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I Miss You

Hey guys,

So I went on HL_Blue‘s blog, and I’ve been reading his “I Miss You” series. Great poetry, y’all should check it out when you get the chance.

Anyways, reading it reminded me that I wrote something of that nature about eighteen months ago. I was in love, in a long distance relationship and… ah well, lemme not tell the story. Read for yourself.

I Miss You

What does it mean to miss something you’ve never had?

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Challenging Myself: Day Nine


I’m sorry! I know I missed yesterday’s post. I haven’t given up the challenge. It was such a hectic day ehn… I was working till like 01:00am this morning. *sigh*

[83 | John Mayer]

This song takes me back to my childhood. So many things I miss. Sometimes I feel like I relate perfectly with John Mayer’s music. Maybe because He’s ten years older than I am… I dunno.

Anyways, to make up for missing yesterday’s post, I’ll do that, and then start up on today’s post. And I’ll turn the both of them in on time. And I’ll do it in the next two hours. I really hope I can. Leggo!

#Day9: My Last Kiss

Okay, in all honesty, I’m not even sure I want to talk about my last kiss. Don’t ask me why. I just don’t want to talk about it. And seeing as it’s my challenge and my blog, I think I can do what I want. So… I’ll just write a short poem instead. I’m feeling creative tonight… and I’ve been listening to Floetry 😀

Written while listening to Floetry’s “Say Yes”

Kiss Me

Kiss me.


In contrast with the rhythm of my heart’s beat, let your lower lip take slow sips of the liquid lust my tongue leaks.

Kiss me.

Lock lip upon lip; soft, then quick. Hold my head & don’t let go. Squeeze the back of my neck so I know it’s time to stop being so slow.

Bite my upper lip & give my teeth the slip as they form that slight “o”.

O. My. God

Miracles are made manifest when our mouths meet over & again, unable to resist this attraction like magnets.

North & South poles

Lips caress & tongues roll like waves from the ocean crashing against the shore, eroding self control so when you whisper “stop” I’m like, “yeah… sure.”

Kiss me.

Don’t be bashful, right there.

Lips, chin, cheek, neck.

I nibble your ear & hear you moan incoherently into the night air, check.

Kiss your initials on my throat. Leave hickeys on my chest so you can look at them later & gloat.

Spin circles like woven stars across my lower torso. Rip new constellations across my back & make my fingers tap out “ecstasy” in Morse code.


Tap tap tap.

Tap tap. Tap. Tap tap tap tap… oh what the hell.

Kiss me till your lips swell. Drink of me till your head spins & your toes curl.

Pause for a second to catch your breath & come right back ‘cos you miss me.

Shit, forget this poem. I’m tired of talking; just bloody kiss me.

Day Nine done. Later y’all!



How is love expressed between lovers?

Public shows of affection displayed when they walk together, doors held for her to walk through or phone calls when they’re apart so he has someone to talk to?

Or is it in the acts of love?

Soft kisses taken by lips intertwined in interlocking motions, making ocean waves with her tongue on my lower lip when my teeth clamp down slowly on her upper lip. The tip of my tongue leaves traces down her neck as I bend it backwards with a fistful of hair. Care for everything is lost. Air is forced from her lungs as she exhales sharply.

She breathes in through her teeth as she drinks the lust in my eyes. The desire in hers burn so intense that for a single moment every molecule in the room goes still, slowing our movements so our need magnifies over a lifetime, evolving to a point where the big bang begins. Disrobing slowly and then speeding into a frenzy. Breaking bra hooks and ripping zips as we strip down to our souls. Clothes hold no purpose as she’s wrapped in my arms, hands covering cups and letting go.

Holding, squeezing, kissing, leaving her wheezing; tracing lines down her back as she lays me on my back and takes a tour of duty. Her hands go on not-so discreet missions, letting her tongue lead the way. She goes down south of the garden and proceeds to eat of my fruit of lust and indulgence. The silence of the room is punctured with the sound of my deep voiced song as her deep throat session robs me of the ability to speak. With knees weak I pick her up and go down to her temple to partake of her sacrificial pot of carnal knowledge.

