Challenging Myself: Day Eight

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Before I begin this post, I would like to state as strongly as I possibly can in black and white characters not effectively backed up by voice; BEWARE OF YELLOW CHILLI FOOD!!! IT IS DECEPTIVELY PLENTY!!! Good Lord… I started eating pounded yam and edikang-ikong, thinking to myself “but this food is rather small for the many many money we’re going to pay oh…” Lo & behold, your darling Panda was seen rubbing his stomach in a mix of satisfaction and worry, trying to agree with himself that he would eventually have to gather the energy to roll off his seat and waddle out the door.


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#DayEight: Something I’m currently worried about

This is a little hard, because I’m worried about a boatload of things these days. But then, something that hit me this evening, which has me worried, is trust. It’s a funny thing how easy it is to break trust. I mean, one tiny little thing (or in some cases, something major), and a whole lot of work which went into building that trust goes out the window.

But then, how do you rebuild trust once it’s been broken? Is it possible to ever trust a person who’s betrayed you? Especially when you put all your trust in that person? I don’t know; and I honestly need to know. Trust and respect are two of the most important things to me in any relationship. *sigh*. How do you do about picking up the shards of the bottle you promised not to break, and then turned round and smashed to bits? How do you make things right? What if the person doesn’t want to make things right? What if they feel they’ve not done anything wrong?

I don’t even know…

[Hypothetically | Lyfe Jennings/Erin]

Obviously, I don’t have the answers to my questions. So if you read this and have some ideas, comment, or holla at me directly… I really could do with some answers.

Oh yeah; two days ago I was meant to write about someone I like and why I like them. Obi asked that I write about her, which I didn’t. However, I do like her. I think she’s an awesome person with a beautiful mind. She’s also a talented writer and a magnificent spoken word poet. If you didn’t know, Obi won the Bassey Ikpi Poetry Slam Competition in Lagos two weeks ago. I was there, I listened to her poetry, and poems from other artists… oomph! She killed ‘em all!

So yeah… shoutout to the amazing, strong and talented Obi; I hope we can write together one of these days. You can teach me how to memorize my spoken word pieces and things.

[Big City Life | Mattafix]

I’ve been off the internet all day. Had way too much to do today so I had to stay offline. I haven’t felt more at peace with myself in quite an age. *chuckles*… but well, I’m back online now so… I shall tend to business.

G’night y’all…

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One response to “Challenging Myself: Day Eight

  • Sisi Jacobs

    I suppose the main thing here is a willingness to be vulnerable, from both sides. This is where we struggle as humans.

    Saying “I’m sorry, I made a mistake, this is where I went wrong and I need to fix it” especially when you’re not sure of forgiveness.

    Accepting an apology if offered, and being willing to open up again, knowing there’s a possibility that you’ll get hurt again.

    Its tough to be vulnerable, and put yourself out there but that’s when you reap the most rewards. As they say “its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”

    PS: I suck at taking my own advice though 😀

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