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Challenging Myself: Day Eight

[How You Remind Me | Nickelback]

Before I begin this post, I would like to state as strongly as I possibly can in black and white characters not effectively backed up by voice; BEWARE OF YELLOW CHILLI FOOD!!! IT IS DECEPTIVELY PLENTY!!! Good Lord… I started eating pounded yam and edikang-ikong, thinking to myself “but this food is rather small for the many many money we’re going to pay oh…” Lo & behold, your darling Panda was seen rubbing his stomach in a mix of satisfaction and worry, trying to agree with himself that he would eventually have to gather the energy to roll off his seat and waddle out the door.


[Shit, Damn, Motherf***er | D’Angelo]

#DayEight: Something I’m currently worried about

This is a little hard, because I’m worried about a boatload of things these days. But then, something that hit me this evening, which has me worried, is trust. It’s a funny thing how easy it is to break trust. I mean, one tiny little thing (or in some cases, something major), and a whole lot of work which went into building that trust goes out the window.

But then, how do you rebuild trust once it’s been broken? Is it possible to ever trust a person who’s betrayed you? Especially when you put all your trust in that person? I don’t know; and I honestly need to know. Trust and respect are two of the most important things to me in any relationship. *sigh*. How do you do about picking up the shards of the bottle you promised not to break, and then turned round and smashed to bits? How do you make things right? What if the person doesn’t want to make things right? What if they feel they’ve not done anything wrong?

I don’t even know…

[Hypothetically | Lyfe Jennings/Erin]

Obviously, I don’t have the answers to my questions. So if you read this and have some ideas, comment, or holla at me directly… I really could do with some answers.

Oh yeah; two days ago I was meant to write about someone I like and why I like them. Obi asked that I write about her, which I didn’t. However, I do like her. I think she’s an awesome person with a beautiful mind. She’s also a talented writer and a magnificent spoken word poet. If you didn’t know, Obi won the Bassey Ikpi Poetry Slam Competition in Lagos two weeks ago. I was there, I listened to her poetry, and poems from other artists… oomph! She killed ‘em all!

So yeah… shoutout to the amazing, strong and talented Obi; I hope we can write together one of these days. You can teach me how to memorize my spoken word pieces and things.

[Big City Life | Mattafix]

I’ve been off the internet all day. Had way too much to do today so I had to stay offline. I haven’t felt more at peace with myself in quite an age. *chuckles*… but well, I’m back online now so… I shall tend to business.

G’night y’all…

Challenging Myself: Day Seven

[To & Fro | Mattafix]

“I’m still a true gent; never bitter, never twisted. Only optimistic, about the main statistic”

#DaySeven: My Opinion on Infidelity

It’s funny how, when I say I’ve never been unfaithful to a girlfriend, people laugh. I actually know someone who wanted to set me up with some girl that she was sure would be able to break me, just because she thought I was being proud and shit.

In truth, the fact that I’ve never been unfaithful in a relationship is due to a good number of reasons; some of which include the fact that a good lot of the times, when the opportunity presented itself, I got lucky. I’m not cocky enough to imagine that it was always because I’ve got self control, because mehn… e no dey easy all the time. There’s also the fact that I try as much as possible to sabotage any chances as early as possible. Ergo, when I’m in a relationship and I meet a really hot babe, I’m going to say something that contains the words “my girlfriend” as soon as possible. Just so that I’m putting it out there sharp sharp. I’ve also had only four actual “girlfriends” in my time so… maybe it’s not such a high number and saying “I’ve never cheated” when it’s only been four is a little too much.

I don’t approve of infidelity. Maybe because I’m slightly possessive. I like to keep what’s mine, mine. I think, that a relationship is not something you simply jump in to, and if you don’t think you can handle it without cheating, don’t get into it.