Between her limbs I discover the secret of hidden things, flying face first on a journey of a thousand worlds. Writing poems across her torso with fingertips, my lips give an oral performance that only she can translate. Her mouth opens to speak but only emits vocal stars, giving the neighbours a loud language lesson as she screams in vowels and incomprehensible consonants for me to take her to mars…

“Oh. My. God.



…to mercury…Pa…


to planet… 

Panda… Panda… Panda…”

Her words are my rocket fuel; pushing into her with rhythmic haste. She urges me faster, for I am her steed. Riding with bucks of wild abandon, her hand on my chest, ripping down my torso, my lips on her breasts. Drawing on one like it holds my last breath. Between breathless sighs she tries to tell me she’s almost there.




Don’t stop… don’t you dare.

I don’t.


So, that’s my first attempt at literotica, ever. How’d I do? Think I can make it on to Wet Fridays on TNC?


Comments please… G’night.

What Could Have Been

The things that may have been stay unknown but familiar. Like the face of the sibling of your friend whom you’ve never met.

These things reside in the back of my mind. Unreachable because they never came forth. Never sought to be more than wishes and things hoped for. Dreams soaked in possibility, yet left to dry in the heat of my omissions.

You were the poetry I wrote about. Transcending my dreams and becoming what should never have been, but was; completely, utterly, right there.
I reached out to you via eleven digits and a chime, and each one of my senses experienced your magnificence individually. The sound of your voice resonated through ears and into my soul.
Your laughter rung like bells from one end of my mind to the other. Taking the covers off memories I thought were extinct. By instinct I reached for more.
And then came sight. The sight of you in ankle cut jeans and pinstriped loafers. Your smile left me blinded like I’d been looking through the leftover shine of a sharp sunrise.

Words and laughter accompanied us to a place where we found pleasure in each other’s company. Playing with phones and speaking in hushed tones. At ease with each other, you eased into me. Leaning into me as if to seek for comfort and finding it as your head nestled below my collarbone, your tangled hair tickling my nose. Me breathing it all in; the smell of your hair like crushed raspberries and bubble gum. The nape of your neck like earth, exotic soap and that extra smell that beauty adds. It intoxicated me.

Unable to help myself, I helped myself to the feel of you. Touring down the paths of your skin with my fingers. Meandering along your arms and tracing the perfect fault lines on your palms. Brushing a finger behind your ear and entangling your already nappy hair.

And that was what we were. A singular wonder rediscovered in so many different ways every single time we connected. Every time our lips collided we spoke secrets that could only be expressed through taste. Every time you smiled the winds filled my sails; letting me float free and fast atop the seas of joy.

You were the sunlight and I was the hilltop. You crested on top of me and for a moment, we were beautiful. Looked at with longing by passers by who understood beauty and smiled at the simplicity of it.
But as with all things the sun gazes on, our beauty was fleeting. Reality stepped in like the darkness after a bright day. And despite the way that everything could have been, it’s all changed.

Now I sit and wonder to myself where it all went. Time and emotions spent to pay for what would never last. The past is all that’s there to remember. What was once a roaring flame, started by a single matchstick, now is turned to cold ashes scattered to the winds of reminiscences.


Ten in Threes

Hey all.

How’s the week going and all that jazz? Erm, I found in my archives, some my micro poetry that ThinkTank, NerdyChique and I were messing about with a couple of months ago.   So I decided to share it. I’m sure ‘Tank doesn’t even remember he wrote this. We picked ten topics to write about, and here’s how it turned out.

