Challenging Myself: Day Thirteen

#DayThirteen: A Date I Would Like to Go On

Its funny how on twitter this afternoon, there was this story of a guy who took a girl on a date when he couldn’t afford to pay for shit and ended up making a complete horse’s arse of himself. And here I am now, writing about a date I’d like to go on.

I don’t have any fancy desires as far as dates go. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I have no imagination when it comes to things like that, but then sometimes I realize that it’s simply because I don’t really give a shit about it.

However, a date I’d like to go on? Mmmm… I really don’t know. I’ve never actually thought about it. For me, the perfect date would involve food markets (not the rowdy markets we’re used to in Lagos, but still…), a kitchen (mine or hers), wine (preferably white), books, a very large TV screen, and music purring from surround sound speakers.

[Truth Is | Amir Sulaiman]

I’ll have to actually sit back and think about a “date I’d like to go on”… cos really… I don’t know.


I think I’m done with this post. I mean, it’s not like I’ve got much to say on this topic. So… lemme keep writing jare.


[Cold | Maxwell]

I think I’m weird. I like this song a lot, but I’ve never heard the second verse. I only like verse one. More to the fact, I only like the part where he goes “… she’s on top and she means business! As God is my witness! My summer’s gone frigid!” When I hear that part, I just move on to the next song. It’s ridiculous.

[Stop This Train | John Mayer]

“… No I’m not color blind… I know the world is black and white.”

I wish a lot of things. I wish I wasn’t so fallible. I wish I could live like an island; independent of everyone else’s actions, able to handle life completely on my own. There’s something amazing about being able to handle things without having to ask for anyone’s help. You feel… almost… godlike. But then, I guess that’s why we need each other all the time; it’s part of God’s way of reminding us that our humanity is very real.

“Had a talk with my old man, said “Help me understand.” He said “Turn sixty-eight, you’ll renegotiate…””

I’m in one of those dark places tonight. Where I don’t understand, and I’m scared, where I feel the need to pray but I don’t know if the words would come out right, or if God would even listen to my words; tainted by the litany of my imperfections.

Ah well…

[Breathe | Anna Nalick]

I wasn’t even in the mood to do today’s challenge. But well…

“Two AM and I’m still awake writing this song, if I get it all down it’ll be buried no longer inside of me; threatening the life it belongs to…”

That’s kinda how I feel about writing sometimes. Even if I don’t write about exactly what is bothering me, the very fact that my fingers are bringing words to life or letting letters out of the gates of my mind can be oddly… therapeutic. *shrug*

“…And I feel like I’m naked in front of a crowd, cos these words are my diary screaming out loud…”

Yeah… that’s how I feel on this blog sometimes. Putting up a post that hundreds of people are going to read… but then, maybe cos I don’t necessarily put faces to the people reading, it doesn’t bother me so much. But sometimes… it does. Ugh…

I’m going to sleep.


“… but if you’d seen what I saw, you’d certainly know that certainty without flaw is often delusion and no certainty at all…”

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