I’ve been on the receiving end of infidelity though. I went through different phases; I was numb at first. Maybe I couldn’t believe it, or maybe I did but couldn’t come to terms with it. My mind needed to process the fact that it had happened. And then a couple of days after, when I’d processed it, I felt the pain. Whenever I’m really hurt about something, I go through psychosomatics; and this was bad. It hurt so much, I didn’t know what to do. And then there was anger. “How could she do this?” All those random thoughts went through me. But I know, without a doubt, that the worst thing was when I felt… like it was my fault, like I was insufficient. Like if I had shown her exactly how much I cared about her, or if the sex had been good enough, or… something! If I had done something more… she wouldn’t have cheated on me. I’d never felt more worthless in my entire life.

If that’s how I felt, I can basically extrapolate, that a lot of people who get cheated on feel the same way.

So, what’s my opinion on infidelity? That’s very simple: No.

It’s more than “if you love the person”. It’s also about respect. It’s also about being considerate. I know a lot of people say that cheating is as a result of some unfulfilled need… something the person desires the partner isn’t bringing… and I say, if that’s the case, tell the partner. If you try to say it, and (s)he doesn’t fix up, leave. Don’t cheat. It’s so very painful.


This is a sore spot for me, so I’ll let it end on this bit.

I know I’m cutting it close with this post. I honestly forgot till just now…

G’night y’all.


Challenging Myself: Day Six

I’m a bit disoriented this morning… don’t know why.

[Versions of Violence | Alanis Morissette]

Work isn’t even having any pity on my big black ass. So much to do. How I’m taking time out to type this is beyond me. Well, maybe I just need some sanity. In the last few days, I’ve been learning that there’s a line you have to draw between being the easy going, always amused dude, and being… well… a boss. Professionalism is always important, no matter how easy going the work culture is. Anyways, we live & learn, I guess.

[Omo Pastor | Ajebutter]

Today’s challenge is meant to be about the person I like and why I like her. Unfortunately, my life in terms of emotions, relationships and things is so upside down, I don’t think I’m capable of isolating this well enough. I’m honestly not even sure there’s anyone in my life that I can specifically say I “like”. So I’m gonna have to ask for permission to sit this one out.

I will however, share this post I read on Thought Catalog called “32 Ways to Make Me Fall in Love With You“. It was a really good read for me, and I think you just might like it.

I may still put up another post this evening… or afternoon… I’m not sure. Let’s see how it goes.

Have a good day y’all.


Challenging Myself: Day Five


[We Have Not Forgotten | Ruben Studdard]

I don’t remember the last time I started the morning listening to Gospel music. *sigh* … but the truth is, I need to thank God. Too much going on, too much stuff I can’t handle on my own. And I’m not so stupid as to presume that I can handle everything by myself. So I ask for help. And even though I don’t feel any easier, even though I still worry and wonder how I’m going to do things by myself, I want to believe that I won’t have to; so I’m thankful. Even when I’m not sure… even when I feel like I’m alone, even when I feel like I’m going to break down, I give thanks with the belief that one of these days, very soon, the things I’m thankful for will start to become things I can see.

Okay… on with the blog challenge.

#Day5:  Five Things That Irritate Me about the Opposite/Same Sex

I’m going to try to use things that are common to both sexes.

1. People that’re selfish/inconsiderate: Everyone is selfish, at the end of all things. Because in all honesty, everything we do is tailored at making ourselves feel good. However, there are people who do things without considering the next person. To make any relationship work, no matter what kind of relationship it is, being considerate is basic. If you say you care about a person, or something y’all are doing together, then actions taken and words said should reflect that you’re considerate.


[Time Travelin’ (A Tribute to Fela) | Common]

Yeah… it’s been a long day so far… meetings here and there. I’m trying to make sure I actually write this post, so I’ll be doing this as the day goes along.