Enjoy (I hope)


NerdyChique:   One, two, three, four, five

This is how I learnt to count

Mum leaning down my neck

ThinkTank:       Five brothers, different in every way

Grown from the same roots and bound together…

Together, they grasp, feel, hold, more than words can ever hope to say

Panda:     Digits fuse solid/Fingers bond unbreakable/Holding us as on


NerdyChique:   You don’t speak to me,

Are you just cold towards me?

Or same with others?


ThinkTank:          This cold is more intense than I can feel

She tastes like metal, smells like glass and appears to be black

Or perhaps that is death, finally come to snatch me from her


Pand:                  Layer my heart to keep it from breaking

Winds blow through the halls of my soul

No warmth can be found here


NerdyChique:   It’s the broad smile

The glimmer in your bright eyes

The joy I bring you

ThinkTank:        Which of these shall know more joy?

The child who has just received that special toy?

Or the villain whose nemesis has finally fallen for his ploy?

Panda:              The leap of my soul/Little kids dance in summer/A smile lights my face


NerdyChique:   Fingers entwined, head on chest

Hand in small of back

Moving as a unit to the rhythm of their love

ThinkTank:          She moves like a fairy on a bright midsummer’s night

Such grace as she concludes her dance with a pirouette

I stand, smile, and applaud the woman I shall bed tonight


Panda           Together we move/To the rhythm we converse/While the rest cheer on


NerdyChique:   That half-hearted kiss/Said it all for you/You walked away when you kissed him.

ThinkTank:          It’s not the knife lodged firmly in my back

It’s not this life, its pressures under which many crack

It’s that the knife, the life, they belong to you.

Panda:            She thought they were friends/She sold her out for some fame/Now she knows better


NerdyChique:   Freely they stream away/Taking the emotion with them/Time to rise and fight

ThinkTank:      They fall from my face like angels falling from grace

Each one shattering as it hits the ground and breaking like my dreams before them

Dreams of you and me and what we could be if only you would just love me

Panda:                  They fall from your face/But strangely, my eyes are dry/Tell me why you cry


NerdyChique:   We wanted to do it right

This release of out innermost desires

So we waited till we were married

ThinkTank:          Excitement. Apprehension. A kiss. A Touch.

Heartbeats quicken. Clothes unfasten. A Rush.

Hesitation. The Protection. Then the Thrusts.

Panda:                  Our bodies come together

As we give each other pain and pleasure

And soak the sheets with coital feats


NerdyChique:   Take me on a trip,

Despair, joy, spirituality closely following

My music player on shuffle

ThinkTank:          Of all the manifestations of the muses

It is music my heart chooses and uses…

To soothe the bruises from its many abuses.

Panda:                  Melodic sounds that soak the senses

Tunes to inspire and lift our souls higher

Lose yourself as you listen to the voices




NerdyChique:   Signs of hope, promise

Connecting unreachable areas, hearts,

Man-made wonders called bridges.

ThinkTank:     We were built by the hands of men to connect their lands

If but we were able to to connect their hearts

Then could we, with satisfaction say our work was done.

Panda:                  Broken in some parts/Yet they still take me across/Where I need to be



NerdyChique:   “They made me sneeze, idiot”

I only wanted to prove I love her

But flowers make her sneeze

ThinkTank:          Invaders sneak in as fine dust is sprinkled

I feel a tingle; my nose is wrinkled as it is tickled

Explosion! Invaders are expelled, with air, comingled.

Panda:    It comes without warning

Closed eyes and an explosive sigh

Followed by random blessings and Kleenex offerings


Remember, constructive criticism is good.

The Boy With Empty Eyes

The Boy With Empty Eyes

The one thing I had always loved about him was his eyes.
He looked at me, and it felt like those deep brown eyes were drilling a hole through my soul… going straight to my core.
Uncovering every secret I held close.
Every single emotion he chose to show was reflected in them
His smile, whether genuine at a joke I cracked, or simply indulgent when I was rambling
His frown when anyone wasted his time, pure focus when he was trying to understand something
It was like his whole existence lived in those two globes of obsidian cased within his skull
with that unmistakable spark, happy or sad, afraid, confident or excited.

