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Monday Night Blues…

And like a thunderstorm that appears suddenly, washing over everyone caught outside without shelter
So also does this sudden sadness teleport into the deepest parts of my soul.
Drenching my spirit and leaving me feeling like a washed up kitten.
What is this that takes over me? This inexplicable desire to curl into a ball and watch everything fall apart around me?
I astound me with this depression. And the expression I find through my fingers hardly expresses my mind at all.
I walk down the halls of melancholy.
Never wholly understanding why I’m there or how I happened to find myself there, but realizing now that I must need to go through this once in a while…maybe sometime soon I’ll smile …
But for now, I guess I’ll just languish in this lazy boy made from emotional anguish, and like a TV watch through my own eyes as time flies by.
Time is all I can see as I sit and stare into the darkness. Regardless of the light everywhere, a deep pool of blackness is what I sit in…
I’m tired of writing about this…pull me out….please.

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