2. Oral Diarrhea: Yeah, a major source of irritation for me is a person that talks shit all the time. There’s this dude in my office who I’m constantly reminding myself not to punch in the throat because he just doesn’t know how to talk. Maybe because I make a conscious effort to be careful when it comes to the things I say. And I know some people are going to go on about how I say mean things all the time, but then; a) I say these mean things to people that I’m actually cool with. b) In as much as my words may be mean, they’re said with a smile & affection, so they don’t offend. Ugh… and on the other end of that spectrum, are people that don’t particularly talk trash, but just never stop talking. There’s this particular dude, whom my friends and I run away from. He just never stops talking. I mean… He. Never. Stops. Talking…

Point is, oral diarrhea is irritating sha. Another bit in this area, is for people who are… indiscrete. Sexually, that is. I’ve never understood the whole “kiss & tell” thing that guys do. When I meet a guy that feels the need to brag about the girl he was with last night or tell me who he’s been smashing, I feel like smashing his teeth in. I mean, what good is that little nugget of unrequested knowledge meant to do? Please, keep it to yourself. And as it turns out, I learned over the last year or so, that women are just as bad (if not worse) than dudes in the whole kissing and telling thing. It’s quite disturbing.


[Fire of the Heart | Acoustic Alchemy]

This has been a long ass day. I actually thought I’d have been able to carve out time to finish this post earlier in the day but well… it is what it is. *shrug*

3. Control Freaks: Women that’re always trying to have things done their own way are probably some of the most annoying beings on the planet. I’ve been in relationships with one or two that were like that, and it was always a gear grinding subject for me. Maybe it has something to do with my being one of those “natural leader” types… I don’t know. *shrugs* Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to be in control all the time. In relationships I believe in mutual respect, and compromise; which means that at some points, I know very well that she’ll be a bit more knowledgeable about something or I’ll have to look to her for guidance in some issues. All I require is that the same consideration be given to me. That too much to ask? And being the kind of person I am, if I meet a woman that I see is used to getting her way, she’s probably never going to get her way with me.

[Give Me Your Name | Dead By Sunrise]

4. Messy People: This is common to both sexes as well. I’m not the neatest puppy in the litter, but I still believe that as human beings with basic self respect, people should be able to maintain some semblance of cleanliness. I never understood how much this trait irritated me until I got into uni, and saw guys’ rooms. There were guys whom I stopped talking to altogether because I just couldn’t understand how they could be so… “fresh” to the outside world, yet live in rooms that looked like pig sties in the aftermath of a hurricane. And as for women that’re messy… *sigh* … I don’t even know how they can stand themselves. I’ve met some girls that were messy as hell. Rooms upside down and all that. I wish I could say the fact that their rooms were messy deterred me from the reason(s) I was in the room in the first place, but… erm… *LooksAbout* … oh my! Look at the time! Let’s move on, shall we? Okay? Okay!

[Yesterday | The Beatles]

5. Liars: This is a funny one cos, well… everyone lies. Don’t even argue, just accept it. However, some people are just on a totally higher echelon. I try my best to be honest with people, especially the opposite sex, about the kind of person I am. Same way I expect them to be straight up with me. I don’t need to know everything about your life; I know we all have our secrets. But when you tell me something, I expect it to be true. I’m one of those people that really want to be able to take people at face value, so I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So if you tell me blah blah blah (fill in the gap), and it turns out you were just bullshitting me, there’s going to be a problem. Even worse, is when it turns out that you had absolutely no reason to lie to me, but decided to bullshit me nevertheless? I’ll never be able to trust you. And if I can’t trust a person, well… what else is there to say?

[Forever Begins | Common]

“Forever is what I leave… my ‘I self’ contribution. Damn… what am I gonna leave? Okay, I leave my one and only grain of spiritual sand, to the universal scales of humanity…” – Lonnie Lynn, Snr.

So, that’s #DayFive. It’s been a long ass day, so I think I’m just gonna go to sleep. I’m sure I’ve got some stuff on my mind… maybe I’ll write when I wake up.

Peace, love, and White House MoinMoin.


Challenging Myself: Day Four

“…our opponent has no more uses for nooses. He’s calculated, ruthless. You’re wowed, clueless; a draw is a win for losers.” – Amir Sulaiman


No, that has absolutely nothing to do with this morning’s post. Or maybe it does. These days, I shoot to win. I’m not comfortable just being… okay anymore. I don’t want to “draw” with the people or things I compete against. I’m not comfortable being in the same place I’ve always been. Cos when you stay in the same place, life is moving ahead, and then guess who’s losing?

