Challenging Myself: Day Ten

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Okay, so today… no… this weekend, went pretty decently. A bit stressful, what with recordings and house hunting and things, but altogether, it wasn’t half bad. I’m glad tomorrow’s a holiday tho, so I get the chance to sleep after the morning workout. Speaking of workouts, Justice, you’re meant to send me the “Superman Workout”. I know you’re going to read this. Email me. Immediately K

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Day10: My views on drugs and alcohol

It’s funny how I was talking to someone about this a couple of days ago. I remember she was saying how she automatically expects people who smoke weed to be bad, irresponsible people and all that. I took my time to actually explain that judging people based on the average occurrence is a really bad thing.

That being said, I have to acknowledge that there is, in fact, an average by which many judgments are made.

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I believe strongly, that everyone has their vices. I learned this many years ago. Some people indulge in alcohol, some people smoke cigarettes. Some people don’t drink or smoke, but are chronic womanizers. Some people don’t even do any of that, but do something else that’s, in the grand scheme of things, inconsequential; like… talk too damn much. However, I believe everyone has a vice. And so, nobody has the right to judge people.

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However, in as much as I believe everyone’s vices are their individual problems, sometimes; these vices interfere with their abilities to relate with the rest of society properly. It’s in situations like this I have issues. For instance, people who drink themselves under the table, then go home and beat up their families, or have to drink so much that they spend their rent money on alcohol. That’s a problem. I drink, so I don’t think alcohol is bad. I just believe that it should be controlled. Unfortunately, it’s not something that everyone can control. Some people get carried away and go from drinking healthy amounts to becoming uncontrollable drunks.

On drugs, I don’t do them, and I don’t know people who do. So I don’t know if I’m in a position to judge. I know a few people that drink codeine and all, but that’s about it. But, let me take marijuana as an example, seeing as it’s called “the gateway drug”. I’ve met a good number of big men, who work in major companies and things, who smoke pot. They go about their daily business, do everything they need to do and all, but still smoke pot. In situations like that, where they’re able to handle their vice without being dysfunctional, who are we to make them stop?

[It Ends Tonight | The All-American Rejects]

But then, there are harsher drugs. Cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, angel dust, etc. Those drugs have been proven to be overtly addictive and really harmful to the body. So it would be easy for me to simply say they are bad and all, but who am I to decide? I don’t know.

[High Voltage | Linkin Park]

So … honestly, my view on drugs and alcohol? I don’t know. In the same way I think people should be allowed to drink if they can control themselves, I’m not sure what should be done to people who can’t control themselves. Human beings always have the tendency to abuse things.


Discretion is needed, at the end of the day. Drugs, I’m against. Not because of the high, specifically, but because of the fact that it damages the human body in ways that’re almost irreversible. But ah well… what do I know? I’m just an overweight Panda that thinks everyone should be happy and marijuana should be legalized. 😀

DayTen done! Twenty to go.


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