Challenging Myself: Day Nineteen

“…and God made Gin & Tonic, and saw that they were good together…” – @Queen_UK

I’ve said before, that the person behind that twitter account has many spiritual problems. If you don’t know what I’m on about, I’m talking about the parody twitter account created for the Queen of England. Definitely one of the funniest accounts I’ve ever followed. But… yeah… gin & tonic is a fantastic mix, which I happen to be having some of at the moment.

[Paper Scissors Rock | Chris Brown]

Sorry I didn’t put this up yesterday, fell asleep. I think I should go back to writing my posts early in the morning, no? Anyways…

#Day Nineteen: Something that Never Fails to Make Me Feel Better

This one is quite easy, I think. That would have to be music and writing.

I think that listening to music has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. At any given point in time, I’d have some song or the other to relate to when I’m going through difficult times. Lemme list a few:

Why Georgia – John Mayer: This song helped me a lot of times when I was simply depressed. I go through mood swing bouts a lot (or at least I used to), when I’m just depressed for no identifiable reason. At points like that, I’d simply get into my old Jetta, turn this song up on repeat, and just frigging drive nowhere in particular. Listening to John’s voice going, “…don’t believe me… when I say, I’ve got it down…” would help lift my spirits. I think, maybe because I could always relate with the lyrics to the song… I don’t know. Oh yeah, this is my favorite song… ever.

Think About Me – Artful Dodger feat. Michelle Escofrey: I don’t even know why I love this song. It’s actually never happened to me – the lyrics I mean – but for some reason, there were times when I’d want to listen to absolutely nothing else. There was a day in uni, when I had a fight with my ex girlfriend, that I listened to this song sixty three times. I think Amina seized my iPod that day. *chuckles*

[Novacane | Frank Ocean]

You Know My Name – Chris Cornell: This song is just pure truth. It tells life as it is; nobody is going to get what you want for you. A few people may help, may be there for you, but you have to do things yourself. And imagining that you’re strong enough to handle everything? That’s just sheer stupidity. “I’ve seen diamonds cut through harder men… than you yourself but if you must pretend… you may meet your end…”

Dust – Frank Ocean: *sigh* from a writer’s perspective, and from the perspective of someone that’s happened to fall in love with the wrong person a few times… this song is just perfection. Ugh…

Anyways, besides music, words help. Writing, reading… it’s quite therapeutic to simply let my feelings leak onto a page, or read someone else’s words and see how the person’s been through something similar to what I’m going through. I’ve found, that writing from a point of experience, where emotions are involved, is probably the best way to get a good post out. Some people read my blog and tell me “oh this poem is my favorite.” And I’m thinking to myself how, writing that piece was one of the most difficult things for me to do. But ah well… I guess creativity and misery are friends. Don’t believe me? Just go ask Adele. 😀

A lot of the time, I simply go blog crawling. Auria Ally, Write His Wrongs, Wisdom is Misery, AGirlGoingInsane… these are still some of my favorite blogs.

Aight. Day Nineteen done. J


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One response to “Challenging Myself: Day Nineteen

  • coolprincee

    besides music, words help.
    Writing, reading… it’s quite therapeutic
    to simply let my feelings leak onto a
    page, or read someone else’s words
    and see how the person’s been
    through something similar to what I’m going through.

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