His eyes held hope, belief in what could be; a love for love that had never been tested.

And that test came.

First it was Wunmi the nerd
Cutest voice he ever heard,
Promised to love him all of her days,
Pleased him in all the right ways,
Like five and six,
Fish and chips,
Pencils and erasers,
They were inseparable.
All of a sudden,
“I think we’re going too fast, I just want to concentrate on my career”
That’s what she said.

I gently watched as those holders of life leaked
Buckets and bucket loads of salty water
Red from overuse and exhaustion
Three months it took
But they came back
And brought with them that natural ability to see what I couldn’t say

So naturally,
Next came me
We were easy,
Ying to my yang he was,
Not even the thinnest blade could cut through us
But I was an ass
I let my commitment issues step in the way
When I got the hint
He’d bought a ring
“It can’t work”, I said
When he got down on one knee

And in that very moment,
I watched it walk away
He looked at me and I felt nothing
Not fear or dread or terror
Just an intensity that everyone could see
As I ran and left him
On bended knee.

Then came Ann,
Ann the psychologist,
The delectable Ann,
Hot, intelligent, well spoken,
She ticked all the boxes on his checklist
‘Match made in Heaven’,
‘Stuff of fairytales’,
‘Model couple’,
We all opined.
But it was not to last.
“There’s someone else”, she said
In that confident, piercing tone
We had come to relate with Ann.

He walked into the bar, and I knew.

I looked in his eyes, and just knew

Not again


He looked at me and the entire story was in those two globes of obsidian.

Not again

There was no emotion

His weak smile, as I hugged him

His frown as I asked what happened.

Not again

“I’ll be fine… I always am”, he said.

These days, I see him, but there’s something missing.

He laughs, we play, it looks like everything’s fine.

But looks can be deceiving

I know the look I see when I look in his eyes

He still reflects everything in them… every smile, every frown; his eyes still pierce through my soul.

But, it’s like seeing an old toothless man smile.

The smile is full and real, but what’s a true smile without teeth?


His eyes are… empty.



– By Moyin

I hope y’all liked it.

MicroPoetic Progression

So a few days ago, the amazing @NerdyChique and I decided (well, I decided really, and roped her in against her will) that we would try our hands at Haiku. I’ve been trying whatever possible to get rid of this inability to write *shrugs* … Anyways, we weren’t so sure about the rules, but we knew it’s meant to be a 3 line poem. It turns out that we weren’t getting it right at all, and what we were doing was simply Micro Poetry. But well, good things often come from mistakes. We chose random things to write on and she was very good as usual. With her permission, I decided to share with you.


NerdyChique:  Peeking through the hole/ Awakening the semi-comatose/ Proudly eliminating competition.

Panda: Opening my eyes to reality/Banishing the darkness to nonexistence/Giving me a sense of clarity.

Bed sheets

NerdyChique: Constant reminder of what I had/ How you changed my world/ Like fresh sheets from the dryer.

Panda: In the cool of the morning/I make my way beneath/Blindly feeling my way to you


NerdyChique: Blindly holding on / Seemingly stupid to believe at all/ My oasis exists in this desert.

Panda: Taking flesh from my doubts/Giving my fears a way out/A way away from the pessimism


NerdyChique: Watching her writhe in pain/ joy and tears at once/ my precious twin angels are here.

Panda: Little feet conquer the concrete/Superman pata and five naira sweets/Grazed elbows and OMO adverts.


NerdyChique: My tour guide in this maze/ I’m blind without you, you see/ I have no eyes, you see.

Panda: Ingesting the sounds of silence/The bliss that could be/Give them a chance to rest


NerdyChique: Your eyes are the anchor/ Stopping my ship at your dock/ Leading me to experience you.

Panda: North and south poles pull/The drag of my unwilling soul/I do not want to need you


NerdyChique: Fingers intertwined, we stand. Together/ I chose you guys, each of you/ My adopted family.

