t ask.

I am a scientist by profession and association. I spend almost all of my time genetically altering microorganisms to produce plastics. This gives me a sense of pride and a false notion that I can fix anything.

I make a hobby out of people watching and eavesdropping snippets of conversations. I like making up stories about people or making them live out my life for me. Nothing excites me more than finishing conversations in my head or randomly giving people histories. This is also why I write. Every character I write about has an affiliation with an aspect of my life.

I am a story teller. I live my life like it is a story that I would tell to someone someday. I try not to do things that would not make for interesting stories sometime in the future.  Almost everything I own has a special memory attached to it. I love the look on people’s faces when I give them a tour of my room telling them the stories attached to everything in it. Whenever I lose anything, it feels like I have lost a close family member.

I listen to music for two reasons- to connect with something and to dance. So I will listen to any song that gives me either of the two. It is very common to find me crying while listening to a song just because I can relate to what is being sung.

I have spent the past one year trying to convince myself that I’m someone worthy of love. I’m attracted to sharp thinking, tall and easy-to-look at men. The problem is most of the men I’m attracted to are often damaged and I set about fixing them. I forget that most of them don’t even want to be fixed.

I have a very sensitive digestive system, so I either stay away from food or I stick to tried and tested food. I am not adventurous. This slips into my daily choices as well. I would rather wear what I’m sure looks good than try to be adventurous with what I wear.

Crowds or groups of people more than two scare me, so I’m never one to step up and assume a leadership role anywhere. I would much rather be the special assistant to the president than be the president.

I feel most comfortable in the midst of kids or in libraries. With kids I can just be myself and not be scared of being tagged ‘weird’ or ‘boring’; in libraries, I can escape to other worlds and not have to be myself.

Hi I’m Moyin, I am the shyest person I know, I keep a ring collection and I would like to live in a hug. Would you be my friend?




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