Challenging Myself: Day Eighteen

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So… been a long day. Today, I said goodbye to my old flat and my (thankfully) ex-flat mate. Now I know the way I talk about him may make him seem like an overbearing and annoying person which indeed he is, but maybe I should just say he’s a little misunderstood. He has his quirks, as do we all. It’s just that, a lot of his quirks often made me want to go upside his cranium with a very hard frying pan. Getting a flat mate, I think, is kinda like getting married. You have a lot of expectations about the person. You think to yourself, “He/she is my friend! We’ll get along perfectly!” until you actually move in with them. And then you start to see all their habits that may drive you crazy. Such as the fact that they’re not as neat as they let you believe, or that they don’t understand that washing dishes is something that has to be done and going to the market, cooking meat and three different pots of stew and then leaving ALL the dirty dishes in the sink for three days until the kitchen starts to smell like something underneath a rhinoceros’ left hind foot is not a good idea.

*TakesDeepBreath*… I’m sorry, was I ranting? *BreathesOut*

Yeah, so I moved all my shit out and got into my new flat with a new set of people. These dudes are my guys, and hopefully we’ll be able to live with each other for the next month. But of course, like marriage, only time will tell if it’s gonna be a “happy home” or not.

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Day Eighteen: Disrespecting Parents

When I was a kid, disrespecting parents was basically impossible. My dad ruled my life with… well… whatever the hell was within reach to beat my ass with. Oh shit… my dad beat the hell out of me. Pankere, slippers, belts, wires, bare hands… if it would inflict pain and drive his lesson home, he would beat me with it. I learned the importance of obedience and respect pretty quickly. Did I comply with the lessons I learned? That is a completely different story. I’ve been a stubborn dude for a long time, I have to admit honestly.

But that’s beside the point.

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These days, when people of my generation talk about respect, they often say how respect is meant to be earned and can’t simply be given freely. There’s also a different set of people who go by the biblical path which says that you’re meant to “honor your father and your mother so that your days may be long”. Somehow or the other, I agree with both viewpoints, and still have some of my own opinions.

See, my parents did the best they could. I’ve seen some shitty parents. Parents who had absolutely no idea how to be parents and screwed their children up pretty bad. In situations like that, how’re the children meant to respect them? Especially when they see that other kids’ parents act like real parents.

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When I see kids who come from homes with bad parents disrespecting their parents, I wonder to myself, how I’m meant to tell them to be respectful towards their parents. I understand that it’s a God given commandment, which holds no caveats for good or bad parents, but still, I know it’s difficult. In situations like that, I usually advise that they walk away. If they can’t be in the same space with the parent(s) and be respectful, then just leave. I think respect should be earned. However, I do believe that beyond that, there’s a measure of respect everyone deserves, parent or not. You should be able to show them a certain amount of respect for the simple fact that they’re human beings.

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I also like to believe that everyone tries. I don’t think that bad parents necessarily start out wanting to be bad parents. But hey, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I also think some parents bring disrespect upon themselves. Parents who don’t believe in finding some way or the other to deal with their children’s indiscretions before they become a problem get what they deserve. I think, somewhere in the bible, it says that a child left to his/her own means will be the reproach of the parent. It’s also up to parents to cultivate respect in their children.


I feel like I’ve gone round in circles and not answered the damn question.

Disrespecting parents? I’m not for it. I think that everyone deserves respect; parents even more so. I know some parents do a lot of horse shit that makes them undeserving, but still.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

G’night y’all.



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