Challenging Myself: Day Four

“…our opponent has no more uses for nooses. He’s calculated, ruthless. You’re wowed, clueless; a draw is a win for losers.” – Amir Sulaiman


No, that has absolutely nothing to do with this morning’s post. Or maybe it does. These days, I shoot to win. I’m not comfortable just being… okay anymore. I don’t want to “draw” with the people or things I compete against. I’m not comfortable being in the same place I’ve always been. Cos when you stay in the same place, life is moving ahead, and then guess who’s losing?

But anyways, on with our blog challenge.

#Day4: What I Wear to Bed

[Brand New Jones | Robin Thicke]

Really? After all this time, I’m going to have to tell you that I wear absolutely nothing when I sleep? How many times do I have to repeat that I’m a proud, card-carrying, lifetime member of the Back to Adam Project?

I’m trying to remember when I started sleeping with no clothes on. Damn… I actually can’t remember… I do remember my old man entering my room one morning and yelling my head off for it. But that was like ten… fifteen years ago. These days, I don’t even think I can sleep comfortably if I have clothes on when I sleep. I’ve tried it all; pajamas, pajama pants without the shirt, shorts, boxers… I’m just totally uncomfortable. Whenever something happens and I have to sleep somewhere that isn’t my room, and I have to sleep with clothes on, I always wake up feeling like shit. To y’all that can manage to sleep with clothes on, I will say, big shout out to you guys.

[S’eri | D-Tone]

Hehehe… speaking about sleeping naked and all that, I remember in uni (year two to be exact), I shared a room with a bunch of my friends, and I always slept naked. *chuckles* … that was a pretty traumatizing year for those guys… Gideon, Sholly, Amos… I love you guys, and I’m sorry I scarred you when we were in uni.

Okay! I’m done with Day Four. I really hope I see this through sha. By the way, Episode Seven of TheGhenGhen comes up this afternoon, so make sure you check out the site for it as soon as possible. We had a bunch of fun recording it; hope y’all have fun listening as well.

Have an awesome week people!


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