But anyways, on with our blog challenge.

#Day4: What I Wear to Bed

[Brand New Jones | Robin Thicke]

Really? After all this time, I’m going to have to tell you that I wear absolutely nothing when I sleep? How many times do I have to repeat that I’m a proud, card-carrying, lifetime member of the Back to Adam Project?

I’m trying to remember when I started sleeping with no clothes on. Damn… I actually can’t remember… I do remember my old man entering my room one morning and yelling my head off for it. But that was like ten… fifteen years ago. These days, I don’t even think I can sleep comfortably if I have clothes on when I sleep. I’ve tried it all; pajamas, pajama pants without the shirt, shorts, boxers… I’m just totally uncomfortable. Whenever something happens and I have to sleep somewhere that isn’t my room, and I have to sleep with clothes on, I always wake up feeling like shit. To y’all that can manage to sleep with clothes on, I will say, big shout out to you guys.

[S’eri | D-Tone]

Hehehe… speaking about sleeping naked and all that, I remember in uni (year two to be exact), I shared a room with a bunch of my friends, and I always slept naked. *chuckles* … that was a pretty traumatizing year for those guys… Gideon, Sholly, Amos… I love you guys, and I’m sorry I scarred you when we were in uni.

Okay! I’m done with Day Four. I really hope I see this through sha. By the way, Episode Seven of TheGhenGhen comes up this afternoon, so make sure you check out the site for it as soon as possible. We had a bunch of fun recording it; hope y’all have fun listening as well.

Have an awesome week people!


Challenging Myself: Day Three

#Day3: Things I Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex

Wow. I did this last year when I started the blog challenge that I didn’t complete (insert sounds of self consolation), so I don’t know if I should be doing this. But then… I’m going to ignore the temptation to go read what I wrote last year, and do this all over again on my own. Lemme see if my… attractions have changed since then.

Let’s see… attraction. Let’s start with the non physical.

Intelligence is a major win. I know a lot of guys say this and then go for some quasi dumb blond type of girl that they can get into bed without a lot of stress, but no. Not for me. I like a girl that’s intelligent. I’d go on with this bit, but I have this feeling that there’s almost no way I can do this without seeming cocky or condescending, so I’ll respect myself and let it go with that.

Humor. A girl with a great sense of humor is hella attractive. I’m not a very… funny person when I make an attempt at it, but I do think I’ve got a great sense of humor. I’m also quite… serious a lot of the time (or unserious, really depends…), and a girl that can make me laugh is… *shivers*…

Artistic women… maybe because I’m a writer, and also into music as well (well, not like I’m a singer, but I can), I find women that’re artistic, quite attractive. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman that didn’t possess some form of art in her. Writing, singing, painting, playing an instrument… whatever it is. That shit just gets to me. One thing I’ve noticed about artistic women, is that they’re really sensual. And that… well… lemme not get carried away with that.

I love strong women. I’m quite a handful to take, & I know a lot of the time that it’s entirely possible for me to roll over people. I like a woman that can call me out on bullshit. That can ask me why without being scared that she’s going to upset me. This isn’t to say that I want a woman that’s going to disrespect me – mutual respect in any relationship is one of the most important things to me – but I don’t want a weak willed woman.

I think I should stop now… I’m sure I’m going to get into trouble for some of the things I’ve said so far…

I had a really great day. Shout out to my brother Justice, Ari, & TeamGhenGhen for making my day mad.

O yeah, I tried sushi for the first time today. It actually wasn’t that bad… for raw fish.

I’m going to sleep. G’night y’all.


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Challenging Myself: Day Two

#Day2: How I’ve Changed in the Past Two Years

[Listening to Kendrick Lamar’s “Opposites Attract”]

Two years ago… I’m not pretty sure… lemme think…

Two years ago, I believed in love. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t put it like that, ‘cos I think I still believe in love. In fact ehn, that’s a pretty moist way to start out a post so lemme starts somewhere else.

