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Social Media Illiteracy.

The preponderance of illiteracy, or in this case, deliberate stupidity which has been observed over the internet, at least via social media, is alarming. And I consider it a public service to every one, to complain.
That being said,
Don’t get me wrong. This is not about people dropping gbagauns of epic proportions all over Facebook and Twitter. Neither is it about people who are actually semi-illiterate, but still imagine that they’re going to be the “valid victorians” of their classes. I will not be insulting them today. Their “low selves of steam” may not be able to take it. ­čśÉ
No. This is about these idiots on Twitter that have decided to waste the money their parents have spent providing them with an education.
I started noticing this madness on my birthday last year. Whilst some people were saying “Happy Birthday” like normal individuals, some people decided to tweet “HBD @CapoeiraPanda”.
I thought it was a joke then. Till I saw the same thing on other people’s TL on their birthdays.
Then on Christmas Day, I saw MCM (Merry Christmas) on my TL and on Facebook. Of course, on January 1st, it was HNY (Happy New Year).
At this point, I had to complain. I mean I was confused. Was it that they were trying to conserve their 140 characters? Were their thumbs hurting? So they couldn’t type out the full thing? Were they suffering from severe cases of acute stupidity?
But it hasn’t ended there o.
Now, people write HNM (Happy New Month), and GM (Good Morning). Someone actually wrote “HMD to my lovely mum”. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY?!? Was that so hard to write? I mean, if you can’t spare the energy to wish your MOTHER a happy mother’s day, then I doubt she’s really happy to be a mother to such an olodo child. *sigh*
Today, is April Fools Day, as I’m sure you may have noticed. And @DemiladeR complained that someone sent him a message on BBM saying “HAFD Demilade.” I just cannot.
I’m starting to wonder who taught these people english in secondary school. The gateman perhaps? I’m guessing the bus driver also doubled as the school principal? No? Just guessing.
I think.the problem is that people are taking this “I’m on the internet, I can type informally” thing a bit too far. Your being on the internet, does not mean you should write like someone that has the IQ of a blade of grass. Even the “140 characters isn’t enough.” Excuse doesn’t really work for me. I’m not saying that it’s not a valid reason o. I know there may not be enough space to write. I also know that there are some globally accepted abbreviations like LOL, LMAO, LWKM, TGIF, WYCDTU, TMI, etc… But there should be limits to all this fuckery.
And recently, I’ve started seeing things like LWTMB (laugh wan tear my belle), LWMMC (laugh wan make me cum), LWCMO (laugh wan commot my ovaries)
What in the name of God is this?
I’m fed.
I think some of these people should be sued my the minister of education, for alleging to have attended schools in Nigeria.
I’m just tired.
Please, if you’re a friend of mine, or we follow each other on Twitter, and you so happen to take this post personal (ie, you actually type this way, I’ve made you feel like you possess all the intelligence of a doorknob and so you’re upset); please feel free to locate the nearest and most fertile patch of concrete in your immediate vicinity, and plant your head in it. Maybe some common sense may germinate. Because I don’t understand what is wrong with you.
If you do not engage in this disturbing manner of writing, please, spread the word to the people whom you know do. Tell them that it is pure stupidity, and they need to stop it. It shows nothing but ignorance. And acts that are repeated form the basis of habit. Most of these people are either undergraduates, or actual graduates. Let’s act like it. It’s bad enough that people say Nigerian universities produce washed up graduates. Let’s stop proving them right. Even if “it’s just Twitter”.
MIDTMO (me I don talk my own)

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