Challenging Myself: Day Twenty Five

[El Cumbanchero | Sabu Martinez]

So, despite the upbeat tune I’m listening to, I’m not in a particularly good mood. For one thing, Glo has been an unrepentant asshole, and I’ve not had any data to do anything reasonable in the last two days. Second, and even more depressing, is the fact that I had quite a shitty day.

[Senor Blues | The Horace Silver Quintet]

I learned a couple of valuable lessons today, which I pray I never forget; I learned that, no matter how much I want to, I can’t do everything myself. In some cases, I’ll have to admit to incapability. I also learned, most importantly, never, ever, to do for myself, what I can pay someone else to do for me. My time would be much better spent, and no matter how much I may think I know, there’s absolutely no way I can know more than the people who make it their professional objectives to know these things.

[Man on the Side | John Mayer]

Day Twenty Five: Ten Ways to Win my Heart

Come on! How many times am I going to write on this topic or some variation of it?

No! *chuckles*

Okay, so I wrote about this once. Although, it wasn’t ten things, but five. That will have to suffice. Writing this three times makes me feel like a total narcissist.

So, if you want to read, here’s “Five Ways to Win the Heart of the Panda

That’ll be all for now.

Day Twenty Five Done.


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