Two years ago, life was so much easier. Two years ago, my main worry was school. All I had to think about was my final dissertation and who my supervisor was going to be. Two years ago, my life existed within the four walls of university and all it had to offer. I never really thought past that. I thought about making money, but not because I’d go hungry if I didn’t hustle. Two years ago, I could call my father and tell him I needed money for whatever it was I needed money for.

[“Misunderstood” | Common]

Two years ago, I thought I had will power, I thought I was a man… but my “will” had never actually been tested. I had so many delusions about the way life was or could be. I laid out plans for myself… one year into the future, two years, three years, four… hehehe… “When men make plans, God is known to laugh.” – Talib Kweli.I’ve kinda learned that the hard way.

Two years ago, I think I was a bit more patient. I was willing to take time out to talk to people, and listen, and just… I don’t know… be patient I guess. But then I realized, in the last two years, that human beings generally take the chance to waste your damn time if you let them. So yeah, that has changed. Dealing with me, get to the point or get the hell outta my face.

I still had a lot of pent up anger and frustration bottled up where my old man was concerned. I was in a position where I couldn’t understand him, or the things he’d been through that made him who he was. You could say I had “daddy issues”. But now, even though not everything has been resolved, I’ve forgiven him, and I’m willing to move on with life, if we both give things a chance.

[“This Luv” | Donnell Jones]

Two years ago, I wasn’t a writer. I mean, sure I probably had writer’s blood, but I’d never actually tried to really write creatively. I think I wrote my very first short story somewhere near the end of 2010, and I had a lot of shitty poems I’d written (which will never find their way to this blog… ever!), but I’d never actually thought I would have made this much progress, two years down the road. I’m not the best writer out there, not by a mile, but I think I do okay… and I’m still learning so… 😀

Two years ago, I was recovering from heartbreak. Yes, I think I can go there now without seeming overly moist. It was difficult and shit, it hurt a lot, but I got past it and moved on. I thought I would never be able to feel the same way again, but I did (only to have my heart broken again the following year… *shrug*). Now, two years after, I’ve gotten rid of the delusions I had about love. I understand now that love isn’t all that counts and that “falling in love” is kinda always a bad idea. I won’t go into the specifics about my theories on what love is and how it should be approached but… yeah… I’ve changed in that area of my thoughts.

[“Dreaming in Metaphors” | Seal]

I’ve grown up a lot in two years. I’ve learned about honor, and strength, and hard work, and understanding. I’ve come to see what drive and passion can do, and how amazing it is to be doing what you like doing, and get rewarded for it. I’ve learned a lot of things that I would be happy to teach my children, and really proud if they come to understand it and apply it in their lives much earlier than I did.

So yeah… that’s my bit for day two of my blog challenge. I’m gonna faff about for a bit now… maybe read a book, and then try to start writing my new short story. Hopefully, this one doesn’t take 3 months to write. Where’s The Alchemist oh?!?! I need my editor!!! Wole! Holla at me please!!!


Challenging Myself


I’ve come to understand myself over time. I’m one of those people that work best with targets and deadlines and things. Like, if you want something from me, and it’s pretty unspecifically (I know that isn’t a real word) laid out, or there’s no time frame in which I need to do it, the chances that I’ll either forget or procrastinate the hell out of it is pretty high up there. So, to stop myself from carrying this attitude into my #StartWritingAgainProject, I decided to do a 30 Day Blogger Challenge. Last year, 30 Day Blog Challenges became quite the rave around the Nigerian Bloggersphere, and there was a particular challenge everyone decided to go with. However, I decided not to use that one, and went to the site 30DayChallenges to find a different one. And I did.

So, here’s #Day1: Weird Things I’ve Done When I’m Alone


This is a pretty odd question. When you ask what weird things I’ve done, this brings up the fact that qualifying a thing as weird is a pretty subjective task. I mean, what I think is weird will probably not be weird to Kat (who I know is probably reading this), or someone else. And the things I find to be normal are probably weird as hell.