Panda: Closer than those birthed from one womb/Hold my hair while I throw up/Together we can grow up.

So that’s it. Anyone think I have a future in MicroPoetry? Opinions are always welcome.

An Unspecific Love Poem

I’m supposed to have been studying. But instead, I decided I haven’t written poetry in a long time. So I started writing a love poem.
A friend of mine sent me something last week. I was supposed to put it up. But I’m still wrapping my mind around it. You’ll understand when I finally put it up.
This poem is for… well, you know it’s for you sha so…  yeah.

An Unspecific Love Poem

I wanted to write down words about how your smile could realign the stars
And how the light in your eyes shines bright enough to discover life on Mars
…..but that didn’t make any sense.
Then I wanted to tell you how your voice could make the Sirens take a ship and crash it at the reefs of your shore
And how your beauty could make even Helen turn lesbian, pick up a sword and lead the Trojan army into war
… but that seemed a little far fetched.
What I think about you should never be so complex like the theories of relativity
Or trying to understand God and the concept of eternity…
See, I understand that what we have is the way beauty is meant to be.
Uncomplicated, amazing, unspecific…simple.
Simple like, a teat question being so easy, at the end you write a little “qed” kinda simple
Simple like, tracing my finger across your cheek and kissing your dimple kinda simple
Simple like, you telling me how much you love my big head
And yours may not be very big, but it sure is stubborn. You’re like a pretty Aries sometimes. A stubborn little goat…even though you’re a Scorpio
And then I tell you how much I like your long legs.
And your reply is “you’d better like them.”
Well… I do.
I like the way you sing for me, like you were at a concert and I was the thousand person audience.
I like the way you call me and yell “boooskiee!”, like some razz little munchkin.
I like the way you yawn, like a little baby and say “baybee …I’m sleepy.”
I like how you laugh when I get stuck telling a joke, cos i didn’t quite think it through
I like how you know that at the end of the day, for me, there’s only you.
And it’s true…only you.
You…you make me wanna sell all my worldly possessions so I can have enough money to take a pilgrimage back in time and go worship at God’s temple
And tell Him thank you, on the day your mom and dad had sex, and you were conceived.
And I know the thought of your folks having sex creeps you out
But that was what produced this creature …
Sexy, full of intelligence, beauty, difference…
Different. You stick from the crowd like a dandelion in a rosebush.
And if you were that dandelion, I’d pick you from that rosebush and wear you on my jacket lapel
To tell the world I know what real beauty is.
Or maybe I could stand on a street corner, telling every Tom, Dick and Wasiu how amazing you are.
You’re like, the very peak of the bell curve of a graph for what amazing would be
You’re amazing like, an MTN customer never having to complain about network failure.
You’re like, the very idea of a four minute orgasm
With multiple spasms, much more than the mind could try to imagine…
I’ve thought of how best to end this
To tell you how I feel, to drive my point home…
But where my pen ends, my actions continue
So how about we live out this unspecific love poem?

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Monday Night Blues…

And like a thunderstorm that appears suddenly, washing over everyone caught outside without shelter
So also does this sudden sadness teleport into the deepest parts of my soul.
Drenching my spirit and leaving me feeling like a washed up kitten.
What is this that takes over me? This inexplicable desire to curl into a ball and watch everything fall apart around me?
I astound me with this depression. And the expression I find through my fingers hardly expresses my mind at all.
I walk down the halls of melancholy.
Never wholly understanding why I’m there or how I happened to find myself there, but realizing now that I must need to go through this once in a while…maybe sometime soon I’ll smile …
But for now, I guess I’ll just languish in this lazy boy made from emotional anguish, and like a TV watch through my own eyes as time flies by.
Time is all I can see as I sit and stare into the darkness. Regardless of the light everywhere, a deep pool of blackness is what I sit in…
I’m tired of writing about this…pull me out….please.

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