Challenging Myself: Day Fifteen

[Deuces | Chris Brown]

Funny how this is the first song I’m listening to as I start this post. Funny cos I was thinking how I wrote a post a couple of years ago when his issue with Rihanna (sp?) happened, and I was slightly on his side. I say “slightly” because I didn’t (& still don’t) agree with raising his hands to a woman, but I felt like the public was crucifying him for something they knew nothing about. Sure, he hit her, which was wrong. But on the flip side, nobody knew why a dude with a bright future ahead of him would do something so stupid when he knew it would affect his relationship. I for one didn’t believe it had anything to do with Rihanna talking shit about some girl he was playing games with, or about her giving him a venereal disease. And I feel like I was right; how many years down the line, and they’re playing hanky panky again and obviously getting back together? Please. Something happened that night. However, I don’t really give so much of a shit.


[Strawberry Swing | Frank Ocean]

#Day Fifteen: The Best Thing That’s Happened To Me This Week

I’m really trying hard to think about this. A lot of things have happened to me this week. I’ve been disappointed, sad, worried… chai. However, one thing I have gained this week is clarity. I’ve learned, from work, that as much as loyalty and friendship are things to value; priorities are priorities. In every situation, moving forward is something that must happen. Regardless of how you feel or what you think is good or bad. Not many people actually realize this. False loyalty is quite easy to fall into. It’s like religion. You get so caught up in the romance of having a higher being that will “take care of your every need” that you forget that you need to ask questions. That not everything sad can be taken verbatim and you need to find out stuff for yourself. Wait. How does this tie in with false loyalty? Oh… well… I think it does. You get the point… don’t you?

[Fuck Me Pumps | Amy Winehouse]

Something else really good that’s happened to me this week… uhm… well, I did my final NYSC clearance today. It was one of the most hectic things I’ve had to do in so long, I came back home and I was completely worn out. However, I’ve cleared sha. I’m so happy about that, it’s ridiculous. I’m actually going to be free from NYSC in thirteen days. Chai. Speaking about NYSC, I think I still have some stuff I wrote when I was in camp. Remember “Memoirs of a Chubby Otondo”? I’m going to have to look for that journal. It must be lying around somewhere. I’m sure I can still post some of those entries. Good idea? Yes? No?

Also… well… hahaha… na. I won’t talk about that. But I had a really good day after all…

A lot of disturbing things happened to me this week. But like I’ve said… good things happened as well. And I’m thankful for that. I’m also thankful that I can actually recognize that there’s good, even when the bad is so scary and painful to bear.

Well… that’s Day Fifteen. Halfway through this challenge; I may just finish it. I just may. J


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