But… I like to walk around naked. I’m a proud, card carrying member of the BackToAdam group. Honestly, if not for the sake of decency (and the fact that niggas are way too self conscious about the size of their penises), I would have absolutely no problem going around naked all day, every day. I mean, except in situations when it’s really cold and you need to cover up and all, what is the entire point of having clothes on? I mean, all they really do is make you hot as heck anyways. And while we’re on the topic of clothing, let me just state, that I also think underwear is a complete waste of money (except of course, you’re a really hot girl in Victoria’s Secret underwear sent to lure me into acts of sheer lust). I don’t see the point of wearing boxers. I pretty much have control over the young panda-wan down there, so it’s not like I’m worried that he’s going to make a surprise appearance when I’m walking on the street or anything. I was very glad, a couple of months ago (June 22nd to be exact), when it was declared No Panty Day. I went complete commando through that entire day, and have not felt so fulfilled, knowing that a lot of other people were just like me that day, ever since. I’ve since made it a personal duty to go complete commando at least once a week (no, I’m not going to tell you which day of the week :-P).

My No Panty Day Picture

I recite poetry to myself. And no, it’s not necessarily my poetry. I sometimes find myself sitting alone and going “… don’t like having to admit that tomorrow’s just a maybe girl, or a famous ‘go ask your mom and see what she say’” (Black Ice), or “We both have issues to address, but with no label on this relationship, where do we mail our complaints to” (J. Wesley), or “There is no place you can scour search or visit except the truth is in it. The truth is hidden in the question, ‘where is the truth hidden?’” (Amir Sulaiman). What’s weird about this for me is that I’m totally unable to memorize my own poetry. Like, I still have to read from my phone or notebook when I go to poetry meets. I have no idea why I’m like this. I also talk to myself when I’m alone. I think I got this habit from my parents. They both do it.

Speaking about poetry, I write poems and posts in my head when I’m alone and almost never put them down on paper. I have no idea why in the hell I do this. There’s so many things I want to write about, that I haven’t even attempted to put down on paper. For instance, I want to write a hara-kiri poem (no, I’m not going to kill myself. When I write it, you’ll understand). I also want to write a post on things I want to say to my future son. I keep thinking them up, but never actually put them down. I think I need someone to be accountable to with writing; someone like my friend Wole. He was really on me all through the False Lives saga, and made sure I wrote. Yes, Wole, take a hint. I need an editor. Show through!

Okay. Need to get dressed for work. That’s about it for now. I’ll probably write something during the course of the day. Let’s see how that pans out.

Peace, love, and Ijebu-garri.


From Book to…

Four months ago, a new show started in the US called Game of Thrones. It was a TV series based on the first book from a series of epic fantasy novels called A Song of Ice and Fire by an amazing writer called George Martin. Now, as I started watching the show, it was really interesting. In fact, I prefer to say it was really amazing. The anticipation and shit… it was really good. I was also interested in how much the TV show followed along with the book. And according to people who had read the books, Brian Kirk had done a pretty neat job. Albeit, he skipped out on some minor details and things, he basically managed to keep the storyline in check and didn’t mess things up. Hearing this, I was only able to think of one thing:


Yes. Fuck Ted Raimi, the retarded sack of half eaten kolanut who created the TV travesty that the world came to know as The Legend of the Seeker.

You may have heard of it. It went on for two seasons. Two seasons in which that failure called Raimi managed to destroy one of the best fantasy stories I have ever read.

And that is the point, The Sword of Truth series, Books 1 & 2 from which Legend of the Seeker *spits* was adapted, is probably my favorite book set ever. And I know that I’m meant to write on one book that I love, but it’s my blog so take it like that.

Truthfully, I don’t know what precisely I’m meant to write, or what lessons I learned from the books that I should write here, but that’s a book (or books in this case) that I love. Yes I’m being lazy. Bite me.

On Parenting and Mugu Creation

Day II

Before I start this, I really should say; first of all, this post is not in any way humorous. It is my honest view about something I feel really strongly about. And although there are a whole lot of things I feel very strongly about, I just can’t seem to bring myself to think of anything else besides this at the moment. I realize that some of the things I may say will probably not be in agreement with some people’s views. And I recommend that you share your views in the discussion pane, or go jerk yourself off with aboniki or a spiked mallet… your choice really.

Okay, so I remember a few months ago when I was in school, I was talking with the Students’ Affairs Officer. And we were having a discussion about the rules of the school and how they made absolutely no sense because, in restricting youths so very much, the university is in essence creating grade A mugu’s who will be unable to survive properly in the real world. Of course, being the kind of person I am, I hit the man with point after point, until he really had no argument anymore. All he could do was make very paltry attempts at defending the school management. And in doing so, he brought to my attention something very amazing to me; all the while, I had thought that the reason the university made some of those ridiculous rules was because they wanted to restrict the students, but apparently, the major reason for those rules, is because that is exactly what the parents want. They want their sons and daughters tied up and kept under close supervision, majorly because they do not trust them not to “mess up”.

This worries me for a few reasons.

You see, the world we live in has over time, gotten much harder and a bit more merciless than it was in the days of our parents. Even though there has been a plethora of technological advancements and things, this world, and more specifically this country, is more “dog-eat-dog” than ever before. There is no room for mugus or simpletons.

Unfortunately, parents refuse to realize that.

They attempt to cage their children all their lives. “Don’t do this” & “Don’t do that” are the things these children hear all their lives, lives that revolve in a very tiny circle that most usually goes something like:

School – home – church – some other parent approved activity – home – school

And it goes on like that. They restrict them from things all their lives, and then when they are finally of age to enter the university, where their eyes are meant to be opened and they’re meant to experience life and learn, they’re thrown in open prisons.

What are these parents attempting to create?

In my opinion, these parents are not really trying to prevent the child from messing up. Let’s be honest, experience is the best and most honest teacher. I think that these parents are more worried about how their child’s potential “mess up” will affect them. They are afraid that the child will not be able to control him/her self, and will do something that would embarrass the family. Now to some people, this may seem like a very reasonable thought or fear, or whatever, so it would make sense for a parent to depend upon a university to keep his/her child in check. However, I have one thing to say to any parent that sends their child to a private uni for that kind of reason;

You have failed as a parent.

Yes, I say this totally and utterly unapologetically.

Why? The bible says, “Train your child in the way that he should go, and when he grows he shall not depart from it.” Am I right? This says to me, that if by the time you have a child that is 16-18, and you think that you need somebody to supervise his actions so that he does not veer unto the wrong path, you have not, from the time when that child was young, trained him in the proper path, and therefore, have failed as a parent.

I also remember that, while I was talking to the SAO, I pointed out the sheer ridiculousness of parents requiring the school to keep their wards in check, or coming to the school to discuss with lecturers about their kids and all that rubbish. I pointed out the fact that my parents had never once set foot in the university, from my first year till final. And his response was, “This place is not really meant for people like you.”

What that said to me? “This place is not for people whose parents raised them right.”

I have this feeling that I’ve gone off point somewhere… *Reads through post*

Okay, look. In all truth, I understand that most of the time, parents want to protect their kids. But the truth is that almost all parents over-do it, and go completely overboard. The fact that some harm will come to your child is inevitable. And the truth is, attempting to minimize this harm can be the wrong thing to do sometimes. More often than not, minimizing by hiding the child away will simply make him/her unprepared for when that day of trouble actually comes.


I’m tired of typing… I feel like a boring person. This kind of yarns is usually best had with plenty people, over a whole lot of alcohol. But well, they said something I feel strongly about ba? And I agree that I could’ve done better with this, but really… talking about this wears me out so… forgive me.

So that’s Day 2. I’ve got something else coming up tonight, but sha sha… see y’all tomorrow…

Peace, love and long life.